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Part 28: Reflection

Update 28 - Reflection

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror Episode BONUS - Thailand
Gabe and Lian take a detour to Bangkok to deal with some unique strain of Avian flu and things go wrong as they are wont to do.
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror Episode 6 - Germany, Finland
Gabe takes the fight straight to the heart of Red Section and gets some answers, but some of them are too much even for him.

I, uh, yeah. That's really cold. I omitted the two bonus missions that are just shooting galleries as Stoneman and Gabe because they weren't interesting which is saying something for SF. Stone's mission takes place after he steals Al hassan's contracts in Omega Strain during the Yemen mission, and Gabe's thing is just a minigame. Logan's Shadow has many excellent bonus missions because they are all relevant to the plot and tie in to actual story missions so that allows me to splice them in seamlessly, look forward to that.

Main Game Evidence posted:

Ep 6-1
Evidence #49
Red Section corpse. I’ve found a dead Red Section soldier, which in a war zone, would not be a strange thing. The problem with this one is that I didn’t kill him. He was shot in the face with a small caliber pistol. Maybe one of the tourists is packing a hidden weapon? Or one of the Zugspitze tram security officers got off a shot before they were all killed? I’ll give this photo to Agency forensics. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #50
A climbing harness. More evidence that Red Section was here in advance. I’ve found a climbing harness tied to a rope used for scaling cliff sides. They were hidden in an out of the way position, probably to be used for an emergency escape. Either that or it was used to get arms past the metal detectors at the boarding stations. Red Section must have known about my meet with Hargrove in advance. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #51
Carbon alloy cams and hooks. I discovered a pack full of climbing gear, specifically carbon alloy cams, pins, and hooks, the kind military special forces use when scaling rock walls with full gear. They are specially made to withstand extremes of heat and cold, and a single cam will hold the weight of a soldier fully loaded with weapons and gear. What the hell is it doing here? Has Red Section known about this meet far in advance? I can’t think of another explanation. –Gabe Logan

Ep 6-2
Evidence #52
Hargrove’s purse. I’ve found Addison’s purse in the elevator. She must have dropped it on her way to the meet with Touchstone. It’s funny though, the mind plays tricks. I swear I thought I saw that she had it with her while she was arguing with Touchstone. Maybe one of the Red Section soldiers picked it up from the scaffolding below after she fell over the railing. Not much inside. One odd thing: an old picture of the two of us, taken twelve years ago, the night before she walked out. I can’t believe she’s kept it all these years.

Evidence #53
Red Section gear. I found one of the Red Section commanders taking time out to drop a load. Bad timing on his part, but if you gotta go you gotta go. Now he’s gone. Going through his gear I found a GPS, comm equipment, voice activated so I couldn’t use it, and his orders. Turns out they never expected Hargrove to come alone. They assumed she would bring muscle and come prepared. They plan to rig the entire mountain to blow, again to make their op look like a terrorist attack. The bastards will stop at nothing to get Hargrove’s disc. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #54
Kid’s tennis shoe. Addison said Red Section would bring proof that they had Blake. Touchstone must have dropped it as he was running from me: a kid’s tennis shoe. It’s an American brand with the initials B.H. written inside. It’s Blake’s alright. It’s a size 10. Big feet for a ten year old. If Singularity harms her, I swear I’ll kill him, slowly. –Gabe Logan

Ep 7-1
Evidence #55
Red Section shipping invoice. The scope of Red Section’s operations is becoming clear. Using AIT as a front they were able to steal weapons materials from around the world and ship them using AIT registered hazardous materials permits. Not only were they going after depleted uranium in Bosnia and the KemSynth project, but other materials as well, operations in at least twelve countries. Addison had no idea who she was dealing with. Killing a ten year old kid would mean nothing to a man like Singularity. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #56
Data scan filter. Singularity has installed high frequency data scan filters on all of his CAT-10 lines. Teresa warned us to be careful patching into the Red Section data system because there was a danger that Singularity would be able to back trace the entry point and gain access to our system and Zeus. These data scan devices originated with Interpol. How did Red Section get them? –Gabe Logan

Evidence #57
KemSynth Shipping container. I uncovered several KemSynth shipping containers. They were easy to find because using data from Freeman’s optical discs, Teresa was able to decrypt the KemSynth tracking codes. I was able to use my EDSU goggles to find the ID devices they used to control shipping and inventory. According to the bar code data, these containers are filled with proprietary hydroponics equipment that KemSynth had developed. Evidence that Singularity is trying to cultivate the same species of plant. –Gabe Logan

