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by Caphi

Part 64: Route split

F. S. is glad to hear of Team D's success, but it's only the first step. He's not letting up on Shinobu either; there's a task waiting for him when he returns.

Ru and Seimi believed in them the whole time. They had the guts to pull it off, they just wouldn't let themselves release it. Now that they have, it's not going back in.

But F. S. is still wondering if this is as WILL planned it. WILL says F. S. should already know, even if he doesn't agree. The Dancougas have to fight if they want to transcend man and beast, and then transcend God itself...

Hap totally told Holland so, that Renton couldn't be convinced. Holland should have known that, too, but he was too weak. They should have just drugged Renton from the start. Holland is increasingly upset, and Hap is wondering if he has cold feet. After all they've been through, all they've done? They don't have time to worry about Renton's fate - their lives are on the line.

Holland knows already. It was his mistake and now they're all paying dearly. Renton will tell GOONZ all he knows and their lives are about to get a whole lot harder. He just didn't want to harm a child... Hap snaps that they're supposed to be children too.

Still, this is just a setback. All they have to do is get Renton back. They just need a bit of help. It's all to survive.

But really, they should know better by now than to trust this guy. They seem to have been in contact for a little while, the bastards, and it was Ime, individually rather than as part of the Imperium, who reached out to them. But they did accept his help, and he won't let them back out. Holland growls that they were never planning to turn back anyway.

With the chapter ending, we get Kamina's Shades (+20 will!), as well as an Yggdrasil Drive from Suzaku's kill count.


I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I have to leave you guys with something else fun. Renton has been debriefed, and while the commanders are reluctant to believe Holland's story, they've convinced Renton to stay with them for now instead of setting off alone for the Gekko. That means Holland's team needs Renton to proceed with their plan, meaning we're in no danger unless they go through us first. Elgan, of course, probably knew the whole time, but wanted to wring the Gekko of all the help he could get from them. Or maybe he wanted us to keep an eye on them for him.

While we've been dicking around here, though, the Imperium has continued its reign of terror and flattened eleven separate states. Vultures follow in their wake, among them the Trinity Gundam team. Sumeragi wants to break off from GOONZ at least long enough to deal with them in Celestial Being's name. Besides, if the Trinities are let go, the world will be in a sorry shape to resist the Imperium. If that's how it's going to be, Zero would like to return to Area 11 with his men. Jeffrey offers the aid of the S. M. S. squad to Sumeragi - if they're going to go looking for trouble, they'll need all the help they can get.

With Sumeragi and Zero heading out, Shirota wants the Crushers to return to Japan. Ohtsuka is suspicious of Dr. Hell's latest moves, and like the Trinities, his shenanigans are only going to weaken mankind when it should be joining together. He also asks Dayakka, as the Great Gurren's captain, if he can expect their aid. Dayakka accepts, but really feels the decision should go to Simon.

So let's summarize. The Great Gurren is going to Japan with the Crushers, Mazinger and Aphrodite, Takeo, 21st, the Great Gurren Gang, the Getter Team, Godsigma, Baldios, Zambot, the Walkers, the Yapan Exodus, and Renton. Heading the other direction will be Celestial Being and the S. M. S. squad, Dancouga Nova, Sol Gravion and the Gran Troopers, Aquarion, Orgus and Nykick, and all the ZEUTH Gundams. Finally, as always, the Black Knights, Colony Gundams, and Chirico are returning to Area 11, along with Roger and Suzaku, since Zero wants to talk to him once more. As much as they'd like him to remain with GOONZ, he may return to Britannia, but even so, Zero has to try.

As always, Crowe gets his free choice. Go to Japan, join Celestial Being, or go to Area 11? Oh, and just to make it more fun, this is the only split route in the game that has a route-specific secret. If you care about it and you pick Celestial Being, also choose Sheryl or Ranka for Alto.