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Part 32: CH32: Playground of Genius

CH32: Playground of Genius

: I like the Enclave, it's a nice place to visit.

: I grew up in Fendel and I never even knew this place existed.
: Yeah, we've been helping Fendel here and there for a while, but we have to keep it all shhhh. Anyway, let's head over to my place first. Come on!

Skit: The Transplanted Land

: Ya know, good question. I'm not sure. But I mean, does anybody know why their hometowns are where they are?
: No, I guess not.
: They used to call Mt. Zavhert "Chulu'min," which means "the transplanted land."
As children, we were taught to never approach it, so I'm unfamiliar with the area.
: Perhaps the warning originates from an Amarcian desire to protect their privacy from the local villagers.
: Captain, even if kids didn't know the enclave was here, that warning should've raised some eyebrows.
: Hmm... It does seem pretty obvious in retrospect.

Skit: Fountains of the World, Part II

: This is a chocolate fountain created by one of our overseers a long time ago.
: Why would anyone need this?
: You wouldn't understand, Asbel, but research is totally taxing on the ol' melon.
When you get all sleepy and the blood sugar drops, there's nothing better than sweet, sweet chocolate!
: *Slurp* ...It's so sweet! I'm awake now.
: Sophie, stop. You'll ruin your appetite.
: But it's so sweet. You should try some, Cheria.
: All right... I'll try a little. *Slurp*
: Chocolate as a cure for exhaustion? Sure, why not. *Slurp*
: Hey, guys? You're kinda sorta not s'posed to just stick your hands in it.
: Oh, sorry.
: (I just got scolded by Pascal...)
: (I just got scolded by Pascal...)

: There was a really fun activity the Amarcians had come up with. I didn't get to play at the time, but I did later on.

This guy lets us play a minigame called "Shot Cube".

I'm pretty sure you can guess the rules from the pictures.

And that's it for practice, on to the real ones.

Starts out really easy.

That's all for now. We get the title "Puzzle Cracker".

: Pascal was very surprised by the content of her home.

: It's clean!
: You call this clean?
: Is this a trash dump?
: Sophie!
: This is NOT cool! You don't just go cleaning up people's rooms when they've only been gone for like a second!
: When were you last here, Pascal?
: I dunno. About three years ago?
: I'm not sure you can really complain if you've been gone that long...
: I knew it! Someone yoinked all my cryas notes!
: So someone's been using your research to help Fendel with their experiment?
: Yeah, but who? ...Hey, we should ask the Overseer. She's gotta know something!
: The Overseer? Is that your leader?
: Yep! She's old. Like, super old! She's so old she doesn't even know how old she is!
Anyway, enough about that. Let's go see her!

Skit: Anything You Like!

: ...Huh?
: Hmm? ...Okay, so if we have curry again, it'll look like I'm playing favorites with Asbel.
: Ah!
: What about you Sophie? Do you think we should have crablettes again?
: Cheria? That animal moved!
: Oh, just ignore it. It's probably some toy Pascal made.
: Wait!
Sophie, wait! What about dinner?
: Captain! Perfect timing. How about I let you choose the menu for tonight? Pick your favorite! Anything you like!
: How about sea bream porridge?
: All right I'll have to look for a recipe. I should've known you'd pick something old-fashioned!
: ...Oh?
: I mean, because... Um... You have refined tastes! ...Right?
: Why ask me?

: They were able to meet with the overseer.

: Pascal, you know it's against the rules to bring outsiders here.
: Aw, come on, don't be like that! Is the Overseer here? I gotta ask her some stuff.
: The Overseer has long since stopped speaking with others. If you wish to talk to her, you must do so through me.
: Okay, sure. It'll be good practice, since you're eventually gonna be the next overseer. So, uh, can we get into the Archive of Wisdom?

That green thing behind the bars right above Poisson is the overseer on her hover-chair. She's kind of hard to see right now, but we'll get a better look later.
: The archive's been around for centuries. It's basically a big hall where we store everything we've ever learned. It's crammed full of totally awesome stuff, and I've been wanting to check it out for a while!
: The Overseer says that none but herself may enter the Archive of Wisdom.
: Yeah, I know what SHE'S gonna say. I want YOU to let us in! Geez, don't be so uptight!
: Maybe you're not uptight enough, Pascal!
: Poisson, did you know Fendel is running experiments on the valkines?
: Of course. What of it?
: What of it? If we don't put a stop to 'em ASAP, things are gonna get really bad, really fast.
: The Overseer and I were informed that everything is proceeding just fine.
: Poisson. Listen. I'm pretty sure they're using my old research. I stopped working on that research because I couldn't get it to work.
Extracting eleth was doable, but once the output reached a certain rate, things would get all out of control. If they use that on the valkines, it's gonna be totally catastrophic.
: The Overseer says we have no authority to interfere in such matters.
: Okaaay. Then tell me who's doing the experimenting and I'll talk to 'em myself. Heck, it's probably the same person who took my research in the first place.
: Your sister is in charge of the project.
: Fourier?! ...I should have guessed.
So is she here or what?
: No. She left some time ago and is currently operating her own laboratory.
: No kiddin'? Well, howzabout you tell me where it is and I'll go chat her up?
: Did you see a sign on your way up from Zavhert where the road splits in two? If you take the other path from there, you'll find Fourier's laboratory at the end.
: Nice! Thanks, Poisson!
Sorry guys, but I gotta run down to that lab and see what's going on.
: We'll go as well. It sounds pretty serious. Besides, if this leads to the valkines, it will eventually lead us to Richard. It makes sense for everyone.
: Aw, thanks you guys. All right, let's hit the road!