Ep 7-2
Evidence #58
Red Section personnel files. This is incredibly clever. What’s the best insurance against hi-tech theft of information from your multi-million dollar computer system? A low tech filing cabinet. Inside plain old manila folders I’ve found printer information on all of the key Red Section personnel, including, believe it or not, their code names. Touchstone was a man named Stuart Coleman. Singularity is Grant Morrill. Teresa is running background checks on them now. –Lian Xing

Evidence #59
Hydro-Simulation data. This chamber was designed to help astronauts train for working in a weightless zero gravity environment. When I saw they had Blake tied to the capsule at the bottom, I thought maybe they had taken a cue from some bad B movie and were trying to drown the kid slowly. Data uncovered from this computer, however, shows that one of the projects Singularity was working on involved a unique chemical bonding agent on which had been sprayed on the surface of the capsule. The Red Section security guards had been ordered to fill the tank to destroy evidence, not kill the kid. A bullet would have been far easier if that had been their goal. –Lian Xing

Evidence #60
AIT super-processing chip. Using my IR goggles, I noticed that one of the computers had a heat sink five times the normal size for this class of machine. Before I destroyed it, I removed its processing chip. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. After Mujari analyzed it, he said AIT had been working on a multi-cell processor which could simultaneously process a trillion terabits of information. This is how they were reverse engineering the KemSynth work. –Lian Xing.

Ep 7-3
Evidence #61
Project Dark Mirror data set 1. Singularity had already reverse engineered the KemSynth data from the plants collected in Iquitos. Red Section scientists had broken the genetic codes of the materials that KemSynth spliced into the plant. According to Mujari, the data in this computer listed all of the splices which were designed to enhance the chemical reactions the plant extract had on the nervous system. Basically, like any nerve agent, Dark Mirror interfered with a nerve’s ability to communicate. A heart would forget to beat, for example, or lungs to breathe. Not a pleasant way to go. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #62

Project Dark Mirror data set 2. This set of data explained how Singularity enhanced the aerosol properties of Dark Mirror, enabling the compound to bond with oxygen molecules so the agent would expand in the air instead of becoming diluted. This was the key to Dark Mirror becoming a cheap weapon of mass destruction, or as Teresa would say, mass death. Only a very small amount would be needed to take out an entire city, an amount which could easily be smuggled into any city in the world. If it weren’t for Addison’s interference, we never would have stopped them. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #63
Centrifuge project. Originally designed to help astronauts prepare for the strain of multiple G forces on lift off, this centrifuge had been refitted by Singularity. The nose of was fitted with chambers for hold solutions of the KemSynth plant extract, presumably to act as a separator. Mujari will be able to tell us why they had to use such extreme force to distill the compound down into the parts they needed. –Gabe Logan

Side Game Evidence posted:


Evidence #4
Pigeon scat. This is the part of the job I hate. Mujari wants samples of infected pigeon scat, but taken from some place that could not have been contaminated by Zhou’s thugs. Why is it that biologists always want to study animal shit? I’ve never understood it. This time, I’m guessing he wants to see how the animals metabolize their feed. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #5
Pigeon feed. I’ve taken a sample for Mujari to study. These birds are somehow able to resist the virus and Mujari suspects they are being fed some kind of antibiotic in their diet. This seems like advanced tech for someone like Jimmy Zhou. I wonder who is supplying him? –Gabe Logan

Evidence #6
Uninfected pigeon. Mujari asked me to take samples from a healthy pigeon. I’m not sure ‘dead’ qualifies as healthy but at least this bird is not one that I killed, so maybe it does. Somehow Zhou has developed a flu virus that can be carried by only certain types of birds. This specimen may help Mujari figure out how. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #7
Ming vase. Several Ming vases were stolen from the Beijing National Museum of art. This is one of them. Imagine being so wealthy that you could decorate your hallways with priceless art. Of course, you don’t have to be wealthy if you’re willing to steal them. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #8
Incense from Taiwan. We tracked Jimmy Zhou through chemical traces taken from incense residue on one of his shipments. This is an incredibly rare incense, made from a variety of opiates. Only a handful of people in the east have access to it, and Jimmy Zhou is one of the makers biggest clients. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #9
Elevator codes. This is how Zhou kept tabs on everyone who entered and exited his buildings. It’s probably how he uncovered Lian’s identity. When she touched the elevator console to come up, it immediately sent a message to Zhou’s security system, identifying her as an intruder. –Gabe Logan

Now, I think there will only be 6 updates left, for the 6 episodes that are Logan's Shadow, and then this LP will be complete.

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