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Part 5: Clash of Gods

Update 05 - Clash of Gods

Syphon Filter Episode 5 - Abandoned Warehouse District|(29:36)
Dropped off by Mara Aramov, Logan races against time to tag viral carriers and make his way to the missile silo Phagan had acquired. As both Rhoemer's and Pharcom's soldiers duke it out, Logan makes sure to keep his war crimes strong as his power grows in advance of the final showdown.

Syphon FIlter Episode 6 - Missile Silo|(32:01)
Gabe reaches the tunnels that connect to the missile silo and his decisive confrontation with the avatar of the M-79: Rhoemer. Several lapses in judgment later, a chaotic struggle ensues...

I can't make this shit up, I can't.

I can't even. It's going just how I hoped it would. It's unbelievable.

Still, we soldier on. We'll be back with Syphon Filter 2 ASAP. Finally!! I CAN'T WAIT. THIS GAME!

Also I really like how he is firing the gun through his fucking torso like the DOOM GUY. Also he looks like the TF2 Demoman in a way. Also he fucking murders my ass. Also I was drunk. We'll never see a great, amazing villain like Rhoemer again He just defines the game up to this point, we pressed too hard and he had enough of our shit.

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