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Part 19: Update 17

Update 17

Buckle in because today's update is long.

Skit #313: Are You Tired Genis?

: ...
: What's up, Colette?
: ...
: What? Genis is tired?
: Oh? Ah...Sorry. Last night I spent a long time thinking and didn't sleep much.
: Ah, okay. Then let's go ahead and take a break soon.
: Thanks, Colette.
: ...

: But it's really very far away. And it looks like there's no path leading to it.
: You there! Have you ever wanted to get a closer view of the Tower of Salvation?
: Wh...what did you say?!
: Oh, I can see from that reaction you are interested! ?
: Can you really go to the Tower of Salvation?
: Ahem. Welcome to Dragon Tours. My humble dragons and I shall show you the way to the Tower of Salvation.
: Dragon Tours? What kind of shady business is he running?
: But it would be possible to reach the Tower of Salvation from the air.
: Okay! We want to ride the dragons!

: Let's see now, six people means three dragons, so... Here's a special price available only today! It'll be 6,000 Gald! ?
: That's expensive!
: But it can't be helped. We have to get to the Tower of Salvation.
: Yeah, it's for the world regeneration.
: Wha...what did you say?! Are you the Chosen's group?!...
: That's right.
: Oh, my! No, no, no, this won't do at all! I can't possibly take money from the Chosen! Please put that money away!
: ...We haven't taken it out yet.
: In that case, I'll ready three high-class dragons for you by tomorrow morning! Of course, I will not accept any money! However...
: What is it?
: I've heard that the area around the Tower of Salvation is dangerous, so... If you could just...I mean, my cute little dragons are...
: Not a problem. When we reach our destination, we'll return the dragons to you. Is that all right with everyone?
: I have no objections.
: Yeah. We'll figure out how to get back when the time comes.
: I understand. Well then, I shall await you all here tomorrow morning. There are preparations to make, so I'll take leave.

Little video here for voice acting.
Youtube backup.
: We're finally down to the last seal.
: Let's split up for tonight. But don't go outside the village. Understood?
: Yup.
: ...Got it.
: We'll be leaving in the morning.
: Goodnight, everyone. Sleep well. You want to thank me? Don't worry about it. Despite knowing what your future holds, this is all I can do for you.

: What are you gonna do?
: Good question. The only thing I can do is believe in the Chosen. The Chosen from this side seems to be trustworthy and all.
: What's that mean? Is there a Chosen you can't trust?
: Tethe'alla's Chosen. I can't stand that guy.
: Guy?
: I see. Tethe'alla has a Chosen, too...
: Two worlds. Two Chosen. *Sigh* If there really is a goddess, why did she make a world like this?
: Yeah, no kidding. I want to kick her for doing this.
: Martel could use a bit of a boot, but I doubt it would do much good at this point.
: Hehe. Seriously, I wish I could do that myself.

: This isn't the end I hoped for.
: really? It's the journey you started by clinging to the Chosen. This was to be expected.
: ...Clinging to the Chosen?
: Don't you remember? It was you who said we have the Chosen on our side, the savior who will regenerate the world.
: Yeah, that's right. I said that. And that's why I have to protect her.
: If relying and depending on the power of the Chosen at the most crucial time is what it means to protect her, then the meaning of the word "protect" must have changed significantly from my understanding. And now the Chosen is trying to resolve everything by sacrificing herself.
: What are you trying to say?
: Lloyd. Don't make a mistake.
: I don't quite get it, but I got it. But hey, if I make a mistake, can't I just do it over again?
: ...Humph. Do it over. If it's something you can do over again, then...feel free.

: Last night?
: ...It's her last night as a human.
: Professor, you're a scholar, right? Can't we do anything?
: ...Don't you understand yet? You're not too bright. It's because I'm a scholar that I'm fascinated by Colette as she continues to transform into an angel.
: You can't be serious, Professor.
: You think so? Now, go to her.

: Yeah.
: It's at a time like this that I stop and think how stupid I've been.
: ...Why?
: Because I don't even know if the way things have turned out is good or bad.
: ...No one knows that. The ones who think they do are the stupid ones.
: You think so?
: Definitely.
: ...I guess you're right. You say some cool things every now and then. Thanks, Lloyd.

: Aren't I going to see the others?
: No, it's okay, let's talk for a bit. You can write.

: ...This is the end, and yet I can't even speak. I know that's weird?...
: You dork, that doesn't matter. No matter what happens to you, you're still you. Even if you become an angel. Even if you become like Marble. I won't ever think you're weird. Ever. Anyway, I'm the one that has to apologize.
: You act like that's the worst that could happen.
: Even though I promised I'd make you that gift before our journey ended, I kept thinking we still had a ways to go. I never even got close to finishing it.
: ...I'll wait forever? Even after I become an angel, I'll keep on waiting. You can give it to me any time.
: Okay. This time, I'm really going to make it. No matter how long it takes. Can I ask you one thing? Are you sure you won't regret this? Are you sure you want to become an angel?
: The truth is, I'm a little scared. Yeah...I would be, too. But if giving up my life as a human means that Sylvarant will be reborn, then it's almost like my life is spreading out to fill the entire world. When I think about it like that, I'm okay.
: Oh come on, that's lame.
: ...You're strong, Colette. ...The wind's pretty cold. Let's go back to the inn.
: Ah...sorry. That's right, you can't feel it.

