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Part 6: Outnumbered! pt 1

A Super Solver's work is never done. We saved the school - kind of. Okay, we only saved it once, and it needed to be saved a hundred times, but god damn, cut us some slack. Super Solvers aren't supposed to slog through endless reading problems, only to relive the same 8 damn rooms over and over again. This is The Learning Company, not Kafka.
Besides, now we've got bigger fish to fry. Forget taking over schools, we accidentally slapped some sense into Morty (I think it was our victory dance) and now he's so pissed off he's trying to take over the television station! And guess what the magical time is by which we have to stop him.

That's right. Midnight again. To be fair, this time it's a voluntary curfew. If Super Solver doesn't go to bed on time, he wakes up extra-grumpy and in no mood to relive existential terrors in the forms of endless tests of his basic reading and math skills.

This strikes me as slightly less retarded than the last plot Morty cooked up. I mean, I like television. If a Master of Mischief tried to take over the TV, I can only imagine the things he would broadcast. The FCC would shit their pants at the mischief he would televise!

Or he might actually never get to the "televising" part, and just overload expensive equipment that would create a catastrophic electronic reaction

And zap us, granting us freaky electrical abilities. I am not kidding.

Welp, in we go.

Once again, we sign in at the desk just in case we end up causing untoward amounts of mayhem and someone needs to be held responsible.

You know, this forum is subtitled "Peperony and Chease", yet I haven't seen a single LP yet where the name creation screen has been polluted with the delicate mix of grime and innocence that is a child's hand. This is a pretty boring member list, though. While I'm sure Jessica was one hot piece of tail before her name got passed around the internet like she was, uh, a hot girl on the internet, everyone except Rodney really sucks at this game, so I'll play under his nom du guerre (I know that isn't right).

You can choose some "educational" options here. Drill for Skill is just answering math problems over and over and over, customized play lets you wreak havoc upon the intended purpose of the game by making all questions addition only with numbers 1 through 4. I'm not a pussy nor do I hate myself, so we're playing through the regular game.

Right now, this is a bunch of words to you. In time, it will make sense. Again, higher rank = more hard, robots move faster and appear more frequently, and the patterns become "harder" to match.

I just want to point out a few things about this security desk, and the implications of this game. First off, the guard is napping through robots parading around the halls and a lunatic of a nerd taking over the entire station. Second off, every name on that sign-in sheet was clearly people attempting to rid the station of aforementioned horrors. And some of them have come back multiple times. You have to ask yourself exactly how often does Morty try and take over this particular television station? My guess: As often as he fails to paint the school invisible.

The robots move fucking FAST at this rank. I spent more time crashing into them (they steal time! and maybe a little energy) than actually hitting them with my... whatever.

TRANSITION SHOT (I redid all my screenshots so now they're 1/6th the size and I can afford to do bullshit like this)

We're in the news room and I am giving you breaking news on game mechanics. Instead of film, you have a little...zappy...thing, thanks to that malfunctioning tower, that acts exactly like your camera did. Except this time, you don't need to take pictures of things, you just need to zap them. Along the floor is a LiveWire (that's his actual name, capitalizations and everything) and if he touches you, he steals your energy. What a bitch.

You go up to things in the room and you are given math problems to solve. You're given a calculator but it's annoyingly limited. Oh yeah and you have to solve two puzzles per room in order to get that room's symbols. Zapping Telly will get you the symbols of the room Morty hides in.

If I have 40 pictures per update, and then I reduce file size by 1/6, how many more pictures can I fit into an update while maintaining the same size? (There are two things in life that I refuse to count: calories and the number of pictures I put into my LP)

AH FUCK HE'S BACK. Hitting him with your... zapper makes him curl up and disappear. But there will always be the threat... of LIVEWIRE.

Telly appeared twice in rapid succession, and I sacrificed time and energy and also zapper energy for this screenshot. It wasn't worth it.

No more stupid stairs, now we ride in style! ... in an elevator.