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Part 25: Gizmos and Gadgets Ending

Okay I lied last update, downhill racer is totes in the automotive building. Thanks for noticing, absolutely no-one

Not that I blame you. The cars all just mix together after a while. This red butterfly racer is just going to be named with something that combines its color and an animal.

Fortunately this is the most bitchin' track.

And from here on out we won't get any more promotions until we beat the game. All this means is that I won't be able to pull rank for the next 5 races.

COMPLETELY GENERIC CAR DESIGN 3 (same as the previous two hydrogen racers, except with gas instead of hydrogen.

The grind gets really bad in the last stages of the game. Good parts are really hard to find, and I ended up busting open every door in this god damn section just in case. I'm still missing a not-shitty part!

And on top of that, you need to solve puzzles like this. Except after stage 3 or so the game runs out of the hard puzzles and starts giving you the easy ones again.

God damn that was painful. I hope the next car provides some variat

This game is starting to piss me off. This is why I had like 8 login names as a kid, because I would just play 5 levels and start over before the grind got infuriating. That's why this game is so damn hard to finish.

Did I make a Thunderbirds, ho! joke yet? Because Jon Stuart made that joke like two months ago and I only got his cock out of my mouth just now.

Here are the differences between this one and the last: There is more horsepower available to us. The wheels are smaller.

I literally have nothing to say about this car.

More horsepower and bigger wheels.

Okay you know what? Fuck this. Let's just go the ending/Backup.