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Part 14: Treasure Mathstorm! pt 1

Man, Morty was pissed. You guys saw that, right? All smoke coming out of his ears straight up furious. I wonder what he's gonna do?

So far so good. No obvious retaliations in sight...

Morty's ego is very easily injured, and sometimes it makes him irrational. I stop him from painting a school, he takes over a TV station... and uses it to broadcast taunts directed at me. I stop that, he takes over a small country - and uses it as an excuse to shove me down a three-story slide. I stop THAT, and now he invents a weather machine. Does he sell it to the military to make billions of dollars and use the money to hire a hitman?

No. He messes up some clocks and makes the weather a bit nippy. Shit, man, the Super Solvers are straight out of Buffalo. I was born with a pair of ice skates clamped onto my feet and instead of a circumcision, they carved "SABRES FOREVER" into my dick. What I'm saying is, the cold doesn't really bother me.

He didn't even go for the genocide route, and he left those elves in perfect condition. Morty really needs to brush up on his evil dictator skills.

Oh, this fucking crown. Apparently it's the source of all Morty's powers, and I have to cast it into the depths of Mt. Mathstorm to undo its powerful magic. Hold up, guys, I'm not leaving until I assemble my fellowship. That's right, I must gather my party before venturing forth.

Clayton's our man of the hour, I guess. We scurry off to Treasure Mountain double-speed as we consider the ethics of using another Super Solver's alias. I guess if he cared he wouldn't have VIOLATED COPYRIGHT LAW.

Chirp fucking blows. This is worse than Flutter, because what the fuck is a dove doing in a blizzard, and why would anyone name a dove Chirp. (that fwigging dove XD)

The thing about treasures is that you collect a shitload of them, and then the elves let you keep a random one (sometimes one you already have ) as a trophy. Then you can 'play' with them, which involves going up to them and watching them perform a dumb animation. This balloon gets a face. What's cool is that sometimes, two treasures will interact with each other for an animation!

You can't jump in this game, but you can skate, which is much faster.

You still catch the elves with scrolls, and although the animation is faster and smoother, it looks just as awkward when you're done.

HAHAHAHAHAH five year olds are dumb

Also instead of traditional "clues" like the rest of the games in this style, you just add and subtract snowballs from piles to get a wrapped treasure. That's right, you can't even see what treasres you collect. Gr8.

The snowballs blink and reveal a treasure. The elves are really getting loose with their hiding schemes, huh? I guess magic coin production plummeted from the cold. Also, let's go into this igloo!

You have to make the digital clock match the analog one, and the elf taps his feet as you move the digital clock around. If you're retarded like me, they number the minutes and highlight the hour in red. And the elf shakes his head sadly at you. This is only to make you feel dumber.

If you're right, though, a magic spark from the elf's watch goes out and hits the clock, and another elf pops up to give you one of the four pieces needed to advance! After you get the four pieces, you get cash. Harder problems make you give the time that's a 15 minutes or whatever earlier/later than what's actually on the clock.

You can also go to the store! Here you can buy nets, or the parts needed to go up a level. There's one on every level. The only thing is, you need to pay with exact change And the prices go up with the difficulty!

I bought some nets with some pennies

Those four parts I got? On this level, they let me scale the wall... Where the giant tree used to live before Morty killed it with ice (Look at the intro screen if you don't believe me)

Seriously, what else would occupy such a huge space (THAT'S WHAT SHE SA... wait, gross.

Alright! Level up! Now if we could just find where da bitches at