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Part 31: Logan's Dance

Update 31 - Logan's Dance

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow Episode 3 - Azerbaijan
Logan heads to Azerbaijan to pick up Lian's trail, where he encounters yet another amount of Russian war crimes taking place. Fighting his way through the genocide - and a lot of Russians - Gabe meets Lian's former partner from the MSS and rendezvouses with MI6 friend Maggie Powers...

Jade's headset broke just moments before recording. But it turned out just fine. Thankfully the JAIDS did not steal this week from an update.


Evidence #29
Civilian. The Spetsnaz have slaughtered so many villagers that dead bodies littered the streets and spilled into the canals. A bullet hole in her forehead, this woman was murdered by Spetsnaz months ago. Spetsnaz have been encroaching on the Azerbaijan border, pushing toward the Caspian Sea, trying to gain access to its wealth of oil resources. This incursion is only the most recent incident of ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses that have raged here for twenty years. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #30
Hidden message. Maggie left a message on the wall of our rendezvous location. She didn’t have time to leave many details. Here’s what she wrote: ‘Gabe, I’m cornered and in trouble. If you find this, get out of Kuranca, quickly. You don’t know who you’re’… From the looks of the room, she didn’t go without a fight. Maggie wasted her time warning me to leave. She knows I’m not going anywhere. Not until I know who I’m dealing with. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #31
Al-Jamil letter. My alliance with the Azerbaijani Resistance League developed out of necessity because we share a common enemy; the Spetsnaz. They are strong fighters, and good people. I discovered the resistance headquarters from Ghassan Al-Bitar, addressed to Eman Borak. Bitar thanks him for delivering to al-Jamil, ‘the Chinese scientist, and his female companion.’ Al-Jamil’s sworn goal, to remove all Western influence from the Middle East, was the only thing simple about this situation. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #32
Journal. A page from Shen’s journal: ‘I do not know who will greet me in Pakistan, but it does not matter as each nation is a non-proliferation state. If I stay here, this device will be in the hands of just one government. Trinidad has been watching more closely than ever. They will never let me leave. WMDs have never been used in modern warfare because of the promise, or threat, of mutually assured destruction, MAD. My English isn’t so good yet, but even I see the humor in that.’ I don’t see the humor in that. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #33
Dossier. I found a Chinese Secret Service dossier for one ‘Gabriel Logan.’ After recruiting Lian from CSS, I never expected any Christmas cards from Chinese Intelligence. But I was still surprised to find such a comprehensive record of my life and career. I skimmed enough to learn they had targeted me for assassination on multiple occasions, but Beijing officials intervened each time. I assumed there would be death warrants, but I never knew I had friends in high places in Beijing. A CSS agent’s codename is stamped on the dossier; Trinidad. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #34
PDA. The dead courier’s PDA screen was cracked, but the device still functioned. Teresa will download the contents later, but I was able to read the courier’s last report through the fracture screen. ‘Coded report: MI6 Intel accurate. Too late. Room in disarray. Subjects missing –via force. Next action –locate contact, special agent Mag’… He didn’t live long enough to finish composing the message. He had come to the roof for clear line of sight to the NIOC satellite, to ensure contact. Ironically, this gave the sniper that killed him clear line of sight to his dead.
Code: GH9 3VJ TN8T –Gabe Logan

Evidence #35
Dossier. SVR dossier for Chinese national, Dr. Shen Rei. SVR agents inside Chinese Secret service learned that Shen defected and took a top-secret research project with him, seeking amnesty with a western nation. Considered by many to be China’s Albert Einstein, his invention promised to revolutionize the energy industry. The dossier concluded with, ‘Shen escaped on foot through the Taklimakan desert; an environment so forbidding that even Turkic nomads refer to it as the place of no return.’ This is a sign of Dr. Rei’s desperation, fear, will, or all three. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #36
Interrogation transcript. According to this log, Maggie withstood two days of brutal interrogation. A long list of separate interrogators had tried but none managed to break her. When I finally reached the Spetsnaz command post, she was still frustratingly energetic and up-beat for even hardened cold-war era interrogators. Maggie’s a pro. That’s why we work so well together. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #37
Rook. One of Azerbaijan’s proudest national symbols is a castle keep called the Maiden Tower. Her name comes from the fact that –after one thousand years of war—the tower had never been taken by force. The Spetsnaz commandeered the tallest building in Kuranca: a boarding school library. Converted into a makeshift armory and headquarters, there were grenades, rocket launchers, and AK-47s everywhere. The Spetsnaz flag hung over tossed books, tables, and broken chess pieces. This rook was still intact despite jackboots stomping on it for days. –Gabe Logan

Bonus Episode 2 – Lian’s First Time
Evidence #38
Revenge. The hotel manager was street smart enough to know that when I purchased Qwan Tak’s itinerary, I had only one purpose with the information. Yet he decided to cross me with false information. Did he think I would not go through with the assassination, or that I would fall into the net of Qwan Tak’s security detail? Either way, he made just five hundred Yuan, but lost his life. Not a very fair trade. –Trinidad

Evidence #39
Efficiency experts. They saw power corrupts. I say it must also cause amnesia. Qwan Tak had been installed by us as the puppet governor of Alta, a Mongolian province subject to our machinations. He forgot how determined we are; thought he could stave assassination with bodyguards and by changing hotels on a nightly basis. He forgot the blood that we spilled to install him at his pretty position in this pretty territory. He forgot how little time it took to remove his predecessor. Tonight Lian and I jogged his memory with our lethal mission efficiency. –Trinidad

Evidence #40
Big Sister. Counter to stereotypes, China is the most progressive nation in the world. We are pragmatic people who divorce decisions from emotion. Social programs have guaranteed our populous won’t strain the Republic’s resources to the point of collapse. The burden females of my generation have to carry for this is that very few of us have sisters. Some have brothers, but rarely sisters. Lian is my charge, my protégé, and my partner. It is my duty to take care of her. She has become, what I guess feels like, a little sister. –Trinidad