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Part 29: Update 29

Update 29

Skit Video: Monster Circus
(Trigger: Obtain 100 monsters)
: You have now befriended one hundred monsters. Well done.
: Hmm! With this many, we could open a three ring monster circus. We'll have to start teaching them tricks in our spare time.
: Marta, you sound serious about this.
: We'll start by practicing with an illusion where I, the Fantabulous Marta, appear to be devoured whole by a ferocious beast.
: Enough already.

I do another quest. Unless there's some demand for it, this will be offscreen until we get to the last part.
Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take Two
SUBJECT: Meow. There's a rumor that a famous treasure hunter his a trophy in a nearby dungeon. All adventurers should try looking for it!

: A secret treasure. I wonder if we'll find another note here, too.
: The first one we found was just the letter "L."
: What sort of clue do you think it'll be this time?
: I can hardly wait. Let's get going!
: Right.

Treasure Hunter: Are you guys looking for the treasure, too? Better watch out, there are monsters everywhere. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm just standing here because I'm too scared to move a muscle.

: Let's keep it up! There are plenty of other people gunning for the treasure, too.
: Yeah. We've come this far, now we've got to find out what the treasure is.

Treasure Hunter: Young man, why is it that people are drawn to treasure?
: I don't know.
Treasure Hunter: It is because we long for that which remains just out of reach. It's taken me these eighty years to realize this. And so, young man, I will give you my advice. Give up the treasure and go home.

: I've had it with all these monsters getting in our way. Tenebrae, isn't there something you can do?
: Well, if Lord Ratatosk were awakened...
: Oh right, I forgot about that.
: We'll just have to keep doing what we're doing.
: Yeah.
: Okay, let's keep going.

Treasure Hunter: A number of treasure hunters have lost their lives in their attempts to claim the secret treasure. There are even those that say the treasure was cursed by the legendary hunter himself. We must make sure to proceed with caution.

: I feel the strong presence of a monster up ahead. It would seem we are nearing our goal.
: He must be guarding the treasure.
: It sounds sort of scary when you put it that way.
: Oh, it'll be fine. I'm here, remember? Besides, just knowing we'll be getting married right after we find the treasure should give you the courage you need, right?
: Not exactly.
: You're supposed to say "yes" even if you don't mean it! Come on, let's go.
: Okay.

: What's that?!
: It must be the treasure hunter's trophy.
: Let's get rid of that monster and grab the treasure for ourselves!
: Yeah!
: All right, and now the treasure chest.
: There wasn't anything that qualifies as treasure this time, either.
: What about a note from the great treasure hunter?
: There it is. It's the letter "A."
: L, A, LA? La? That's not enough to give us any real meaning.
: There are most likely other memos waiting to be discovered elsewhere.
: Yeah, it looks like this isn't over yet. It's sort of fun though. Like solving a riddle.
: You're right. We'll just have to keep at it.

Video Record
Anyway let's get back to slightly more main plot.

Norton: Thanks, Richter. You're the only one I can count on.
: Maybe you'll finally learn your lesson this time.
: Was that Richter just now?
: I wonder if he's going to the Temple of Lightning.
: It sounded like he intends to visit the Cape Fortress.
: I was thinking of asking him about Aster.
: Do you think we should follow him?
: Shouldn't we go to the temple first? The core is more important, and we can't just leave Rilena there.
: Indeed. I would like to hear what Richter has to say, but approaching him carelessly might not be wise.
: I guess.
: Come on, let's go!

: Shouldn't you ask that question before you arrive at your destination?
: I'll go on alone from here. You guys head back to Meltokio and wait for me at the inn.
: Emil, Richter is dangerous!
: I...I've been meeting with Richter several times now.
: What?!
: I just wanted to know what he was doing. It seemed like it had to do with killing Ratatosk.
: But you're going alone?
: If it's just me, Richter won't attack, so please let me go!
: Didn't he specifically try to kill you?
: Richter's motives concern me as well. I shall protect Emil.
: You'll come back safe?
: Yes.
: You promise to explain everything as soon as you get back?
: Yes. I promise.
: All right. I trust you and I'll wait for you. But I'm still going to be mad at you for keeping secrets.
: I'm sorry.
: It's fine. Just be careful.

Video Record

Master Richter! Someone's coming!

: Emil...
: Richter! I--
: Get out of here.
: This has to do with Ratatosk, doesn't it?
: I don't have anything to say to you.
: I'm coming with you!
: You'll get in the way.
: I'd complain about being unable to understand human behavior, but Richter is a half-elf.
: I'm not going to retreat inside my shell anymore.
"Your" shell? You don't even know the first thing about what "you" are!
: You mean about how I look like Aster? That I might even be him?
: Shut up!: If you insist on coming, at least keep your mouth shut.
: If Richter hadn't said anything, Aqua might have blabbed everything.
: But--
: Understood?
: Unh... ...

