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Part 2: Update 2

Update 2

Video Record

Luin Mayor: Oh. Do you already know Richter?
: Well...
I asked him earlier if he knew of Marta's whereabouts.
Luin Mayor: I see.
: Richter?
What is it?
: Well, , the girl with the red jewel on her forehead, I--

: This guy has some anger issues.
: He has some problems with things.
: Oh. Well--
Luin Mayor: Just calm down and try to explain what you saw.
: Lake Sinoa. Where the monsters come out. Just before--
: ...
Mayor, I'd like to take him with me. Can I count on you to take me to where you saw Marta?
: Yes.
: Why the fuck would you go with a guy that shook you like a rug he was cleaning?
Luin Mayor: He certainly is determined. Take him to where you saw the girl. Just be careful of monsters, all right?

: I'm ready now. I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
You apologize too much. Of course if you want to become a dog, I won't stop you.
: I'm sorr--oh.
: Sorry.
BTW if you try the T40s drinking word challenge you might FUCKING DIE.
Stop apologizing. Anyway, I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier.
: ...
What are you waiting for? Hurry up and take me to where you saw Marta.

Let's take a quick look at the stat screen for Richter. He's level 15 while we're level 1. Still can't gain XP though. You can probably guess what that means. Also, those circles in the upper left of the portrait are our elements. Like Original Symphonia, there are eight in four pairs: Light/Dark, Electricity/Water, Fire/Ice, and Earth/Air. Emil is Dark and Richter is Water. Marta who we met earlier is Light and our giant plant dude is Earth.

Skit Video: Falling Behind

: I'm sorry!
What do you think you're doing walking in front of me?
: Sorry.
: I'm sorry.
I'm not angry with you.

Video Record

Town Watchman (Left): A friend of the Vanguard, indeed.
Town Watchman (Right): He may be your nephew, but you sure took in a real pest.
: I'm sorry.
The mayor's given his permission for Emil to accompany me. Step aside.
Alba: The mayor? But...
Move! What are you waiting for? Come on, let's go.
Alba: Wait! There are monsters in there.
Yes, and?
Alba: I'm telling you it's dangerous! You can go if you want, but leave him here with us!
Didn't you just call him a demonic little brat? Emil, what do you want to do?
: I...
Alba: Emil! You stay with us!
: I...
Make up your mind. Even dogs can think for themselves.
: Come on. You're a man! Speak up!
I don't recall Original Symphonia having many flashbacks at all.
Alba: Who the hell does he think he is?! Come on, let's go.

: I'm going with him.
Alba: Emil!
: I'm going!

Let's go.
: Huh?
Aren't you coming with me?
: Yes!
Don't get in my way. You're responsible for protecting yourself. I'll bail you out if things get too tough.
: Okay!

Welcome to the first dungeon of the game. It's pretty boring, just some caves you run around in. Also, this place is a cave opening onto the lakebed and should have been underwater for hundreds of years, but doesn't really look it.

Skit Video: Richter's a Nice Guy?

: I'm sorry.
You were like that with the kids in town, as well. Bullies like that will never leave you alone if you don't stand up to them. Do you understand? Nothing will change if you just take it!
: I'm sorry.
What did I say about over apologizing?
: Oh! Right.
I'm not blaming you. You're free to do as you choose. Just don't be so submissive all the time. Have more respect
for yourself.
: I can't tell if Richter's a nice guy or not.

Video Record
Emil, you've fought monsters before, I assume.
: I mean, well--
Don't tell me you haven't?
: I... only a little.
So, then you have.
: Twice, I think?
You think?

: A monster?!

It is time for a TUTORIAL BATTLE. Aren't you excited? (No.) Also, this battle is rigged pretty badly, in part due to Richter's mere presence.
: R-Richter! What should I do?!
Stop panicking, for one. Children hunt monsters like this for fun!
: Uh... But I--
Relax. I'll give you instructions.
: ...Okay.

Instructions: If the control scheme is set to Semi-Auto, you will automatically approach the target. Switch target with "-". Guard with "Z." If the control scheme is set to Semi-Auto, you will automatically guard against attacks. Guard can be crushed if continuously performed. Tilt the control stick while pressing "Z" to freely roam the battlefield Any attack received during free-run will register as a critical hit. That is the basics of battle. Defeat the Polwigle.
It's not necessary to show you me defeating this.
There, that should be enough. Hah!
: What was that?
It's called an arte. You learn them the more you fight and develop your skills.
: Even I can learn them?
You will in time. So, now do you understand how to fight?
: I think so.
Don't worry. I told you I'll back you up. I'm the one who asked for your help. I won't let anything happen to you.
: Okay!

: Um...
What is it?
: Why are you... why are you looking for Marta?
Is that something you need to know in order to live?
: Maybe? I mean, "what exactly am I helping you with" seems like something important you should know.
: No, I was just wondering.
I have no need to satisfy your idle curiosity.
: I'm sorry.
Don't apologize so excessively.
: Uh...
I am often accused of being short with people. I don't intend to change my ways, but it doesn't mean I have anything against you.
: Thank you!
That's not something you need to thank me for.
: Oh sorry.

