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Part 11: Update 10

Update 10

Surprisingly, this is NOT our fault.
Youtube backup.

: ...This is...
: Horrible...

: You! Now you're even over here?!

: ...Oh, it's you guys. If you want to finish me off, now's your chance. I don't have any strength left to fight.
: You're hurt badly, Professor! Please...heal her.
: ...I will, but first, I want you to tell me what happened here. It seems she has companions, and this may just be a trap to catch us off guard.
: Professor!
: Hah! You're as devious as you look.
: ...Call me what you like.
: Take a look at this city. Everything's in ruin. The Desians...invaded.
: What?!
: Do you know about the human ranch northeast of here? The people of this city had been hiding some folks who escaped from the ranch. The Desians found out about it, and not only was the entire population forced to go to the ranch, but the city was destroyed.
: So, how were you injured?
: It's nothing. I was just a little clumsy.

: ...Dammit! Get back, you monster!

: Are you okay?
: She's lost a lot of blood.
: You're right. Professor, please heal her.
: Professor, please!
: ...Fine. But I swear, you're all way too softhearted for your own good.
: ...Why...why did you save me?
: Probably for the same reason you saved that man.
: ...Thanks.
: I know it's selfish, unreasonable thing to say at this point, but um...I have a favor to ask of you.
: A favor?
: I owe the people of this city for food and lodging. Please. Help me save these people. If you agree, I'll declare a truce with you and help in any way I can.
: All right.
: Lloyd, are you serious?
: I agree with Lloyd.
: Colette, not you, too!
: What about you?
: I see no problem with it.
:'m sorry, Raine!
: Fine! Do as you wish. I suppose if we look at it another way, it does mean we can keep a close eye on her.
: Heh. You'd better watch out so you don't lose your head while you sleep.

Skit #77: Tragedy in Luin

: No...It's even worse. The people of the city were killed and any survivors were taken away to the ranch.
: Yeah...At least, we should rescue the survivors.
: Yeah! And we'll make those Desians pay!

Skit #335: Corrine's Happy Too

: R...really? I don't think I'm any different than I have been.
: Is it've found new friends?
: Th...they aren't my friends! You're my only friend, Corrine.
: It's okay, you don't have to pretend. I feel a little lonely, but I'm happy you've made new friends.
: Corrine... Thank you...

Mo' Human Ranches, Mo' Problems.
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This line would make more sense if we went through the other path first, since we infiltrate a ranch there too.
: Yea. Even if we get inside...
: Hmm...there is a way though...
: Professor, I bet you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking.
: What? What are we going to do?
: We'll disguise ourselves as Desians and sneak in.
: ...I see the gears in your head move quickly only at times like this.
: ...What's that supposed to mean?
: Oh, I see! If we look like Desians, we won't get caught!
: Well, well. That's quite a daring plan, Raine.
: I don't think this is the best plan either, but do we have any other choice?
: ...The Desians patrol is here. What shall we do?
: Let's do it!
: Yeah!
: Okay, let's hide behind those trees and ambush them.
: Let's hurry up and take care of this!

: Let's return to Luin first. We don't know when the enemy may spot us.
: Yeah, you're right.

: Wait. We have to decide who will be the Desian.
: What do you mean, Professor?
: Only one of the Desian uniforms we just obtained looks like it can be used. So everyone else is going to have to be prisoners.
: Me! Me! I'll be the Desian!
: ...This is not a game.

: It's not about fairness. This will look the most natural. Besides, this is a uniform for females. You won't be able to wear it.
: ...And why do you have Desian clothes, too?
: I was going to infiltrate the base on my own.
: Anyway, let's go.
: Yeah.

: We've done it!
: ...Done what?
: We've found the wanted criminal, Lloyd Irving!
: What?! Good work! And you've even caught him alive!
: I want to turn him over to the Five Grand Cardinals immediately. Let me through.
: Understood. Go on in!

This is our first time inside a Ranch.
Youtube backup.
: It looks like this is an Exsphere manufacturing plant.
: ...So it would seem.
: These are all Exspheres? Incredible...

: ...Shh. I hear voices coming from the next room.
: I don't hear anything...
: Be careful anyway.

: Uh-oh, these are the Desians we ran into in the Triet Desert!
: They still think we're Desians.
: Sir, this is the perfect chance!
: ...Are you looking for a fight?
: Wait. Kratos is with them. We'll retreat for now.
: ...You know each other?
: I suppose, if you mean the fact that we ran into them at Iselia and Triet.
: I think it would be in both our interests for us not to fight here.

: Do what you will.

: Colette! Kratos!
: I'm okay.
: No time for that, look behind you!

: Well, this is a surprise. When I heard we had some rats, I assumed it was the Renegade, Botta, but instead I find the wanted inferior beings... But I must say that I'm quite impressed that you're still alive after that attack.
: Who are you?!
: You barge into my ranch and then demand my name?
: ...Wow, Lloyd, isn't this usually the other way around?
: Genis! This is not the time!
: He's Kvar, one of the Five Desian Grand Cardinals.
: He's also the second biggest jackass alive.
: Hahaha...ah. I see that some of you know me. It's just as Forcystus said.
: That Exsphere is without a doubt the product of my Angelus Project!
: Good job, Colette! Let's go, everyone!

