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Part 18: Treasure Cove pt 1

Music/Backup - Doesn't include treasure room music 'cuz that kind of sucks.

We dive on into the ocean, and start off at our treasure room (as always). This time the elves are paying us with treasure, as opposed to allowing us to keep toys as trophies, so it's much more satisfying!

And our treasure is kept in a sunken ship. That's incredibly badass. Okay, Minnie, this job might not be terrible.

Purple starfish are bouncing away, and at the bottom of the screen sea animals are playing! This is really a great vacation after all!

Orange starfish stand out, so I capture one with my bubble gun, designed to trap fish for just a few seconds without harming them.

The correct answer, in this case, rhymes with the rest of the riddle! These guys sure like to rhyme!

He's so happy!

The sea theme shines through in the riddles quite a few times. Also, capturing starfish gives you light for your flashlight. Which ends up working exactly like the magic coins. I guess technology IS a replacement for magic!

After you capture an orange starfish, he turns purple and zooms away!

Like the net cave, we exchange 5 shines of our light for...

A hermit crab to come out and squeeze the air out of a horsefish to refill our bubble gun THIS GAME IS SO FUCKING CUTE

These are the Goobies.

You can catch them in your bubble gun and make them float away...

But then another one comes out of this hole! We can never get rid of the Goobies like this! We need to stop this at its source!

Not all of the questions are just reading questions!

The sea life is exactly like the scenery from Treasure Mountain. You find the clues, shine the light on the appropriate places...

And you get a gem if 2 out of 3 match! My trigger finger was a little slow here The interesting thing is that gems come in different colors, determined by your rank and which of the 3 levels you're on. Each color gives you a different number of gems - yellow gives us 5.

We've exhausted all of the sealife options, but we don't have all of the items! Maybe this cave (MUSIC/Backup seriously listen, it's my favorite) goes someplace...

Caves are way fucking cooler in this game. They host clues AND have rockin' music.

These are butterfly fish, in case you didn't know that They give us... a puffer fish?

The last gem! We're done!

Octopi are so fucking cool in this game. They just look awesome and have a cool animation (unfortunately 2 frame animations are nearly impossible for me to capture, watch the vids if you want to see them). Also, I have no idea what's going on with the Super Solver's face here.

Uh-oh! Here comes a Goobie! Watch out, Super Solver!

You got SLIMED!

The goobie has exhausted all of its black slime, and dons its Boo Suit to run away.

The cave takes us to the exit, so we deploy the ...puffer fish?

Which makes the coolest face in the world as it plugs up the goobie hole

And the shell turns magic!

And HUGE! (she said)

And we fly away to the victory music/Backup!