Emil! Stop! Pay attention! You almost walked right into a monster.
: Sorry!
If you touch any monster you see walking around, you'll have to fight them. Got it? If you stumble into an enemy, as you almost did just now, they're likely to get the upper hand and attack you from behind.
: So the way you run into monsters makes a difference?
That's right. Attacking an enemy from behind works out in your favor, but if they get behind you, they'll have the advantage. It's the same for both fighting and fleeing: Be aware of the enemy's direction and movements. Failing to do so can get you killed.
: Okay. I understand.
And one more thing. I can't have you wandering in a daze like that again, so listen: It's not that I didn't appreciate your words of gratitude. I simply feel there's no need to give more thanks or apologies than a situation calls for.
: This guy must have amazing success with the ladies.
: All right.
We must express ourselves to convey our feelings to others. However, I feel emotions lose their strength once they're put into words. So I prefer to speak only what is absolutely necessary. That's all.
: Okay!
This is the first time I've ever had to explain this much to anyone.

Video Record

: What was that?
Probably just a monster. Don't worry about it.
: Of course I'm going to worry.
Then you can wait here.
: What about you?
There's a monster in there. Probably a strong one. Wait here until I take it out.
: But I--
You'll just get in the way. Stay here.
: Okay. I'm just not cut out for this sort of thing.
: Aaah!
: Was that Marta?! What should I do?

: I don't know anything about her. But I can't just ignore it.

Video Record

: No.
Then I'll just have to destroy it along with you.

: What the hell?

: Holy hell, didn't expect him to actually stop.
: Richter, what are you doing?
I thought I told you to wait on the other side of the door.
: This is why you were looking for her? So you could kill her?!
That's right.
: Why?
Because she is trying to awaken Ratatosk, the demon lord.
: Demon lord? What are you talking about?
I agree, it's quite a foolish name, but "demon lord" is the most appropriate term to describe what he is. If Ratatosk awakens, the world will be destroyed.
: No, you're wrong! Ratatosk is not a demon! He's the lord of all monsters. He won't destroy the world!
I'm not interested in semantics.
: I'd be extremely interested in whether someone was a demon lord or not.

: Welp, time to man up I guess.

: Wimpiest bodyslam I've ever seen, but for him it's pretty good I guess.
What are you doing?!

: No.
: I'm not a dog! That's why I'm going to make my own decisions!

: Thank you!

: I don't really understand what you two are talking about, but you can't do things like this! If you just talk this over--
: Ah man, you ruined it. You were doing pretty well up to that point. I mean, for you.
: Ironically, so many terrible things could have been prevented if people talked to each other more.
: I mean the ambience was broken, I don't care about that stuff right now.
: *sigh*
I thought I told you not to get in my way. Aqua! Show yourself!

Take care of the boy. Just don't overdo it.
: A talking monster?!
Who're you calling a monster, you human! I am a Centurion! Centurion Aqua! Now then, my cute little minion. Remove the boy from our presence!

: What was that? I won't be able to catch up with Richter with that thing in the way.

Video Record
???: You must forge a pact.
: Huh?!

: Another talking monster?!
: I am not a beast. I, too, am a Centurion. Centurion Tenebrae.
: Centurion Tenebrae?
: You could never defeat the monster on the other side of this door as you are now. Forge a pact to become a Knight of Ratatosk. Then you will be able to accept Lord Ratatosk's power in battle.
: What do you mean?
: There is no time to explain. Lady Marta is in danger.
: But I mean, you're just a monster-- a Centurion, I mean-- and I don't know if--
: Arroo...
: That howl. Were you the one calling me?
: Lady Marta was looking for you. You saved her life and she has chosen you to be a knight.
: Me?
: Now forge the pact!

Hey guys guess if hitting the other option makes any difference at all.  No. 
: I'll make the pact.
: Understood.

: That looks decidedly non-benign.
: Awaken, "Hunter of Evil!"

: Let's go.
What! You wanna fight?! You're gonna regret this!
: The only one who's gonna regret this is you.

: That's what we call a bad sign.
: Now, come on!

Oh hey let's have another tutorial in the middle of a dramatic moment. No problems here! This could have all been avoided if they'd given Emil an arte to start with. It'd make the first four fights vaguely interesting too.
Instructions: You can register up to four artes by combining "B" and the Control Stick. Open the menu with "+" and select "Artes" to register. Artes use TP. Aside from items, TP will recover slightly with attacking and winning. Base artes can be executed after a regular attack. This ends the explanation of artes.

This would be piss-easy again.

I can GAIN LEVELS now. Yay I guess.

: What just happened?
: Lord Ratatosk's power took hold of you.
: It felt like I became someone else.
: Yes. That was Lord Ratatosk's power.
: You should only let your body be possessed by people you know and trust.
: Wait, that isn't sarcasm? Do you mind explaining that?
: Hey, you're the one who's on story duty here.
: I'm not quite sure I understand.

: Centurions themselves do not fight. They employ monster servants to battle in their place. If their monsters are defeated, the Centurion's power will also fade. Right now she is only unconscious.
Recall this conversation an update or two from now.
: Oh that's good. I didn't want to hurt her.
: Come. We must go after Lady Marta!

Next time: more tutorials and a fight with Lloyd Irving.