Hey, does this remind you of anything?
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: Do you mean that Exspheres are made from...human bodies?
: Not exactly. Exspheres are dormant at first. They extract nourishment from humans to grow and awaken. Human ranches are Exsphere manufacturing plants. Why else would we spend our time raising and taking care of these inferior beings?
: That's terrible!
: Terrible? Terrible is what you've done. Stealing and using Exspheres that we've invested so much time and care in creating. You deserve to be punished.

: Damn! We're surrounded...
: Lloyd, your Exsphere was to be an offering to Lord Yggdrasill. It's time you gave it back.
: Yggdrasill...I suppose that's the name of your leader.
: Yes. Now, for the sake of our great leader, Lord Yggdrasill, and for the sake of my own success, I need that Exsphere!
: Again?! What's so special about my Exsphere?
: That is the result of years of time-consuming research. I can finally reclaim what was stolen by that filthy female host body.
: What are you talking about? The female host body? You're not talking about...
: ...Hmm, you don't know anything, do you? That Exsphere was cultured on host body A012, human name, Anna—your mother. She took it and escaped from the facility. Of course, she paid for her crime with her life.
: You killed my...
: Now, now, don't blame me. I'm not the one that killed Anna. Your father did.
: Liar!
: Please. When her Key Crest-less Exsphere was removed, Anna turned into a monster...and your father killed her. Pathetic, don't you think?

: Hahaha! Who cares? They were both just a couple of filthy humans--worthless maggots.
: What's your game, Kvar? Want to play with them before you kill Lloyd?! Dammit I can't stand watching this.
: ...Don't you ever talk about my parents like that!
: I'll handle this!
: ...I'm gonna use the last one, Grandpa.

: Your orders, sir?
: ...Let them go. We can find them any time by following the Chosen's signature trail. Right now, the more pertinent task is retrieving the Exspheres. Find the Renegades.

: Thank you, Sheena!
: Don't mention it. But what are you going to do now?
: ...Let's return to Luin first.
: I concur.
: ...Okay.

: This is Marble's life...

: Lloyd, wait. What will you accomplish by taking that off? It's not just an Exsphere, it's also your mother's life, remember?
: But these things make a mockery of human life.
: But we would have lost long ago had we not had them.
: Don't you think I know that?!
: Do you really? If you throw away that Exsphere now, do you think you can finish this journey?
: ...Yeah. I know. Without these things, we're just a bunch of weak humans. We can fight because we have these. I know that. But Exspheres exist as a result of taking someone's life!
: And? Those people didn't become victims because they wanted to, but I doubt they would want to be thrown away after being turned into Exspheres.
: My opinion may not matter much because I don't use an Exsphere, but I believe the Desians will defeat us if we throw away our Exspheres now. And if that happens, more people will lose their lives to these stones. I don't want that to happen. I don't want this journey to be meaningless.
: Colette's right. We can throw away the Exspheres at any time. But right now, we must carry the weight of the hopes and dreams of those victims and
fight for their sake, as well as ours. Didn't you say you weren't going to hesitate anymore?
: Yeah. I hate to say it, but you're right. Mom's regrets and wishes dwell in this thing. To prevent creating more victims like Marble and my mom, I'm going to help Colette. I will fight for both myself and my mom who lives on within me.
: ...Yeah. Me too. I'm going to fight on Marble's behalf as well.
: Me too. I'm going to regenerate the world as quickly as I can.
: People are sinful creatures. Life survives at the cost of another. Then we must continue to bear the burden of our sins for as long as we continue to live.
: Life survives at the cost of another... I don't know how to say this, but I don't think there's a way to justify the lives sacrificed to make Exspheres. They have to be stopped at all cost!
: Thanks, Kratos. Someone has to tell him these things.

: Kvar will undoubtedly increase the security now. We won't be able to get in easily.
: Let's go back to Hima. At this point, the only clue we have is Pietro.

Skit #148: Sleepless Night

:, I'm fine.
: If you cannot sleep, you should count the stars. Although, a human life is far too short to count them all....
: ...That's a good idea. I'll try that.

: We found it ...but...
: It was there, but I can't learn it yet. I'm not experienced enough. I promise I'll learn how to use it. Please wait just a little longer.
This line seems to be an error, since what's actually the problem is we need a unicorn horn and/or a mana leaf herb.
: All right...
: by the way, he escaped from the Asgard Human Ranch, right?
: Y...yes...
: Can you tell us about it?
: Anything you can tell us would be great. Something he said, items he was carrying...
: ...When he escaped, he said he came out from the yard of the ranch and blocked the exit with a boulder. That's all he said before he collapsed....
: Was there a boulder when we went?
: I do recall something that seemed unnatural.
: Also...this... Pietro was hiding this from the Desians.
: I wonder if it has something to do with the human ranch.
: may be important. Would you mind if we borrow that?
: But...
: We want to infiltrate the ranch in order to save the people of Luin. Please.
: Please trust us.
: ...All right. Please take it with you.
: Thank you!
Acquired Desian Orb.

Skit #340: Kratos...angry?

: Yes. Did something happen?
: No. I'm the same as usual.
: ...You're lying. Anyone can see you're mad about something.
: I am not angry!
: ...
: ...
: ...
: ...I'm sorry. Please let me be alone for a while.