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Part 9: Update 8

Update 8

My apologies in advance for this update being a gigantic pile of

Let's go visit the lady who let us rest a few updates back.

: Who are you?
: Oh, my, we don't get visitors very often. May I help you?
: Ah, no, we were just passing by. Are you in the middle of a pilgrimage?
: We are traveling while studying the animals of the world. I'm a zoologist.
: Really? That's a weird thing to do in these dangerous times...
: *SLAP*
: Ow!
: Traveling the world in pursuit of knowledge...that's wonderful!
: Hah hah hah. I just like seeing all sorts of rare animals.
: We even saw a giant glowing bird!
: Glowing bird?
: ...That may have been Aska, the Summon Spirit of Light.
: Really? That bird is a Summon Spirit? I see...That would explain why it's a species I've never seen before.
: Say, tell us about the time you saw it.
: The information might come in handy, and besides, I want to hear the story.
: In that case, I think it would be better to ask my children. I actually didn't get a good look at the bird.
: Okay, I'll try asking them.

: Say, tell us in detail about the time you saw the glowing bird.
: Ah, it was on the Ossa Trail. We were camping out near the peak and that glowing bird appeared.
: Ossa Trail...hmm...
: Also, the wind was strong that day. A tree nearby played a mysterious melody as its nuts shook in the wind. It was like a beautiful song.
: Tree nuts playing a mysterious melody? What the heck is that?
: That's probably the Linkite. Tree that is said to grow in high places. It is said that when the nuts shake in the wind, they make a beautiful sound, like bells.
: Hmm. I didn't know there was a tree like that. But doesn't that mean we can meet Aska if we just go to the Ossa Trail?
: No, the tree isn't there anymore. Either someone cut it down and took it away, or it was carried away in a landslide or something...
: Yeah, we didn't see any tree like that when we went there before...
: That stump we saw near the peak might have been it...
: We've traveled all over the world, but we've yet to see that tree again.
: That tree is thought to be extinct from over-harvesting and natural disasters. I don't think it will be easy to find...
: Hmmm...

: You know, on that day, I picked nuts from the tree. And makes a pretty sound.
: That's... Could we see it?
: So this is a Linkite Nut...
: It really does make a pretty sound.
: I'll give that one to you! I have some more!
: Thank you very much.

: Sarah, thanks again.
: Lloyd, do you know her?
: She helped us out when it was just the two of us.
: Oh, my... Thank you so much for looking after these children.
: It was my pleasure.
: Sarah, there's something we'd like to ask you. If you know anything about the glowing bird, we'd like you to tell us.
: I imagine that bird can only be found among steep, impregnable mountains. Ones you could never reach by foot...
: Why do you think that?
: Because we've been everywhere that one can walk to. If you could find it in one of those places, I think we would already have encountered it.
: I see...

: I'll sum up the situation in which they encountered the glowing bird. First, they encountered it on the Ossa Trail. This indicates that the glowing bird only appears in high places. Next, a Linkite Tree made a beautiful sound, as if the nuts were producing a melody. Finally, on that day there was a strong wind, and the sound of the Linkite Nuts was carried a long distance by the wind. I think that about sums it up.
: They said that, after traveling around the world, they went back to the Ossa Trail again, but the Linkite Tree was already gone.
: And, they've yet to find another Linkite Tree on any of their journeys.At least, there weren't any they could get to by foot.
: Which means in order to meet Aska, we need to search for a Linkite Tree in a place you can't get to on foot.
: That sounds impossible...
: Yes...well, we don't need to accomplish it immediately... And even if we did find a Linkite Tree, it wouldn't do us any good if it was dead.
: The sound has to be carried on the wind and playing a melody sounds difficult, too.
: Couldn't you do something about a dead tree with your healing arts?
: My power alone wouldn't be enough... In order to heal something that's already dead, I'd need something that could strengthen my skills... Something that could call forth the Linkite Tree's will to live. Something like an Exsphere or even just a small fragment of one... Also if it's dead, that means the ground there is weak. We'd need to replenish the earth and make it nourishing again.
: Dad's the only one I can think of who might have a spare Exsphere...
: Although, if there are any other dwarves around, they might have one, too.
: There's nothing we can do. Let's give up on Aska.
: Fascinating...
: Whoa!
: I see now... That's impressive the way you've found the rules of how it works.
: But all we've learned is that meeting Aska is hard.
: I don't see why you'd even want to meet Aska, it's not as if any of you could make a pact with him. Okay I guess Raine would want to study him, but there's no way to do it if there aren't any live Linkite trees.
: Well, I suppose so... I've gone ahead and made note of the information you've assembled. Feel free to talk to me anytime you want to hear it.
: Okay.

