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Part 1: Washington D.C. Under Attack!

Update 01 - Washington D.C. Under Attack!

-Syphon Filter 1 INTRODUCTION|(2:39)

Syphon Filter Episode 1-1 - DC Metropolitan Area|(37:05)
We hit the ground running shortly after Rhoemer begins his attack on Washington D.C. Gabe takes to the streets to prevent a viral outbreak, with the ultimate goal of eliminating Rhoemer and his lieutenants: Pavel Kravitch, Mara Aramov, and Anton Girdeux. But, things are never that easy, especially when The Place starts losing business - it's going to be a long night...

Syphon Filter Episode 1-2 - DC Park Area|(22:29)
After wounding Aramov and stopping the viral bomb in the subway, Logan heads to the park to confront Girdeux and Rhoemer before the main bomb detonates. On the way he reconciles with the CBDC agents and demonstrates tactical superiority against enemies less than interested in stopping him.


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the fucking taser