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Part 7: A Losing Hand

I did some things. Also I've got a bonus video (that I keep forgetting about for some reason ) that we'll comment on at some point. Nothing too fantastic in Disc 1 actually.

Update 07 - A Losing Hand

Syphon Filter Episode 9 - Return to the Expo Center|(40:40)
Gabe, Teresa, and Lian head back to the Expo Center to retrieve Phagan's encryption disc, and stop the Agency from eliminating all traces to their removal of Pharcom's CEO. The final struggle between the Taser and M-79 results in a victory for the unholy lord and master of cruelty and lightning and the reason for Gabe & Morgan's mutual animosity is revealed!

This one almost killed me, but at the same time brought me back to RE6. Man that was almost 3 years ago now, I don't even remember what was happening during the editing of that game. Also this video is technically 34 minutes, but our outro rambled on for a good while, so let that be the mystery you will uncover in this update

LASTLY: Please do not read this spoiler until you've seen the I was considering putting a Sara head in there but that's exclusively an SA in-joke for us. Please imagine her being there instead and enjoy it all the more


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