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Part 79: The Life of Marg

Now that Cytomander is gone, his closest, oldest, and most armadillo-like general Guame is prepared to go out. Humanity may have saved the world from the Getter menace themselves without their intervention, but Guame is still worried about their mysterious little Ganmen. Lordgenome rumbles that the humans have merely stumbled onto something beyond our ken, but Guame isn't so sure it's worth betting on that. Lordgenome relents and allows Guame to go after those wielding the power of the spiral, but he will not brook failure.

Especially not with the Gishin Emperor, one Who Knows The End, on his way to this planet. "He desires the power of this world," he mutters, "for the battle with Ba'al, and the true war to come. But he won't have it. This world is under my..."

Back at Izu, the GOONZ have figured out that Crowe is okay with Shizuko and Ikue because they give him food; he contemplates leaving the Short Straws and forming a new circle with Apollo and Jiron.

Shizuko is glad to see them in high spirits; while all the problems facing GOONZ have Takeru down, she reminds him that it's a gift to keep smiling in the face of it. Kiraken agrees, but his team leader Marin, and also Toshiya, know what really has Takeru down - it's still the thought of having to fight Marg, his only blood family.

Speaking of exactly these people, Ohtsuka says someone's come to call for them - specifically the Blue Fixers, the Godsigma team, and Takeru. Who would have business with that bunch? What have they got in common? Ohtsuka smiles and says they'll have to see for themselves...

This is Rui. We know what the Fixers and Godsigmas have in common - they were warped to this universe in outer space rather than directly to Earth. Well, they met Rui on the way, on a little planet called System 4 Planet 8 (beautiful, I know), where she leads a resistance against the oppressive rule of Gishin. And that would be why she's here - following rumors of Mars, the boy sent to Earth by Zuul to conquer it and became it's champion against him. Zuul's claws extend across the galaxy, and he intends to rule all of it. Her group saved Baldios and Godsigma from the forces of Gishin, and they helped her in exchange - it's because of them that her forces can still fight, she says.

And she's come to Earth bringing a message to its people, as well as Mars: Zuul is coming to Earth personally to take command of the invasion. It seems that Zuul wants the Earth more than any other planet in the galaxy, in or out of his empire; she wonders why, but no one else has an answer. Takeru is sure they'll find out if they can get Zuul face to face, but Marin and Toshiya sadden again. They don't speak up; they can't bear to remind Takeru that he'll have to go through Marg to get there.

Anyway, Ohtsuka has dispatched a recon team to get a look at Zuul's command fortress based on the report Rui brought them. It's only a matter of time before they get their intel, and then the war will begin. Takeru still believes that through Zuul, he can free Marg...

At that very fortress, Zuul reminds Marg of how desperately they must conquer the Earth. Marg's duty is to destroy Mars' allies, disable Mars, and destroy him in outer space.

Rose is lost in the possibility of Marg regaining his memories if he comes into contact with Mars. Zuul reminds her that while Marg saved her from execution, he will not tolerate another failure.

Chapter 41: The Life of Marg

By the way, Leeron salvaged the levitation orb from the Ten for the Great Gurren, so it can fly now - but no better than Gurren-Lagann, with a B in air.

Anyway, we're here to take on the Gishin who are gracing our little island with their presence. The GOONZ mostly figure Zuul wants to crush Takeru because he's a symbol of resistance the whole galaxy over. Speaking of Takeru, there's a good chance we'll see Marg, and no one is going to make him fight if he can't handle it. But it's really the opposite - Takeru badly wants to fight Marg and free him from Zuul's mind control! And if that's what he wants, all of GOONZ is behind him.

Marg is glad to see GOONZ bravely standing up to him; Takeru tries to plead with him again, but the result is the same as ever. Shinobu yells that it's not working because he's not pushing enough. Somewhere, deep down in there, are Marg's memories waiting to be released. Roger and Amuro agree - he needs to make Marg hear him. GOONZ will do whatever it takes to get him there!

And so we get a special instruction: Takeru needs to make it to Marg and talk to him. Until then, we have to keep both Takeru and Marg alive.

