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Part 27: A Mint Plan

So we need to find some way to help heal the Yggdrasil. The easiest way to do that would probably be to go there first.

Skit: First Things First

: Yeah, but before that, we still have something we have to do.
: Yes, we must find a way to revive the Yggdrasil.
: I see... we have to make sure magic doesn't disappear on us.
: All right. We'll revive the Yggdrasil then we'll defeat Dhaos once and for all!

Walking all the way back to Belladam would take quite a while, wouldn't it? Maybe there's some form of shortcut we can take there.

It's not even close to being as good as Arche's shortcuts when we could take those, but it'll suffice even if it is a one-way trip. I think I'm forgetting something first though...

Okay, that's better. As I alluded to before, using a Rune Bottle on the Emerald Ring we got from Dhaos, we get this. It reduces TP costs by a half. Combining this with the Moon Crystal gives you a lot of TP that takes a while to be reduced, but that's not efficient enough for my liking. Using it alongside the Mystic Symbol works just fine, if not better.

Skit: Revive The World Tree

: Yeah. I mean, that's our only option, right?
: If we don't do something soon...
: Magic will disappear and we'll all be in real trouble.

Since we have to pass through Belladam to reach the Yggdrasil, I think now is a good time to show of something potentially useful.

As we know, you can only cook 1 thing between battles but that would take quite a while to master everything with everyone wouldn't it? It's a good thing there's a way to speed it up.

All we have to do is take a rest somewhere. Most likely an inn, but this is free so why not?

Sit through a flashback...

: What is it?
: Those are pretty...
: Oh, these?
: Yeah. Those things on your ears... I really want them.
: I'm sorry. You see, these aren't just any earrings...
: They aren't?
: I was given these by my mother. They are the precious, precious proof that I am a Methodist.
: You mean it's your treasure?
: That's right.
: Who is that horsey?

: This horse is the symbol of the Methodists.
: Cymbals?
: In place of the earrings, I'll give you my hat. Hang in there, okay?

: It looks like it's a little big on you right now. But it certainly suits you. Mint, now you too are a marvelous Methodist.
: Yeah! I want to become a great Methodist just like you, mom!

With that done, we can cook again. Just repeat this process a few times...

And we can master any recipe with anyone and we don't need to spend ages fighting either. Since Klaus is a better cook than even Mint, it doesn't take him long to master this (a whole 10 successes from 0 stars and it's done).

More importantly, we came here for the Yggdrasil so let's see what we can do.

: Everyone, please stand back. I'm going to try using the most powerful Methodism I know.

Despite knowing Cure at this point, she still elects to use Nurse instead. I'm not sure what lead her to that decision.

: I wonder if it's impossible for me...
: You can't give up.
: Yes...
: Just now, I swear I saw the tree perk up a little bit.
: Just do the best you can, and I'm sure... yeah!
: But, at this rate...

Hmm, that told us nothing of interest. Well, since we have no idea where to go now we might as well just head on back through to Midgard and see if there's anything we can figure out from there. Dhaos is gone now, so there should be someone there who could be helpful.

Though in Euclid, there is these three travelling performers. They've been here since, well, we came to the past so very long ago. They might know something we could use on account of the whole travelling thing. You can even find them just outside Ymir; maybe they'll have some magical insight they could give us.

A strange white horse that only shows itself to "pure maidens?" Sounds like a stupid rumor. Let's just go to Midgard already.

: The sea-breeze feels great.
: Everyone, please listen for a moment.
: What is it?
: I've been trying to think of some way to revive the Yggrdrasil.
: Save for my Methodism, I can think of nothing else...
: However, with my current power, I can do nothing.
: And so?

: The Unicorn is the very testament to Methodism. I'm certain it exists somewhere in this world.
: But even if we do somehow manage to encounter a Unicorn, will it really grant you its power so easily?
: That... I do not know. I do not know, but...
: Right now, this is the best lead we have. Mint, let's go.
: We'll search for the Unicorn. I'm sure we'll find it.
: With that decided, let's not waste any time.

The only problem with this, is that we don't really know where the Unicorn is and if we'll even be able to access its location. There's only a handful of places we haven't been and they're either islands, that one tower in the desert or part of the Valhalla Plains. Since the only one we can go to is the Valhalla Plains, we're best off heading to Midgard first.

Skit: The Symbol

: Yes. If I can borrow its power, I may be able to save the Yggdrasil even at my current strength.
: We don't have another way to do it, so we're already decided, right?
: All right. Let's go search for the Unicorn.

Skit: Nice Hat

: Oh, thank you very much.
: Was it a present from a boyfriend or something?
: No, this hat is
: my mother's...
: Rather, this hat is a precious gift from my mother.
: Oh, so that's it.
: I guess I shouldn't ask you to let me wear it then...
: What?
: Oh! Uh, I was really just kidding! I mean, I didn't say anything! Yeah.

Skit: The Search

: If you can borrow the power of the Unicorn, you can revive the Yggdrasil, right?
: I cannot say for certain, but...
: With no other options, that's our best bet, right?
: Right. If this doesn't work, we'll just have to come up with something else.

At Midgard, there's actually people now!

...This includes more people in the orphanage.

