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Part 6: Race in Colorado

After a lot of consideration across the 12 hours of editing these videos required of me, I decided it would be best just to double feature, but this shouldn't happen again. Disc 2 contains content laid out properly for 5 more episodes. I just hated the pacing of the first disc too much and I don't feel that any of the points in them were worth waiting a week or two between, so I did my best to tighten this up and make it good for a movie night. It's the way I feel it be best presented so please bear with me!

Here's a picture of what Episode 7 looks like in Vegas.

Update 06 - Race in Colorado

Syphon Filter 2 INTRODUCTION|(5:23)

Syphon Filter Episode 7 - Colorado 1|(45:46)
Merely four hours after putting a stop to Rhoemer's nefarious plans, Gabe Logan & Lian Xing aim to return to the states and meet up with an old friend. However, the evil that men do lives on and on, and the Agency has other plans for Gabe and his rag-tag group, not to mention the lust for revenge of one man threatens the stability of the entire planet.

Syphon Filter Episode 8 - Colorado 2|(47:17)
As the stakes rise in the race for Phagan's discs, Lian prevents a war crime and Gabe's power grows thanks to his monstrous tasering of Agency Commandos. At the end of a long night, the group prepares to return to a very familiar place...


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