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Part 19: Treasure Cove pt 2

Level 2 music! Load this up and let it play in the background while you read!/Backup

We start off next level in front of a very special place. We'll go into it soon enough, but first we have to capture innocent sea creatures in bubbles and answer their riddles (spoken in English) in order to obtain clues to locations that, when exposed to the light of our flashlight, blink in and out of existence to reveal gems and/or puffer fish. May I point out that this game series prides itself on teaching children logic?

He's so sad when you get the wrong answer. He trusts you to do him no harm, answer correctly and let him free, and when you screw up he just gives you puppy dog eyes and begs you to try again. He even blanks out the wrong answer you gave next time you see him, just to make sure that you get it sooner or later. Orange starfish are attention whores.

In reality, jellyfish are mean, nasty, ugly, dumb creatures that hurt like hell. In this game, they are cute and colorful. Fuck this game and its positive portrayal of jellyfish.

If you get stung by a jellyfish, rub wet sand on it to reduce the pain. Or, vodka.

Red gems are worth 10, and I collected two of them but I didn't show you them because seriously, who cares, it's time for the circus!!! There's a video here, you may want to watch it because it shows different scenes and you can hear the circus music!/Backup

The circus is really cool. Every time you go in, there are different events occuring, which is probabably the best motivation you have to finish this game. In this room, the purple starfish is jumping back and forth.

The starfish on stage is spinning like a ballerina, while the starfish on the left is jumping onto a sponge and bouncing off like it's a trampoline!

These starfish do somersaults

And land on the screen! They block off your face if you swim behind them (lol layers)

Plop down the pufferfish, he blows up and looks silly... but how do we get out of here?

...Why is that whale looking at us like that?

Oh he won't be happy about this. Last time he swallowed a video game protagonist, they had the brilliant and original idea of punching his gullet until he burped them out.

This is how I look when I forcibly expel foriegn objects out of my exit holes.

And that looks like the process by which such objects are expelled. Nature!

Alright we are trapped inside some bubbles I guess.

Somehow that pushed us up through solid ground and we landed in Stage 3, by far the best stage. Listen!/Backup (I got all of the clues already, without asking you. That's right, I don't need your help to solve these puzzles anymore)

Hee! Also, green gems are worth 25. Sweet!

"Pink sea anenomes" is my new slang for a girl's "rad chilies".

I hate it when they go green!

Before we leave, there's two mysterious caves I want to check out...Here is the first one it has cool music!/Backup
And the next one...

Oh man it's dark. Better shine my


Hey, at least he was wearing boxers! vv

Time to blow this joint, and also for this puffer fish to blow himself. I have no idea why I'm making so many genital jokes this update. It won't happen again, sir.