I bet Hawk knew where it was kept and just didn't tell us.
: Mmmnh... ...
: You mean the Deep Sea Scroll? I can help you look for--
: Aqua, let's look a little further in.
: Richter...

We can use Richter in our party again, but he's just not as impressive as he is when fighting us.

I don't think there's any way to make him use his Mystic Arte, Towering Inferno, since all other playable characters have to equip the "Special" skill to use theirs.

: Richter!
: ...
: Richter!
: ...
: Richter!
: I'm not deaf!
: Then why are you ignoring me?!
: Nghhh... ...
: You're the one who told me I couldn't go my whole life worrying about making people angry! You told me nothing would ever change if I just stayed inside my shell and I've been thinking about those words. But now you're the one retreating into your shell! You're treating me like I don't even exist!
You've got a lot of nerve for someone who doesn't even know who he is!
: You mean the fact that I look like Aster? I know that! Or the fact that I might even be him.
: Enough! Emil, I'm sorry. I was not ignoring you because you resemble Aster.
: Then why?
: Following me around isn't likely to help you answer your questions about Ratatosk. Do you still want to come?
: Oh yes.
: Then let's keep going. But this will be the last time you and I work together.
: Why?!
: After I've finished with this task, I'm going to take Ratatosk's core from Marta. Will you allow that?
: No, of course not!
: Then you see my point. We will become enemies again, as before. So long as that's clear, let's go.
: Richter...
: So I guess hatesex is out of the question?

Skit Video: Outcasts
: Richter, you're a half-elf, right?
: You couldn't tell? Only elves and half-elves can use magic. Everyone knows that.
: I've never been clear on those things.
: No half-elf is free from discrimination. Well not until recently. We've been replaced by a new breed of outcast.
: The Sylvaranti.
: Exactly. And the ranks of the disenfranchised will only grow. People are made to fight. With the rise of every new country, new outcasts are born. Before long the outcasts may become the majority, and perhaps discrimination will subside.
: Is that the only way for discrimination to end?
: I never said it would end entirely. Only that it may lose some of its intensity. But even that would be an improvement.
: You...You could be a half-elf, or anything else for that matter, and I'd like you just the same.
: How can you say that?
: Huh?
: Never mind.
: I'm guessing Richter isn't just surprised by Emil's lack of prejudice?
: Yes.

Skit Video: Hiding the Face
: Richter. Should I put this on?
: What is that?
: It's the mask Lloyd was wearing. It should hide my face a bit. That way, looking at me wouldn't bring up any painful memories, right?
: Don't be ridiculous. You are Emil, not Aster. The two of you only share a resemblance.
: But...
: That's how it has to be. Or I'll curse this fate.
: Richter...

Skit Video: Richter and Tenebrae Part 2
: Tenebrae, I'd like to ask you something.
: I have nothing to say to you.
: Who is Emil?
: Emil is himself, Emil Castagnier. A young man who looks up to you, despite your faults. Nothing more.
: I know you're hiding something.
: Both of you assholes are hiding something.
: I speak the truth. It is you whom I would ask to please not confuse Emil with a certain someone you know.
: I've done no such thing. I only pray that my suspicions are wrong. If they aren't, my hatred will be even stronger.

BTW Richter has absolutely no compunction about slicing up (or incinerating) his Vanguard "compatriots".

: Finally. I still can't believe that fool Norton went and sold this.
: What do you mean?
: Norton sold off many of the Academic Resource Building's research materials to pay off his gambling debts. He was worried his colleagues were beginning to catch on, so he asked me to help.
: So what does that have to do with Lord Ratatosk?
: I never said it was directly related to Ratatosk.
: Huh?
: Forget it. There's no point in telling you. In fact, I can't tell you. Since I can't be sure what'll happen.
: What'll happen?
: Let's go. I'll take you back to Meltokio.

: I don't want to be enemies!
: This is fate. It was bound to be like this from the beginning. Most likely from the moment you were born.
: What is that supposed to mean?!
: Farewell.

: I'm sorry.
: So what happened?
: Well...
: Hurr no I did not kiss Richter hurr.
: So then, it didn't have anything to do with Ratatosk?
: I'm not so sure of that. I believe there may be some connection.
: Richter is a very mysterious guy.
: Yes. But whatever he intends, all we can do is what we can.
: ...You're right. I'm sorry for getting sidetracked and wasting time.
: It wasn't a waste. But next time, don't keep it a secret from me.
: Right. I'm sorry, Marta.