: ...Dammit! Isn't there anything we can do?!

Kratos keeps acting suspicious.
Youtube backup.

: *Whine*
: I have things I must do. In my place, I need you to--

: AHH!
: ...Stop!

: Kratos! Are you okay?
: Lloyd, thank you.
: Ah, it was nothing. But who was that?
: I would imagine it's that assassin. He managed to get away, but I gave him an injury he'll not soon forget.
: ...I have a feeling I've seen him somewhere before.
: ...Yes, perhaps. Let's get back to the inn. Everyone's probably up.
: Yeah.
: ...Lloyd.
: Hmm? What is it?
: ...Don't die.
: Wha? Yeah, okay. What's up all of a sudden?
: ...Don't worry about it.
: How can he tell me not to worry after saying something like that?!
We get the item "Assassin's Ring".
: What's this? There's some strange letters carved into it.

: ...We should hurry.
: There's no guarantee we'll return safe from the Tower of Salvation. Are you ready?
: I'm ready, Professor.

: I will ride on the same dragon as the Chosen. Protecting my job.
: Lloyd, who are you going to ride with?
: I think the Professor.
: I see. All right.
: ...It's almost time.
: Soon...the world will be regenerated.
: ...We're doing the right thing, aren't we?
: Lloyd...We can only do what we can. This is...the best choice. ...I think.
: ...Yeah. I'm sure it is...
: ...I'm sorry, Lloyd.

Note that Raine rides sidesaddle.

: Where are Colette and the others?
: Looks like they've gone in already. Let's hurry up.

: They're...bodies?!
: ...Then those must be...coffins.
: ...Why are all these dead bodies here?!
: They may be... ...all the Chosen that failed the world regeneration up until now.
: So if Colette fails, she'll wind up here with them...Dammit!
: I'm worried about Colette. Let's hurry!
: ...Yeah!

Youtube backup.

: ...What?

: In doing so, you will complete the final sacrifice of your human existenceóyour heart and your memory. By doing so of your own free will, you will become a true angel!
: ...What?!
: Sacrifice her heart and memory?!
: Colette's going to forget about us?!
: Colette's human life will now end, and she will be reborn as an angel.
: Professor Sage, what is he talking about?!

: Colette will give up her life in order to regenerate the world. Becoming an angel means dying.
: That's not quite correct. The Chosen's heart will die, and her body will be offered to the Goddess Martel. By offering her body, Colette will revive the Goddess. This is the true nature of the world regeneration! The revival of the Goddess the revival of the world itself!
: Aren't you forgetting something?
: That...that's...
: ...Lord Remiel, we have heard that a world known as Tethe'alla lies parallel to Sylvarant.
: That is not for you to know.
: You kept it a secret because it is true, correct?
: From whom did you learn of it?
: Can't Cruxis make both worlds peaceful?
: ...If that is what the Chosen desires, she can lend her power to Cruxis by becoming an angel. Once the Goddess Martel is revived by the Chosen, the two worlds will surely achieve peace, just as the Chosen wishes.
: !!
: Is that true, you ask? You know why you have come here.
: ...
: You can't...are you really planning to die?!
: Colette, stop! If you sacrifice yourself, your friends who love you...and your family...and... ...and me...we'll all be sad. It will be the same as sacrificing all of us!
: ...

: Genis! Let me go!
: I don't' want anything to happen to her either! But what else are we supposed to do?! The people of Sylvarant are suffering, too!
: But...
: The sacrifice of one single person, the Chosen, will save the world. Are you saying that you would choose the Chosen's soul over the entire world? Now, Colette. Come join your father.
: Wait! Remiel! Is there really no other way? Colette's your daughter. Surely you don't really want her to die, either!
: ...My daughter? Don't make me laugh. When I came down to play the role of guardian angel, you inferior beings just started calling me her father on your own.
: Who else uses that phrase?
: Wh...what?...
: I merely placed the Cruxis Crystal upon this sacrifice, who was selected to become Martel's vessel.
: I wonder if there's anything I, or Lloyd's special exsphere, can do to help with this.
: Colette!!

: Every time I met Remiel, I felt...that he was not my real father. ...But still, for some reason, I still feel like I want to cry.
: Colette! If you realized what was going on, then why?...
: ...You can hear my voice? I'm so happy! I'll be able to say goodbye to you in the end.
: Go go team special exsphere.
 There's no explanation for why Lloyd can hear Colette here, so I made one up. 
: Colette...I'm sorry! I couldn't save you...I'm so sorry! I promised I wouldn't make another mistake, but it looks like I have again...
: No. Thank you, Lloyd. Because of you, I was able to find the courage to protect the world. Because of you, I was able to find the strength to live these sixteen years to the fullest. So please...
: Colette!
: It looks like it's time...

