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Part 15: Treasure Mathstorm! pt 2

Check this golden room

bitch inside named Equality and she has got some balance weights of her own, YA HERD. Balance the scale with the gold weights! Also announcing a new feature called the MOUSE you can use a POINTER to drag weights onto the scale WITHOUT the KEYBOARD new and revolutionary I predict every home will have one by 2010, you can use it to control the ENTIRE GAME via those red buttons in the bots-left. bots = bottoms 4 those of u who r uneducated in the ways of the MOUNTAIN GHETTO

Where having an education from the street means "chasing down elves and figuring out the math problems you get from them"; it's actually an accredited university and on Newsweek's Top 20 rising schools.... before they boycotted it for not having enough integrity

We catapult up where the water fountain used to be.

And up. Man I hope we get to slide back down again, landing was a bitch but it was a total ride

The background here creeps me out. It looks like someone hung up a sheet of paper to make it look like we're in the elementary school's production of Hatchet. ...What if Morty's weather machine was just a giant printer?

There would probably be more creepy pictures of Betty from science in the background, that's what. Candid pictures. Also I guess this is the pointless gem cave from Treasure Mountain.

Oh, sweet, a mining operation. This is my favorite game! It's easy and fast and pretty

Also if you fuck up it's hilariously simple because it tells you how many there are in the 1s, 10s, etc


Okay this is super-cool. You try and enter the door to Morty's castle, but there's a Yeti bouncer.

...who gives you a pattern puzzle (obviously these get a lot harder. I fucking hate pattern detection)


To let you inside!

Inside you have to pick a ladder to go up. It could be the right one, it could be the wrong one. On this difficulty level, there's only one.

And it's the right one!

Morty's chillin' (HURR) while we hand the instruments of his demise over to the elf. Also he got rid of the slide! Oh no! How will we get down now?

We gets a present!

...which Super Solver carelessly tosses away! Super Solver!

No, wait! I didn't mean to call you careless!


...oh. We have a parachute now

We land outside the clubhouse

Just in time for our now-unwrapped present to fall down gently next to us and float into the prize room... Magic!

I don't even want to do the math to see how many times you're supposed to play this game, assuming the same prize progression as Treasure Mountain.

Next time: I beat the game anyway and show off increased difficulty stuff!