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Part 14: Chapter 15

There are times in every Capcom game in which no matter how much leveling you do or how confident you are in your abilities, an obstruction with life-altering capabilities comes along to knock you down a peg or five. My friends, chapter fifteen is that peg-knocker. Read on for details.

(The Caverns:

Iron Key in hand, we can finally go further into the caverns.

Note, Rope, Skeleton, and...

Err, this.

Turn your typical axe-wielding Japanese teenager...

Into a stabmaster killing machine!

Note: I leave you a rope. If you enter leave one out.

Skeleton: Wah!! The sand! Quick! A rope! Help!

These warnings are rather ominous... Still, what's the worst that can happen? 10 damage every second or so?

...For those of you wanting to know what the death animation looks like, here you go:

Fresco: 8-14 Three stand in your way... Unmoving.

On second thought, let's not go into that room.

This river of blood, or fire, or whatever, inflicts 10 damage a step and pushes you downstream. Those comfortable looking spikes on the far right also do 10 damage a step.

Splitting the team into individual units and sending them running across one at a time is the safest, but there's always a chance they'll have a random encounter solo.

There's three holes leading into one rock, and one hole leading into one on the far left. Let's try the close one first.


Dammit... reload and try the far left hole.


Let's ignore those little caves and cross the stream.

(Don't cross the streams)

Further south we come to a sand trap, but this one is nonlethal. Well, except for the spikes into which it likes to push people.

Since Asuka has Rope we send her in first.

Bloody Writing: Coffin... wall...

More of the same.

As Taro is crossing this stream...

A Ghost decides to blow him away in a gust of wind!

And puts him out of the action for a while. Also note that he appears to have wet himself.

(Ten minutes of weak enemy slaying later)

hay guys

Asuka gets past the stream and finds a staircase.

Up here we find a mess of coffins, a Fresco, a Mallet, a corpse, and a mirror.

Corpse: Yamamura... I failed... Tool... Photo... Diary... coffin... in that order... Pray... your timing... important...

File this away for future reference. We won't be able to defeat Mamiya unless we remember this.

As Asuka goes to grab the Mallet...

A Ghost blows her away, too.

It's Emi's turn next. All of the coffins say "Nothing" when looked at except one.

We add it to the inventory, and then grab the Mallet to smash the mirror.

This opens a shortcut... well, where all the other shortcuts seem to go lately.

Team Fresco reunites!

Fresco: 8-22 Blue flames in hand...

Outdated info, eh? But it tells us the blue candles need to be lit.

We didn't check the southern offshoot yet. Let's do that now.

It takes us back to a previously locked door... which the Two Keys unlock.

Photo, two Corpses, Fresco, Tonic, Blue Candle. Two key items need grabbing here. So, let's-

10 damage per second. Ouch, I guess.

West Corpse: Etsuko...

East Corpse: Takashi went on his own... Stop him... Argh...

Fresco: 8-2 Use the 4 items at signs of change.

This is another important fresco, and the final one in the game.

We have the final Blue Candle, so let's set it and light them up.

Taro: Candle in hand...

Kazuo: Used Lighter...

Kazuo: But nothing happened.

What do we do now? Pray, of course!

"Kazuo used 89 pray points. It's flickering!! It collapsed!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the way to the final boss lies open. But first, let's go grab some Tonics. I also forgot the Dress. For the sake of challenge, however, I will not use the Dress on my first attempt at Mamiya. It will only be used if necessary for some other purpose, and I'll go into more details on what those purposes could be in the final update.

Final survivor stats:

Coming up next... Mamiya's Lair.