: Hmm? What is it?
: Show us the memo about the glowing bird.
: Certainly.
: To find the Linkite Tree. The Linkite Tree is thought to be somewhere that cannot be reached by foot. If the Linkite Tree is dead, we must strengthen the healing arts, call forth the tree's will to live, and nourish the ground.
: Thank you.
: Don't mention it.
So yeah. This quest will take a damn long time to finish, but it's going to be important later.

There seems to be a town on this hillside.

: That's our line!
: ...Sh...shut up. This place shall be your grave!

: It seems Boltzman's healing technique is indeed in the Tower of Mana. ...Are these friends of yours?
: Yes.
: Hey!
: What about Master Boltzman's healing technique?
: What's this Master thing?
: You know Raine's healing arts, right? He's the person that discovered them.
: He's the originator of healing arts.
: It's none of your business!
: But Sheena, even if we find Boltzman's healing technique, if there is no one who can use it... She is a healing arts user, right?
: ...Then you should ask these guys. I'll do it by myself. I just need to bring you Boltzman's healing technique, right?
: What happened?
: Are you really Sheena's friends?
: Yes, we are.
: Does Lloyd finally master the art of deception? Or is this lady just as naive as he is?
: I see. Then I'll tell you about it. But I don't want anyone else to hear it, so please come to my house later.
: Lloyd, when did we become friends with her?
: W...well, it doesn't really matter, does it?
: Lloyd's brain kicks into gear only in situations like this.

: Welcome to our inn. Please, come this way...

: Sucks to be you guys when they find him. Assuming they don't just find a scapegoat first.
: Escaped?! Is he all right?
: I don't know. That's why I don't want anyone to hear about him.
: ...He's been cursed.
: Yes. I want to help him somehow, but there's nothing I can do. But perhaps the legendary healing technique left behind by Master Boltzman might be able to save him.
: So that's why Sheena was talking about Boltzman's healing technique.
: She found him collapsed on the ground and carried him here. And she even tried to help me find the healing technique... If you find it, cure him with that technique.
: Man Sheena's way too kind to be a decent assassin. I like to think I know a little about that sort of thing.
: Let's help out, Lloyd.
: ...But what of the search for the seals?
: Yeah. Hey, are there any ruins or anything related to the world regeneration around here?
: The world regeneration? I don't really know....Perhaps the Tower of Mana...
: What's the Tower of Mana?
: It's a tower used by the Church of Martel to offer prayers to the Tower of Salvation. It was closed some time ago when monsters began to appear inside of it.
: Okay, but...
: Our journey is not a game. If it's along the way on the search for the seals, then we'll keep an eye out for it.
: Of course. That's fine. Thank you. The Tower of Mana is northeast from here.
: Gotcha. We'll go have a look.
: If you have any trouble, you should head for Luin. It's south of the tower.
: The Church of Martel in Luin is in charge of that tower.

Let's look in that mysterious tower!

: I wonder if this might be a seal?
: There's no oracle stone, so I don't think so.
: ...It appears to be locked.
: Then, I guess it doesn't have anything to do with the seal.
: Now THAT is a rush to judgement.
: This place is overseen by Luin. If we go to Luin and borrow the key, we can go inside.
: If we cannot go inside, there is no point remaining here.
: Yes, you're right. Lloyd, let's go.

: Okay, okay, fine. Then, I'll be it this time.
: Hehe, yay! Everybody hide!
: Wh...what are you looking at?!
: You're actually a nice person after all.
: Wh...what are you saying?! Don't think saying stuff like that is going to change anything! You're still my enemy!

There's a lot of dialog from the villagers about how they're so worried about the nearby human ranch (which the cursed guy escaped from). Let's hope that nothing bad happens.

: May the Goddess Martel watch over and protect you.
: We heard that the Tower of Mana is overseen here.
: Indeed. Are you also here in search of Boltzman's healing technique?
: Not specifically...
: Ah, it's just that a short while ago, a lady in flashy clothes asked us to hand over the key to the tower so that she could search for Boltzman's healing technique....
: And where is this key, then?
Pastor Picarring has the key, but he is currently out on a pilgrimage.
: Oh brilliant, bring the key with you on a pilgrimage, what's next, taking the treasures of the chapel with you?
: Pilgrimage?...
: You're so stupid, Lloyd! The training of the Church of Martel. "To live is to journey. All must journey." It's written in the scriptures.
: Who the hell talks like that?
: Gee, sorry I'm so stupid...
: Which way did he go?
: He headed for Asgard.
: ...Why can that assassin enter the Tower of Mana and not me?!
: Here we go again...
: ...Looks like we don't have much of a choice. We'll go after the Pastor.