These sub-events are actually a little further on, but this update ended up being short and their normal placing is retarded. No video is provided since they aren't voiced.

Vanguard Soldiers: Sir! Yes, sir!
Hawk: First, close your eyes and focus on the events of the past week. Commence meditation!
Vanguard Soldier A: ...
Vanguard Soldier B: ...
Vanguard Soldier C: ...

Hawk: Cease meditation! Argh, I feel so frustrated!
Vanguard Soldier A: I broke out in a cold sweat!
Vanguard Soldier B: I felt a chill go down my spine!
Vanguard Soldier C: I felt like I was at a loss for words!
Hawk: I see you've all had a terribly stressful week, just as I have. And we all know who's the source of our problems!
Vanguard Soldiers: She is!
Hawk: I must keep advancing within the Vanguard so that you, my comrades, will not need to endure these hardships any longer! And this is why I beseech you to lend me your strength. Help me take Ratatosk's core from Lady Marta. Help me defeat anyone who stands in our way. Help me climb the Vanguard ladder all the way to the top!
Vanguard Soldiers: Sir! Yes, sir!
Hawk: And for some reason that scoundrel Magnar sees me as his enemy, and he's trying to interfere with our mission! Be wary of him! Men, I can't do this without you. So let's rise above the rest together!
Vanguard Soldiers: Sir! Yes, sir!
Hawk: All right! You're all dismissed!
: What a bizarre meeting. I had no idea Hawk was so close to his soldiers. I'd better be careful...
: Honestly it just makes them look goofy.

: That's the guy Ratatosk-mode-Emil beat the shit out of right?
: Yes.
Magnar: You still haven't found her?! How hard can it possibly be to catch a single little girl like Marta?!
Soldier A: Sir, it's just that any number of deadly characters are at her side at all times and--
Magnar: I'm tired of your excuses! That Vanguard Commander Chickenhawk is looking for Marta as well. We won't let him get to her first!
Soldier B: Chicken hawk?
Magnar: I'd also accept "Yellow-bellied Hawk." Anyway, capture Marta before he gets any more feathers in his cap!
Soldiers: Yes, sir!
: I wonder why Magnar has such a bitter rivalry with Hawk. Is it just because they're enemies?
: Hmmm.

Hawk: What? That imbecile Magnar called me a coward?
Vanguard Soldier A: Yes, sir! I heard it from someone who says he heard it with his own ears!
Hawk: Then it must be true. How dare that Magnar--no, Maggotnar! He's making a fool of me, which is, like everything else, all her fault!
: What the fuck? Why does he even care what his enemy thinks of him?
Vanguard Soldiers: Very true, sir!
Hawk: She thinks she can put everyone down just because she's stronger! So full of herself, with that mail-order cologne nut fawning all over her day and night. Trying to act all cutesy girl with her phony cutesy talk and her phony cutesy walk! No good will ever come of someone who makes nicknames for everyone she meets!
Vanguard Soldiers: Very true, sir!
Hawk: She claims she's only eighteen, but we all know she's much older than that! She must be using some sort of age-reversing facial cream! Argh, just thinking about it makes my skin crawl! It's all her fault! Now tell me, men. What's the name of this scourge?
Vanguard Soldiers: Alice!
: That's kind of creepy. Anyway, I doubt she needs any anti-aging cream as a half-elf.
Hawk: Yes, Alice. This world would be a better place if only she were out of the picture. And yet, we must tolerate her presence for now! Surely if we leave her be, she'll eventually meet the grisly end she truly deserves. Therefore, we must put up with her for just a little while longer. Just a bit more. Though she may insult us, we will stand tall and proud, so that when her time comes, our victory will be all the more glorious!
Vanguard Soldiers: Sir! Yes, sir!
Hawk: All right! You're all dismissed!
: Things in the Vanguard are more complex than I thought. They're bad guys, but listening to Hawk almost brought a tear to my eye.
: Pussy.

Magnar: Why? Why must I always be in his shadow? I swore that I would weather any foe, endure any humiliation so that our noble goals might be achieved, and yet... I cannot allow this injustice to persist. How is it his stature surpasses my own?
: Hierarchy structure sure are complicated.
Magnar: That knave Chickenhawk. All gleeful at Lady Alice's endearment, "Hawkie." Someday, I too will have Alice anoint me with a tender nickname, her soft and sweet voice. "Oh, Maggy..."
: Eww, creepy. Anyway, this means that he's part of the Vanguard's false-flag operations to frame the Church of Martel?
: Yeah. Those were really elaborate and the Church didn't really do much about them until it was way too late. Good riddance to that bunch of assholes who wouldn't shut up about me.

Next Time: Actually the Temple of Lightning.