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Part 20: Treasure Cove Ending

Another giant shell, another mysterious portal to a different realm of the ocean. The rule of 3 says that this was the last stage, so this will probably take us to some sort of idiotic face-off with Morty where he sits idly while we plant the instruments of his demise into a chest two feet away from him.

He might try and knock us off some ladders or something, but it'll be easy to dodge and generally ineffective.

...or, we'll have to face off against a deadly shark and try and snag that purple multiplier gem without getting eaten and killed. I guess Morty has absolutely nothing to do with this obstacle since, you know, it's actually intimidating. (Music/Backup)

Fortunately, our bubble gun makes the shark shut his mouth and float up for a few seconds.

2x gems! The shark is about to come back onscreen, so let's scram to the right.

Classy place, Morty. Real classy.

We're above water and we're riding a dolphin!

Man that bottom elf is full of resentment and laziness. He just sits on his ass all day and has the balls to get angry at other people about it! Meanwhile our gems are tossed into the magic pot

And the residual magic creates a fishbowl, which the elves toss to us as payment. This seems like we're being underpaid, but the goldfish is made out of actual gold and he is swimming in liquid platinum.

The treasure splashes into the water, a rainbow forms and lets us know that we've accumulated some points.

We dive back down to collect the rest of the gems and rebuild that rainbow bridge.

Of course, the path is going to be pretty convoluted.

And we are tossed back into our treasure ship, marvel over our gold fish, and set out one hundred more times on this adventure.

Which results in this

Harder difficulty levels have up to 5 gems per stage, and throw multiplier gems into the circus (Now multiplier gems go up to 5x! You'll need it to finish this game, trust me)

Also have a picture of a starfish jumping between two sponges

And starfish juggling while two fish, trapped in bubbles, balance on top of each other! The circus is so cool. It also has alternate music. And scenes. Watch and listen!

This starfish is launched out of a cannon

OH WHAT THE FUCK this just appears on the third level once you rank up enough.

And inside is... another multiplier gem!

The shark level gets hard as hell, too. Up to four sharks, and no more tire to give you a safe spot to hide!

Touching a shark makes you fight with it, and he steals a light Lose enough of those, and you can't get the multiplier gem!

It also knocks you back all the way to the left

Another cave scene! These fish have makeouts.

When they pull apart, a heart-shaped bubble forms.

Then they notice you and run away. Sometimes the cave is empty except for sea life at the bottom. I hate it when that happens

Once you get champion rank, any time you finish you get... this! (Watch it because I'm not going to screenshot it.)

Next time: What could Morty have been inventing up in that castle? What would he want to use those inventions for? And why did he only have one shoe?! Oh well, I'm sure no harm can come of it and I certainly don't have to get involved.