That guy with the pack above the "R" sells passes through the blocked passage to the south for 100 million gald. This is a joke, since it's impossible to get that much gald (seriously 200hrs of nonstop autogrind with increased gald earned effects only got me 34 mil, furthermore it's not possible since the cap is 99 mil and change).

There's a lot of exhibits with nifty historical stuff in Asgard.
: There are hardly any traces of the ancient civilization left. It's almost as if they were intentionally erased by someone.
: It was called something different before the destruction, can't remember what though.
 I seriously tried a bunch of things to figure out what the name used to be, even checking the game script for the sequel and the Alesia wiki, but all I know is that it wasn't called Asgard a long time ago. 
: You're looking for Pastor Piccaring? He said he was going on a pilgrimage to the Balacruf Mausoleum.

At the top of the long stairs in the back...
Youtube backup.

: Lloyd, state the historical background of this ruin.
: Ah, um, well, let's see...
: It's the temple where Cleo III held a ritual to offer a sacrifice to the Summon Spirit of Wind in order to quell a storm that had raged for a week.
: ...That's it.
: Gah! Have you learned anything at all these past five years?!
: PE and Art and--
: Never mind!
: What perfect form! This delicate curve is said to express the flight of the Summon Spirit of Wind through the sky. In addition, it is said that this stone is infused with a large volume of mana, and at night...

: If we use this bomb, we can easily destroy this confounded dais.
: B...but, Harley... This is a rare and valuable remnant of the Balacruf Dynasty. We can't destroy it...
: What are you talking about? As things stand now, Aisha may be killed!
: What are you doing?
: Wha...who are you?
: It's not what you think! We weren't trying to destroy the ruin at all!

: Professor, these guys said they're planning to destroy this stage.
: And you call yourselves human beings?!
: I am a half-elf.
: ...What has that got to do with anything?
: You have no idea of the importance of this ruin!

: ...Uh-oh.
: ...Uh-oh.
: ...Uh-oh.
: You say you're going to destroy this fabulous ruin? Now listen. During the final era of the Balacruf Dynasty, this ruin was...
: ...Professor...
: What? If you have any questions, I'll take them after the lecture.
: The bomb turned on.
: I said, if you have questions, I'll take them la--
: ...What?
: Woman! You flipped the switch!
: Don't try to put the blame on someone else!
: That doesn't matter now! Is there a disarm switch?
: Of course not!
: Don't act like you're proud of it!
: I guess I'll just have to disarm it myself.
: Hey, you're pretty good to be able to stop the uncontrollable "breaker"...
: Don't go around building stuff you can't control!
: ...The ruin seems to be unharmed.

: You there! Trespassing in this area is forbidden!
: Oh, no, it's the Mayor!
: Uh-oh. Run!
: Professor! This looks like trouble! Let's just get out of here!
: But I haven't had time to study the structure of the...
: Just come on! Hurry, everybody!
: *Sigh* I wanted to study it more...
: Who were those two?
: I wonder why they wanted to destroy the ruin?
: Yes, the ruin! We have to stop them from engaging in such foolish acts like trying to destroy a ruin. Let's go, Lloyd.

Oh, there's a sidequest where Colette names dogs. You complete it by having Colette talk to all unnamed dogs.

: I am a scholar.
: Whatever. Get out!
: Harley, stop it. This is my house. I understand that you were the ones that stopped Harley and my brother. Thank you.
: I'm not sure "stopped" is the best way to put it.
: They got in our way.
: It doesn't matter what you call it! The point is, the people of this city are the ones that would suffer if that ruin was destroyed.
: But as things are now, you're going to be sacrificed!
: Sacrificed?
: It's a ritual in honor of the Summon Spirit of Wind. Aisha was chosen for it. Originally, the ritual consisted of just dancing on the stone platform, but--
: This idiot started meddling with the stone dais as part of his research and opened the seal. Because of that, that Summon Spirit of Wind-thing awoke and is demanding sacrifices.
: The seal? Do you mean...
: What?! The seal?
: Yes! If you, too, are researching the Balacruf ruins, then you must be aware of the altar erected in praise of the Summon Spirit of Wind. The seal really existed, just as the legend said!
: Are you saying that the Balacruf Pillar hieroglyphics are not just a myth?!
: ?...
: It sounds like this isn't the seal we're looking for.
: Raine...Aren't you forgetting why we're on this journey?
: Well, it's all right...It's not as if it's completely out of our way.
: Yes! In the back of the of the platform there is a small indentation, and--
: That's enough! Aisha's about to be sacrificed to the Summon Spirit tonight! Now get out of here!

