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Part 8: Turns 121-141

An endless sea of bugs (spawning inside the sun) Lets Play Sword of the Stars 2: Hiver Imperium

Update 8. Turns 121-141

Starting off, I get around to starting the upgrades to my other support ships to give them forward PD.

And almost miss the fact that their default weapon to keep range with is their PD. I possibly should bring them into torpedo range rather than missile. They aren't really along for firepower, anyhow. It's what else they can do for the fleet that I'm interested in.

As admirals gain more experience, they gain more traits. I have no idea if there is any rhyme or reason behind it. Given this game, probably not. So this guy is removed from fleet command, since I do actually use my fleets for surveying as well as fire support.

Since I researched Goop modules, it's time to refit every ship that sees combat! This is every class of ship except the ones I fitted Long Range Fusion drives to.

On turn 125 we finish our research into the Zuul & Tarka and Hiver Disruptor Whip.

We also find Kerberos's homeworld. It is rather well defended, as you might expect.

When I see this one, I decide that we'll hit the surrounding systems first to try and draw out the defenders.

Lest we go two screenshots without a UI glitch.

The retrofitting goes well.

Naming of new fleets, not so well.

Since I didn't screenshot it, Drill Sergeant gives the fleet 10% more accuracy in exchange for 5% more supply usage. While I'm not that keen on using more supplies, we actually get something for it, unlike with Wastrel.

We also encounter an impossible thing.

Three things to note here.
1: Negative Forum Posts are now at maximum hostility towards us. The little crossed guns means that they are aggressive towards us. We'll probably get war declared on us by them soon. Which solves the "Who do I attack next" question, at least.
2: The Liir haven't mooved that far from centrism. So their economy quite possibly sucks more.
3: The Liir HAVE researched Anti-matter drives.

On turn 129 we complete another salvage project. You'd think someone would have noticed the similarities.

Next turn though, we get something more interesting.

Biological Transfer is a pretty solid technology. It gives a boost to how much terraforming gets done each colony support run, so colonies terraform, and are thus established, significantly faster.

I name the new coloniser appropriately.

On the same turn, we receive notice that Kerberos are trying to break our slowly tightening noose.

You know, like I want them to.

I meet the incoming fleet. I wonder if the hostile sign is to remind me we are at war?

While this fight goes on, lets talk about the Goop module! The Goop module adds a little button to your ships when selected.

If they've taken damage to their armour (or beyond), you can click the little button, and bam. You regain some armour to all sections. You get 3 charges per module per battle, so you will run out in longer battles, but it does increase the durability of your ships somewhat.

There is no hotkey or automation on this, of course. If you want your ships to use goop, you have to tell them. Individually. And there is some delay between presses. Even when things are looking a bit hairy.

Anyhow, even with Goop modules, Kerberos are putting up a fight. They appear to have ceased using so many missiles and are back to mass drivers.

This is painfully effective.

We still destroy twice as many ships as we lose.

Despite having just the support ships, the AI does not return to base like a sane person.

There was only one way that was going to end.

One of our other Gate fleets finds a freshly established colony, with attendant fleet, working at its destination.

Meanwhile, Survey party at Garnet!

I just want to point out there is no way to tell what fleet he was commanding or who he even was. All I know is he has retired.

I have NO IDEA how this is the shortest path. Phi is in the other direction from Illmater.

By the time we arrive, Phi may not be as populated as expected.

One of my colonies gets hit by a new random event!

Hooray for RNG.

Ghost formation.

Anyhow, Spectres are mainly a nuisance for an established colony. They'll eat a few billion people, and decrew orbital facilities, but everything will still be there next turn.

Also, they move REALLY FAST when near a target.

See, nothing that time won't heal.

Meanwhile, not every one of Kerberos's fleets is mass driver focused.

Our Point defenses just can't handle that many targets.

Mass Drivers still beat Missile spam at short range though.

I keep researching colonial technologies.

More hazard range, better terraforming, and more population growth. What's not to like?

Our fleet arrives at Phi.

The Tarka only left two stations - a defense platform and a navy base - alive at the colony.

Time to start on the ballistics tree finally!

Thanks, game.

Yes, I got these both on the same turn.

I have also been building 10 new Patches. I make a second colony fleet. Both fleets have a command ship, 5 old colonisers, and 5 new Patches Biome Colonisers.

Kerberos again try and break through Tiamat.

Having 10 combat vessels was always going to lead to a painful fight against my 8.

Despite our losses, we destroy more of their ships than they do ours.

And wear them down at close range

We get the last kill before all ships break contact to resupply.

We also wreck the colony fleet when it arrives in Phi

Another of our fleets arrives at a colony, and begins clearing out the orbital structures.

with no defense fleet, it doesn't take long.

We round out turn 141 by completing a salvage project we HAVEN'T already researched at least to the feasibility stage.

Next time - The End of Kerberos? Stormers? A new War?
More bugs? (always more bugs)