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Part 18: CH18: Coronation

CH18: Coronation

I grab a quick heal off a food item in my inventory. Can't start a fight on low low hp.

: It was time for the showdown.

: It's like a solid block instead of a sword.

: What? Is that...really you?
: What a stupid thing to say. I have come to avenge my father!
: I am the rightful king of this land, and you will not stand in my way!

This guy is a lot tougher than Victoria was, even if the HP isn't that much higher.

He has a spell, although he won't use it much.

Ethereal Rift is one of Cheria's Burst Artes, the computer picked what she learned while she wasn't in the party, so I wasn't able to space out her Burst Artes as much as I'd have wanted.

Pretty much ALL of Cheria's Burst Artes are holy Nova. Some of them have absolutely massive lists of enemy type bonuses, this one hits nova, fiend, human, reptile, and amorphous.

I spend most of his Eleth Breaks guarding because I know what's coming.

No surprise at him having a Mystic Arte.

Pork Curry auto-revives everyone killed by the attack.

The Curry would have revived everyone downed, if Cheria wasn't the only one. Asbel and Sophie were hit as well.

Here's a slightly better view. Also, note that we have a bonus to Critical Damage.

Cedric has two sword attacks that share a sort of pattern.

This one hits with lightning, then leaves a small patch of electricity (it's kind of hard to see here, but you'll see it more soon enough).

This one hits with fire, and leaves a patch of fire. The duration of the patches increases from "almost nothing" to "oh crap gotta avoid those things" as the battle continues.

He also does some regular hitting really hard.

Healing Circle is a mid-level aoe heal.

And Revitalize, as Tales veterans know, is the big one.

Eleth Burst makes it really easy to build huge combos on this guy.

And here's Cheria's lvl1 Mystic Arte.

I honestly cannot remember who in my party doesn't have their 75 hit combo titles yet. Maybe just Richard at this point. Possibly Pascal and Hubert too.

Could be better but that's not a bad total.

Enemies get way way more Eleth Breaks than we do Eleth Bursts.

Nurse is yet another AOE healing spell. This is basically a theme for Cheria. Sophie gets all the single-target heals while Cheria gets every AOE heal in Tales except Healing Wind.

Graces's AI doesn't seem to realize it should avoid shit on the floor.

This is IIRC the first time Cheria died. I think bosses start hitting harder at lower HP.

The lightning crap inflicts paralyse, which makes you sometimes freeze up instead of whatever action you're trying to do.

AAAAAND we're in trouble.

Evil difficulty is pretty annoying sometimes. It's no even the highest.

Fortunately we're able to pull this one out.


Sophie is winding up her res spell on Cheria.

I'm not 100% sure if starting a Mystic Arte interrupts cast bars in progress or not.

Next time I saw Sophie it was 1/4 full. In any case I'd rather use a Life Bottle than have Sophie cast it since it takes way too long.

Fortunately, Cheria can switch targets and not waste her heal.


Except it's actually a heal that has no target, since it hits everyone automatically.

Here's another tricky arte of his.


Asbel finally remembers he has artes that deal the burn status.

Which completes our hits on his weaknesses, giving us some eleth. It would be more but we're about full anyway.

Goddammit Cheria. Also watch Sophie here.

Sweet dodge.

I have like a million options of "screenshot of Cheria getting a life bottle." If I had an aoe heal item I'd have used it instead.

Getting in a lot of Mystic Artes on this guy. This one actually went off between when I hit the life bottle command and when it hit.

Like so.

Fearful Storm is an arte that swirls wind around Pascal.

Almost there.

Accidentally hit the enemy book button


Good time to have an anti-paralysis charm.

So close, but I really want everyone to be up for this.

Come on.



Gotta get a life bottle...


No xp or sp for Sophie

: That was it.

: No, not now. It can't be. Not when I'm finally this close.
*Huff, huff...*

: Stop Richard! That's enough!
: I've finished what I came here to do. My father died in this room. Now his soul can rest.

: Dalen, what's the situation?
: The spies we placed in Barona opened the gates for our troops, and we entered without casualties.
Only a few scattered soldiers still resist us. The city should be ours within the hour.
I is finally over.
: No. It is not.
: Oh boy.

: Correct?

: Time for the coronation. The people must have no doubt that I have ascended to the throne.

: Today I reclaim the illustrious throne
of this glorious kingdom!
From this day forth, our land
will enter a new age of prosperity.
May the wind guide our blades!
Audience: May the wind guide our blades!
: Unfortunately, there were some unresolved issues.