: I am a scholar. May I please have your permission to study this ruin?
: There's an idiot just like you in this city already. Thanks to him, the city's tourism industry is on the verge of collapse. I refuse.
: What are you talking about?
: If you want to know, try asking Linar.
: If you're talking about the sacrifice, we've already heard about it.
: Then you should understand. We can't allow anyone to disturb the dais any further and risk bringing down the wrath of the Summon Spirit of Wind. The only one who may step up upon this stage is the Summon Spirit dancer.
: Then I shall become the dancer. Then it would be fine for me to go up onto the stage, yes?
: Professor!
: According to the Book of Regeneration, this should be the next seal. If we can meet the Summon Spirit, we should be able to tell. The sacrifice that the Summon Spirit seeks might even be the Chosen of Mana.
: ...I see! That's our Professor!
: ...You just want to study the ruin firsthand.
: You should learn to keep your mouth shut, Lloyd.
: Please, Mayor.
: ...Do as you wish. I won't be held responsible if it costs you your life.

: There's nothing to worry about.
: Raine, are you sure you're going to be okay?
: Yes. Now, it's time I changed clothes. Would you mind?

Finally a fight after all that !
Youtube backup.

: It's not...No, Professor! That is an evil creature. It's not the guardian of the seal!

This guy isn't particularly interesting to fight, since he just slashes whoever's in front of him, and occasionally casts wind spells. Also, for some reason I thought he was weak against earth magic but clearly he isn't since he has no weak elements listed.

: Hah. It was hardly a challenging opponent. Now, more importantly, about that stone tablet you acquired...
I lost (intentionally) once against him because someone got killed, and I realized I hadn't saved for like an hour.
: This stone tablet has ancient Balacruf writing inscribed on it.
: Let's decipher it right away! I have the necessary materials assembled in my house.
: Yes, let's go!
: Um...Thank you very much.
: That thing wasn't the Summon Spirit of Wind after all, was it?
: I bet Raine and Linar will investigate what it really was.
: Yeah, that Raine is a half-elf after all. You can count on her wisdom.
:, you're wrong! Raine elf. I'm an elf, too!
: What? Surely you don't think I'd mistake my own...

: Ah, actually, I guess I was wrong. It seems you two are pureblooded elves. I must not have been paying careful attention.
: Clearly, Genis and Raine's habit of wearing their hair over their ears has confused you. Or maybe the fact that they're significantly nicer than the average elf.

: ...We should get some rest, too. I'm exhausted.

: Are you serious?...
: She's conducting research with Linar. Let's go get her.
: All right.

: Good timing. I just finished deciphering it.
: The Professor is amazing! She deciphered the complex Balacruf writing in no time at all!
: ...Heh. Raine just gained another fan.
: She's quite the catch, huh?
: Uh-huh!
: *SLAP*
: It would appear that the monster was the cause of the calamity that afflicted the ancient Balacruf Empire.
: It seems that the summoner at the time used Sylph, the Summon Spirit of Wind, to seal it away, then built this stone dais to suppress the calamity.
: In preparation for the day when this calamity might reawaken, he left this map in order for people to be able to locate the Summon Spirit of the Wind.
: After a great many years, people eventually confused the calamity with the Summon Spirit of Wind...
: So now you know where the Summon Spirit of Wind is located?
: Of course. The location of the Summon Spirit is the location of the next seal.
: Wow! I wonder what the Summon Spirit of Wind is like! I can't wait to see it!
: Now we can finally regenerate the world!
: Regenerate the world?... Now that I think about it, what was your purpose for coming to this city? You don't look like ordinary travelers or tourists...
: ...Well then, if you know our next destination, we should be on our way at once.
: Yes. It's likely that the seal is inside the Balacruf Mausoleum.
: Okay. Let's get going.
: Ah, um...
: Well, please take care.

Skit #076: Leave it to Me

: But thanks to that, we now know where the real seal is, so that's good, right?
: Yeah. I wonder what the next seal is going to be like.
: I'm a little scared, but you're with me, so it'll be okay, right?
: Yeah! Leave it to me!
: Okay!

In order to make up for this update, the next update will have THREE boss fights and SEVEN videos. Not intentionally, it just worked out that way.