Marg is in a slightly awkward position relative to GOONZ' defensive line, which Takeru is at the center of, but the Gishin shouldn't pose much of a problem. Also, this chapter is getting official guest appearances from Godsigma and Baldios, per the lead-in.

In fact, Takeru is just a couple of moves away from Marg's ship, and the Gishin fighters aren't terribly dangerous at all.

Kouji gets Assail, which is notably brilliant because it lets him use the Photon Beam (or the Rust Hurricane) as he moves in.

If there's going to be anything annoying about the Gishin, it's probably going to be the warships, which have all the weaknesses and strengths (HP, armor) of ships.

Marg, obviously, goes for Gaia.

So let's just deal with this.

Listen to me, Marg! You're being controlled by Zuul!
Your blather will not sway me!
You have to remember! Our father Idea and our mother Aida!
How our father was killed by Zuul and you lived with our mother!
Idea... Aida...
That I'm your...
That's enough, Mars! You will disturb Captain Marg no more!
Rose! Damn!
Captain! Destroy Mars for Emperor Zuul!
O-of course!

We can't get to Marg with Rose by his side, so Takeru grits his teeth and admits that we'll have to sink Marg's warship. There's no other way to get Rose away from him. All we have to do is disable it without hitting the bridge!

Just wait, Marg! I'll break Zuul's spell on you!
Hold on! I have to sink that ship to get you to hear me!

Takeru gets another space-enabling Thruster Module.

Marg and Rose bail as the ship sinks, and Takeru leaps in to seize Marg.

Rose deploys her Ganymede to block Takeru, but the rest of GOONZ covers him. Takeru leaves the field, leaving us to engage Rose, and GOONZ is pretty mad on his behalf at her for taking his brother from him. However...

Beastmen! And what looks like a clod with a face - the Great Earth, Dai-Gan-Do, Guame the Immovable's landship. Nia is surprised to see him leave the King's right hand, as she should be - he's come to visit the Spiral King's wrath on us and the spacemen both. Humans grasp at knowledge beyond their capacity to handle and find only death - like Saotome. Oh yes, he knows all about Saotome - he's served the Spiral King for over a thousand years and seen much in that time.

And another thing we should know - Nia was never more than a toy to amuse her "father," just a doll. Her mistake, really, was asking him why she was born. She betrayed a sense of self, and the king couldn't have that. Self-awareness in a toy is a malfunction. No wonder he threw her out.

I think this fucker's asking for it. The Great Gurren Gang absolutely does - if there's anything that sets the beastmen apart from humans that they can see, it's that they don't even see Nia as a living person. This is just what Guame wanted - the whole reason he's here is to investigate their power, to see what they can do with it.

It's a three-way battle between us, the Gishin, and the beastmen, but there's more - these two look like they're on Guame's side, and Alan's extrapolated their approach pattern, which means they came from... the moon!

Guame chuckles. They seem to have come to find out the same thing he has. But it must be something big if the "watcher on the moon" has played his hand...

But remember, we've come to save Marg, and right now, that's up to Takeru. We have to hold the fort until he gets back!

To win this battle, we have to knock out the commanders of both our enemies: Rose's Ganymede and Guame's Dai-Gan-Do. The SR point is not timed, thankfully, but it is a destruction type. We have to knock out the Dai-Gan-Do, and it flees if left at 10,000 HP or below.

Luckily, this one won't be difficult at all. Gurren-Lagann should be able to overpower Guame easily with Simon's Valor.

The Ganymede isn't that tough either, frankly.

The Do isn't moving, but that's okay. I can wait.

So you agree with what Zuul is doing?
Silence, Earthling! The universe is ruled by the strongest!
Emperor Zuul stands at the apex, the ruler of the whole galaxy!
Ruled by the strongest? You realize people from different planets can get along!
Even if they're enemies, they can reach each other! If you don't get it, I'll have to beat it into you!

Toshiya, I don't think you can convince Rose to give peace a chance by beating her up.

So anyway, let's see how Takeru is doing.