That being these two upstairs. I'm not sure why they're in the orphange but they are. Maybe she's like the owner of it or something?

Mother: But still the King was persistent in chasing after the Soldier. The Soldier ran and ran... At last it seemed he had shaken off the King and he escaped outside of the barrier. But the world outside the barrier was not the wasteland that he expected to find. The land that he had been told about, shrouded in poison so thick that not even the rays of the sun could reach, was nowhere to be seen. Butterflies flitted about, deer grazed idly by the waterside, the Soldier truly thought he had arrived in heaven. Over the long months and years, the outside world had returned to its former splendor. The Soldier freed the Spirit. He watched as Spirit returned to the heavens, and they both lived happily ever after... The end.

I wonder what that story she was telling her kid was!

Anyway, the mayor has some information he can give us regarding some horse. Anyway, we know now that there's a white horse can only be seen by so called pure maidens, and there's a white horse north of Midgard. We don't necessarily know if these two are the same thing yet but there's a good chance that they could be.

Okay, scratch that. They are the same thing. Well, that was easier than expected. Now, where the hell is that forest?

It's to the northwest by the looks of things. There's nothing else we can see in the plainsand that forest is important enough to even be represented on the world map. That has to be it.

It's worth noting that this scene won't trigger unless you know the "white horse" is here, and that it can only be seen by someone who's conveniently like Mint.

: The forest where the Unicorn was seen?
: Yes, most likely.
: Mint, what's wrong?
: Well, I can guess at what Mint is probably thinking.
: Only young girls, or rather, pure maidens can meet the Unicorn...
: Even if it is a messenger of the gods, what a cheeky horse...
: It isn't a horse, you know. It's a Unicorn.
: That's just another word for the same thing to me.
: At any rate, this forest seems to be fairly safe, so you and Arche should be fine by yourselves.

: I'm not so sure...
: F, fine, whatever.
: Mint, let's go.

Despite being sort of like a maze, the forest isn't a hassle. I wouldn't even class it as a dungeon unless I really had to. Even then I'd be reticent; there's no random encounters at any point. This means getting "lost" is a minor inconvenient at best. Even then, it's small enough to be easy to navigate at any given time.

Plus there's a few Cordyceps in places and they sell for a fair bit so grabbing them now isn't a bad idea either.

You're basically done once you get this;

: Is something wrong, Arche?
: Oh, please wait...
: Arche... what could that have been about?

Just head on up through the next screen and we're done already!

: Oh lovely young lady.
: Thank goodness... so you understand human language.
: In that case, would you please listen to my request? It is a matter of grave concern for all people... no, for all living creatures in this world. I am a Methodist. My name is Mint Adnade. First...

Fortunately, the wrap-up stuff is handled off-screen. Instead we get Klaus and Cless talking about, well it's Klaus and Cless. Do I need to say it?

: What do I think of her? What do you mean by that?
: Well, I mean...
: Never mind. Let's just stop.
: Well now you have me curious.
: ...
: What now?
: There's a powerful evil presence moving through the forest...

One of these things is true. Guess which one isn't.

: Do you believe me?
: I may not have been able to explain it very well...
: But please, I ask you to trust me.

So now we get control of Cless and Klaus to go help Mint. We could pick up Arche sort of on the way as well.

: What happened to Mint!?
: Huh?
: I, I don't know...
: Anyway, hurry up!

If we didn't bring Arche, she just runs in straight after this, um... boss battle?

It's just another three Evil Lords. They haven't changed at all since we kicked their asses twice in Dhaos Castle. Except ohno we don't have Mint now! Oh wait, that doesn't matter at all.

: As to what you said before, I believe you.
: Huh?
: Young lady, within your heart, there is not a single blemish... Maiden, I shall take on a new form and grant you my power.

And the unicorn became a giant staff.

And the giant staff just so happens to be Mint's best weapon.

It's not her strongest, but it is objectively better than anything stronger. Mint shouldn't be attacking after all... though her AI does have a nasty tendency of trying to melee anything if it gets close though AND SHE PRIORITISES THAT ABOVE HEALING REGARDLESS (and that's with her AI set to focus exclusively on healing too)

: With that, you should be able to revive the Yggdrasil!
: Yes. I can feel an incredible sacred power from the Unicorn Horn.
: All right, then we should return to the Forest of the Spirits!
: By the way...

: Huh?
: O, oh, that's...
: I, I was...
: I couldn't meet with the Unicorn... I mean...
: Say what?

Yes, Klaus is actually laughing there. He knows what she means...

: J, just shut up! Anyway, I couldn't meet with the Unicorn!! Let's just hurry up and go the Forest of the Spirits!!

It's not that far really. I'm sure we could walk it just fine!

Skit: Strange Ideas

: Yes, with the Unicorn Horn...
: Are you going to stab it with that Like <<BAM>>?
: Where do you get these ideas?

Skit: A Magical Future

: Then even if we go to the future, we should still be able to use magic, right?
: Yeah, that's right. My research won't have been meaningless after all.

For some strange reason, Arche refers to Cless and Mint's time period as the "present" (at least according to the translation; not sure if she actually says that). That makes no goddamn sense, since to her it'd be the future.

...Hey, I said we
could walk it!