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Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 2-1 - Italy
It's story time with GARY STONEMAN! He teaches us how breaking necks is like catching footballs and how to cause a lot of drama in the workplace!
Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 2-2 - Belarus
Shit goes down at the border between Poland and Chechnya and GARY STONEMAN is on the scene with the Agency recruit. Lots of people die, explosions happen, and the Chechnyans learn just what happens when you slight the Taser.
Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 2-3 - Italy & Belarus Codec Calls

[Pre-Italy News][Post-Italy News]
[Pre-Belarus 1 News][Post-Belarus 1 News]
[Pre-Belarus 2 News][Post-Belarus 2 News]

I have to confess I'm running out of things to 'do' editing wise. It's getting harder to provoke reactions out of the crew and I'm getting increasingly nervous as the LP goes on. This game is Syphon Filter but it's not really lending itself to stupidity as much as the first three games did, in ways that I can feasibly exploit

And if you have ever been wondering, I take most seriously getting reactions out of my co-commentators the most, because that drives the entertainment imo. I dunno if I can ever top the Nigel Cummings episode, or even the Boondock Saints face plastering.

I'll just have to look for methods in gameplay then, but even then it's also very hard because of the fucking multiplayer focus they had. I really wish I could meet a dev from this team and ask them what the hell the idea was behind all that. The radio log stuff is really enlightening as to how much more focused this game could have been. There's so much shit you would NEVER see or hear and things are just thrown together so haphazardly. It makes for a very frustrating game to play particularly when it wants you to do everything in a time limit to actually make real progress. There's no reason to explore because those are precious seconds off the clock and you get everything you need from unlocks and jesus christ this whole design aggravates me. By the way I mentioned it in the video but to unlock Explosives badges you have to find bombs in the levels and then get up to 100 kills with them before you're even allowed to bring grenades with you. That's insanely bad design, particularly when the most fun is EXPLOSIONS!

Anywho we'll be playing as Lian next time, and she, for one, is LOVING THIS SHIT