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Part 13: Everyone Lies (and DIES)

Huh, update 13 for Page 13.

Update 13 - Everyone Lies (and DIES)

Syphon Filter Episode 15 - Mujari's Testimony|(21:43)
Mujari gives some rather bizarre testimony before the not-congress of the Syphon Filter-verse, strangely mentioning that South Africans were sacrificing people to Rhoemer before quickly recanting raised the most phantom eyebrows.

Syphon Filter Episode 16 - Lian's First Testimony; S.S Lorelei|(32:16)
Lian's turn comes in the congressional hearings and she tells a tale of her life as an assassin in the MSS. Hadden accuses her and Gabe of being terrorists participating in acts of murder, and while she denies such things, Gabe is of course proving him right. At least without context.

Jade wasn't able to join us for this, but he'll be back. We've got plenty of game left to go to last another 4 weeks I've looked at. Sorry again about that!



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