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Part 48: Update 48

Update 48

Video Record

: Dramatic!
: Richter, there you are.
: I'm afraid that you're too late, Emil--no, Ratatosk. You see I have already summoned more demons.
: So they have to fight the demons, then him, then Emil has to fight himself?
: Not exactly.
: Aqua already told us everything. She told us exactly why you're doing this.
: Did she?
: I understand that losing your friend was agonizing for you, even heart-breaking, but turning the entire world into Niflheim just to resurrect a single person, one single life is not right! Do you really think that Aster would be happy to come back to a world completely ruled by demons?
: I think Aqua abbreviated the plan a little bit.

: Oh, so Richter's just using the demons as a power source, they're not actually going to fight separately from him.

: Well, he manned up a little I guess.

: Whoa, all flamy and dark. Is this what the Heros of Regeneration had to face when they fought him shortly before Emil did?
: Nah, he was weaker there. They'd have won if they'd had Raine there, her healing carried a great many of their fights.
: Richter, this is not what Aster wanted!
: Don't you DARE talk about him while taking his form!
: It's true that I killed him, but...
: Then cease!

Richter likes to cast, even though he's now made of fire and has a flaming battle-axe. He does not however dual-wield them, he's still using an axe and a sword.
: I won't! Do you really think someone who said "courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality" would want to sacrifice the world just to come back to life?
: He's right, Richter! I know you're better than this!
: What do you know?! My methods are MY business. I won't take orders from you!

I still like to interrupt casts.
: Please tell me your true intentions...
: My true intentions?! That's simple: it's to kill you, Emil! To banish Ratatosk from this world! This is for the good of the world!
: You blockhead! You may be hurt, but Emil is hurt by all this as well!
: Then curse me from the land of the dead!

There's that sword.
: I won't die. The courage you taught me spurred me on. We'll make sure that this world doesn't turn into a demonic realm!
: Silence! I won't be distracted by your appearance any longer!!!

Richter's attack lineup is new, but not really much to write home about.

I *think* these are norse words of some kind, but I can't say for certain. This one seems a bit off though.

Obliterate is still MVP.

This is kind of cool. Orbs of fire circle Richter...

...and attack me if I get too close.

When Richter teleports they move over to him, damaging me along the way.

It's a mechanic I haven't seen before in a Tales game, and possibly the only one (other than the mons system) in this whole thing.

This is the same as Towering Inferno, just with a new name.

That's supposed to be his axe landing in the ground, but because they copied the exact camera position from Towering Inferno, the framing isn't right. All this laziness right after I complimented them on something.

Is it just me or does Richter look like he has a wider face here than he normally does?

He doesn't reduce anybody to 1, so SORRRY.

That's a lotta grade.

: Whew! Door sealed, world saved!

: Ah shit he's faltering isn't he?

: That... doesn't look good.

: Uh-oh.

: The demons are using all the power they have to open the door!

: What the--That's the Sacred Stone!
: Yes, that's right. The stone that turns the mana in your body into flames. Mana is a toxic poison to demons. It will help keep the door closed for a while.
: But why do you have it?
: I sent someone out to the hidden village of the elves to get it for me.
Note: he actually didn't, since Norton still had it. But I guess at least they're consistent in their inconsistency.
: If you use it along with the Cruxis Crystal held by the Chosen, then it's possible to seal this door without Ratatosk being present.
: I thought Richter was double-crossing the demons back when I saw Aqua get the sacred stone.
: Yeah, Aqua's the only one Richter confided his full plan in.
: The Chosen's Cruxis Crystal has the ability to stop its host's internal clock, and grant them eternal life. You were willing to burn your own body's mana for all eternity and become a human sacrifice in order to guard this door.
: Yes, because that way Aster could come back to life, Ratatosk would die, and the door would be protected. The world would be saved. But in the end I wasn't able to defeat Ratatosk.
: That's a terrible plan. There's no way you can remain conscious for thousands of years in a small room by yourself without going goddamn nuts.
: Yes, that's part of why Ratatosk was so imbalanced.

: What's the matter, Emil?

: Uhhh-hah!!!
: Now nothing can stand in my way. Once I bind Aqua to my will, I will regain all of my power! Now hand over Aqua's core!
: What the fuck? That sure came out of nowhere...
: I... I can't breathe, Emil.
: This moment actually helped me come to a decision.
: About what?

: RICHTER saving Marta from Emil? Is it opposite day?

Also note how the first time we had the three of them in a room, Emil rammed Richter to save Marta from him. It's like poetry, they rhyme. :georgelucassay:
: Emil! Why are you doing this?!

: Emil!
: I'm so sorry. It seems Verius' protection can stop me from disappearing but that isn't enough to stop Ratatosk.
: No! You can't give up!

: Guh! Help me Marta, please! Urgh... You've got egh... to stop me! Hah... Turn me into a core and use me ungh! to seal the door.
: Hmmm...
: Stop it! I won't let you!
: Ugh... This is it. Ungh I can't hold myself back any longer. Please egh... Marta.

: Emil, no! Come back to your senses, Emil!
: Shut up! That sappy little wimp is gone for now!
: But Emil, no. I... I just want--
: What? You want to fight me? How amusing. I thought that you didn't want me to disappear, either. Now be a good girl and give me Aqua's core. If you do, then I just might spare your life.

: Now is the time to use your brain.
: No, I'm going to fight you instead!
: Or your weapon, that could work too.
: What did you say?

Next Time: The writers put down the cocaine and take up the meth.