Locked in a deadly psychic duel with Marg, is how he's doing. Actually, Takeru's on the defensive, still trying to get to Marg, but Marg won't let up on the "traitor."

Takeru is hit and bitterly decides to make the hard choice, when suddenly, Marg sees Takeru's pendant. The moment Marg is distracted, Takeru slams him with a psychic wave. But then...

Marg feels like he was trapped in a dark abyss for a long time, and it was Takeru's voice and the pendant from his mother that pulled him out. At last, he remembers that Takeru is his one and only brother. It's been a hard time for both of them, but everything is okay now. They'll be together forever...

Rose catches sight of Takeru and moves at him; Marg stands in front of him.

But now Zuul is here personally, or rather, a psychic projection of him. He orders Rose to shoot Mars - now that Marg has his memories back, he's worthless to them. Along with his words is a powerful psychic pressure that Rose can't resist, and she pulls the trigger. Marg leaps in front of the shot!

Takeru sees red and forms Godmars. Guame immediately shouts that that power is too dangerous.

What are you fighting for? Do you hate Takeru so much? Or Earth?
Hate has nothing to do with it! I fight by the will of Emperor Zuul!
And I won't argue with that if you truly believe it's right from the bottom of your heart...
But if you have even the shadow of a doubt, disarm yourself!
Why... what are you trying to accomplish telling me that?
I once knew woman who sounded like you. Someone who desperately buried her own thoughts so she could fight...
Enough! I am a loyal soldier of Emperor Zuul! My life belongs to my Emperor!
Then I have no choice!

Mars! I will have your life in Emperor Zuul's name!
What kind of life is that? Are you so scared of Zuul you've given up your heart to him?
All of us are as children of Emperor Zuul! All exists by his grace, living or not!
We belong to Emperor Zuul!
You're lying to yourself!
You're just a machine that follows Zuul's orders... just like those battle mechs! You can't beat me!
I refuse to lose to you!

Rose was worth a Hyper Jammer. She tries to ram Godmars with her mech...

But there's one more person here with a bone to pick with Rose: Rui, who turns out to be her sister, and reveals that Rose was inducted into Zuul's military when he took Planet 8. Rose sputters and leaves, but we've definitely still not seen the last of her.

And that just leaves us with a serious vermin infestation.

Though not for long.

So let's skip the chaff and get to the part where we fight the D


Despite its scary countenance, the Dai-Gan-Do isn't that threatening. It doesn't have a ton of HP (considering what's about to be pointed at it), its active range is lacking and it can't really fight flying targets. It has a Land Module, which is cute, but Guame himself is an average pilot terrain-wise, so it doesn't even have an functional S on terra firma.

I want answers, armadillo! How do you know what happened to old man Saotome?
I'll answer... in exchange for your robot.
The beastmen want their hands on Getter?
No thanks! You wouldn't know what to do with our Getter!
No, I say this for your own good. Entrust yourselves to the Spiral King's care.
Sorry, but we don't trust anyone with our lives!
This conversation is over! We'll roll right over you and ask your boss ourselves!

Wielder of the might of a god. Why do you stand against me?
What's he talking about?
Oh, I see. It's merely fashioned in the image of the god who betrayed his kind for the humans.
The god who betrayed...
You don't need to know. Such power is beyond mere humans to control.

The hell it is, Guame.

(Intermission: these jerks die anyway.)

Grrm. I cannot let this one go free with such power. The entire universe is at risk.
What are you talking about?
His emotions will only amplify his power... it will summon the one who will destroy this world!

There you are, Gurren-Lagann...
What's he doing?
I see. It is, indeed, that small Ganmen controlling another one as the head.
Simon! That beastman is inspecting Gurren-Lagann!
Heh heh. Smart, for a human. I can almost hear the gears turning in your head.
Rossiu spins those gears, and I'll spin my drill! When we spin together, we can pierce through anything!
That's completely illogical!
This has nothing to do with logic! This is Gurren-Lagann's power!

Guame's defeat has only convinced him that humans are a dangerous species and must be eliminated. He takes his army and retreats to give his report to the Spiral King.