Gauss is the name of the overseer, as the graffiti in the area informs us.

: Hey man, turn that frown upside down!
: What's wrong? Can we help?
Young Man: Well, I was asked to collect a certain type of sample... But I'm afraid it's a bit more than I can handle.
: How so?
Young Man: Well, I just need to deliver the core parts that can be reused in other machines... I'm sure I could handle it if Pascal were to help!
: What, me? Aw, come on...
: Is there a specific reason you can't collect the samples?
Young Man: Yeah, well... I think you'll understand better when you get there. I posted the request, so have a look before you head out.
When we check the inn, we see that the request is actually from Fourier and is for a sample in Pascal's Room. We do it in anyway because we get 3000 SP for it.

: Stop, stop, stop!
: What is it?
: Aha! I knew it! I totally put a trap here. The slightest disturbance will make a huge burst of adhesive fluid spray out everywhere! One false step and BOOM! ...Glue city.
: Why would you do something like that?!
: I was fighting with my sister at the time. I basically did it to tick her off.
: That's a pretty crazy way of going about it...
: Is it really? Surely you and Little Bro must've had glue trap fights when you were little?
: I can't say we did....
: Anyway, lemme just give this the old ka-chuka chunka, and... There! All safe!
Well, that settles that. Hmm? What's wrong, Cheria? You look totally zoned out.
: Huh? Oh, nothing. I was just thinking how...nice that must have been.
: What? Fighting?
: This sounds silly, but... I never really had any fights with my family.
: Frederic's your only family, right? You can't really spray glue on an old man.
: I know, but still... I can't help but feel a little jealous.
: Hmm... I wonder if we can get you a sibling somehow. Like, maybe a brother-in-law...
: Huh?
: H-Hey! Now wait just a second!
: What?! You have some kinda problem with Little Bro?
: Urgh... That's not what I meant and you know it!
: ?

Skit: Whence and Whither

: And, why do you say that?
: If I was the overseer, I wouldn't be able to continue my research!
: Research? Do you wish to tell me that it's research that's been motivating your travels?
: Yep! Ye cannot tell from whence we Amarcians came and whither we go or whatever!
: I wouldn't have taken you for a romantic.
: Overseers are chosen based on their family lineage.
: (She wasn't even listening...)
: But if I ended up having to take on that responsibility, it'd be a total pain!
: I concur. As would everyone living here, I'm sure...

Skit: A Lady's Prerogative

: Poisson did say that, didn't she? It struck me as odd, too.
: Pursuing the answer will doubtless prove a waste of time. But if you're so curious, why not ask Pascal?
: You rang?
: Why doesn't the Overseer speak in public anymore?
: Cause after all these years, she just recently learned she had a heavy accent and got really embarrassed about it!
: (Wow, that really was a waste of time...)
: Yep, some old dude she had the hots for pointed it out to her.
: Just as I said. A complete waste of time...
: Please, Pascal! Tell us more!

Skit: Fatherly Advice
This skit technically shows up right after the boar is defeated, but it's all the way at the bottom of the damn mountain, right outside the city, so I'm going back for it now.

: Hey there, Little Bro! Whatcha thinkin' about?
: Oh, nothing worth discussing.
: Come on, Hubert, don't be that way. You and Pascal are friends now, right?
: Hey, I never agreed to that.
: Like fun you didn't!
: This expression is... so Pascal.
: We grew up in different environments. I don't know what our father taught you, but my foster father instructed me never to trust lightly.
: That doesn't matter. You should still remember exactly what Dad taught us.
He taught us to respect our companions.
I don't know how you were raised once you left, but you're still my brother, Hubert. We still share some of the same values.
: How can you be that way?! You don't criticize, or mistrust, or try to pin blame... How are you able to believe in me at all?
: Cause you're friends?
: We're brothers!