Despite everything, Nia truly loved her father. She can't imagine living without him. Simon assures her that she has a place here; she has nothing to be afraid of. She's the one that taught him to live his own life his own way, after all, and now it's his turn to help her do the same.

But now that we've defeated each of the Spiral King's four generals, the beastmen will come next time with all their might. We'll all have to be ready...

Takeru calls for Marg again and again, but Marg's accepted his fate. He has one last wish: to see the ocean one last time...

It's beautiful... I fee like this ocean is going to take me...
Zuul is the villain. Not everyone on Gishin is like him...
I believe that. I truly...

And with that, Marg falls off the robot and lets the ocean take him.

This is Rose's biggest failure yet; Zuul was depending on Marg, and she lost him. Rose is prepared to offer her head for her failure - as Marg's lieutenant and as a warrior.

"Don't be ridiculous." Zuul has no intention of letting Rose go on any terms but his own war. "Fight Mars. Fight until your miniscule life burns out."

Rose knows that makes her a machine, like they said, but she accepts that with open eyes. She has no use for her own life - if she can only make Mars pay...

Takeru mourns Marg at the Atami sea his body lays in. His mother knows he thirsts for revenge, and that's why she's here, to remind him not to forget why he fights. Not for hate, but for peace. Takeru asks her what Marg's life was for, then - cut so short, so cruelly. All Shizuko can say is that fate decreed it so - if he and Marg had been switched, he would have met the same end.

"That's how it should have been," sobs Takeru.

That, she can't accept. "You don't know how happy I've been to have had a son like you." Besides, she knows he and Marg will always be together - two sides of one coin, one soul in two boys. So Marg's soul will always be part of his. And Marg's life was cruel, so his has to be happy on Marg's behalf as well as his own.

"Go with Marg in your heart. GOONZ is waiting for you."

Even now, Takeru's fight is still inspiring Rui's people. But Takeru wants her to tell him about her sister.

Rose was taken when Zuul took Planet 8 due to her psychic potential - Takeru missed this story the first time, so he didn't realize Rose isn't a Gishin. Rui wants him to take her out personally. Takeru says he can't do that. Whatever Rui says, he knows she wants her sister back. And from Rose, he felt doubt, somewhere deep inside. "She may have been our enemy, but she loved Marg as much as I did. That binds us together."

Rui doesn't deny that she wants to save Rose, and trusts Takeru with her fate. She's off to her home planet to keep up the good fight against Gishin. And if he has to fight Rose, she won't blame him.

There's still the issue of Zuul coming to our solar system. This will be the hardest battle yet - a chance to end the war, but also a risk of deep devastation if the UNF makes its move and an even bigger war begins between the Gishin and all of Earth.

"I'll destroy Zuul before that happens," swears Takeru.

"Not you," says Toshiya. "We will."

Chapter 31: The Battle of Mars and Marg! posted:

I have to talk to him! If I can't trust my only brother in the universe...

Yeah, Takeru has the talk command. Like he said...

You have to remember, Marg! We're twin brothers, and we swore to fight together for universal peace!

Anyway, ending Marg on turn 5 would be easy, but for Takeru to do the deed, it will have to be on the counter.

How dare you spy into my mind, Marg! You will pay for all you've done!
The only way to stop Marg now is to sink his ship.
I'm sorry, Marg! Brace yourself, it'll be quick!

Bitterly victorious, Takeru earns a lot of money (don't forget to precast Bless!) and both items Marg was carrying - a space-enabling Thruster Module and a will-boosting Psychic Reactor. He even learns a new Spirit, Fury.

But his loss only fills Marg with indignance, and he promises to make Mars pay.

The long battles between Takeru and Marg pay off - because Takeru spoke to him in Chapter 31, then cut him down with his own hand in both battles rather than let him feel anyone else's rage, he earns a Sign of a Hero as a memento. Always let characters get the last blow on their nemeses - this is an awesome piece of equipment that upgrades mobility, accuracy, and critical rates by 25 points and adds 200 points of armor.

We have another route split forthcoming, so stay tuned.