: Hahahahaha! I've done it! It's finally complete! Martel's vessel is finally complete! With this, I shall become one of the Four Seraphim!
: Can't you at least PRETEND to have some empathy? It's sort of your job. Also, I don't think you "get" the Four Seraphim.
: Wait just a minute! What are you gonna do with Colette?!
: He's going to take her to heaven.
: You bastard! You'll pay for this! Cruxis, the angels, the Goddess Martel...its' all a big lie, isn't it?! Let her go, now!
: That, I cannot do, for she is Martel's vessel. This is Martel's new body which took years to complete. I have no use for any of you! Be gone!

Now we need to kick his smug ass.
Youtube backup.

At 32000 HP he's not the highest HP boss we've fought, but he does decent damage.

Holy Lance is one of Raine's spells. It's the S counterpart to Ray, the spell I use in Raine's Unison Attack. It hits a slightly smaller area.

It's hard to get a good visual on Judgement Ray, so just watch the video. He puts the Cruxis symbol on the ground and casts, then beams rain down near him. You can avoid the damage by backstepping. His other moves are Ray and Photon (same as Raine), firing arrows at us, and a swirly spin attack that hits people near him. I cut pictures of them because this update is 61 images without me showing them. Also, he can teleport around.

Fuck him right in his smug face.

More plot.
Youtube backup.

: That's not entirely true, I mean Genis and Raine aren't human. Also, you suck. A lot.
: Colette, come back to us! I'm going to restore you back to your normal self! I promise!
: Colette...have you really forgotten me?

: Now Colette is merely a puppet standing before death's door.
: Kratos!
: Where have you been?! What are you saying?!
: The Chosen desired the regeneration of the world and chose this path herself. By the summoning of the Chosen to Derris-Kharlan, the seal will be broken and the regeneration will be complete.
: Kratos?...What are you talking about?
: It is what you wanted as well. We will take the Chosen as the new body for Martel.
: What are you talking about?! Kratos...answer me!
: Lord Kratos, have pity on me. Please...lend me your aid.
: Have you forgotten, Remiel? I was once of the inferior race...a human. Does the ultimate being seek help from that which he despises the most?
: Gugh...
: Owned.
: Move out of the way.
: Kratos...who are you?
: ...I am of Cruxis, the organization that guides this world.

:Don't feel bad, no shame in being played by Kratos.
: Kratos is an angel, too?!
: You deceived us!
: Deceived? If the Chosen merges with Martel, she will awaken, and the world will be saved. Is that not what you wanted?
: Once her body is taken by the Goddess of Martel, Colette will truly die.
: No. She will be reborn as Martel.
: ...Dammit! You think I'm going to let you do that?! Colette is our friend!
: Kratos has shaken off the rust nicely. There's no way you could possibly win. Don't do this.

Kratos vs Lloyd. Also, the cutscene you get when you lose.
Youtube backup.
Kratos vs All-Divide vs lack of Orange Gels.
Youtube backup.
Youtube part 2.

Kratos is brutal beyond anything we've fought to this point. Roughly 50% more attack, def, and HP than Remiel. More HP than all of Sylph combined, and higher attack too. Fortunately you don't have to beat him. Unfortunately I refuse to accept that. The first loss was due to RUNNING OUT of life bottles, as was the second. So I went back and tried it with an all-divide.

I know "being more powerful as a foe than in your party" is the norm, but this is a bit ridiculous.

His attacks are mostly the same as the ones that he uses in your party, and not really as flashy as most boss attacks because of this. So I'm not really going to give too much of a rundown on them, other than to mention Grave, which is an earth-elemental attack that sends a whole bunch of stalagmites up to hit you. Guardian doesn't work too well against it, so you have to backstep off it. The other notable thing about his attacks is that he combos a LOT.

So if you hit the unison attack button and your weapon attack doesn't hit anything, you waste the charge. Whoops. I do this a few times.

No Melange or Orange gels. I beat him on fumes after I used this.

Almost too long for Youtube! Actually it was, after all the time I spent in the menu giving commands and such. Also note that those TP numbers are after the post-battle TP bump.

Our day of pain is not over.
Youtube backup.
: HOLY NIFLHEIM. I guess Kratos is rustier than I thought.

: Time to finish this!
: Why the hell aren't you running? I mean, you're inside the enemy base and all.

This is a guy, just FYI.

: Welp. Nice knowing you Lloyd, Genis, Raine, Sheena.
: Lord Yggdrasill.
: Who's that?
: Another angel?!
: Are you Lloyd?
: Give me your name, and I'll give you mine!
: Haha...people need not introduce themselves to a dog.
: What did you say?!
: Fine, I shall tell you my name, wretched human. I am Yggdrasill. Leader of Cruxis...and the Desians!

He's not blocking, his defense is that high.

In addition to Ray and Holy Lance and such, he has this tech where he slams the ground and sends you flying.

So yeah, they don't expect you to win at ALL.

He also has some lightning-elemental attack spells.

So yeah.
If you manage to get in enough damage before he kills you, it does the "win" effects but you get no win screen. It also kicks you out of battle if you survive long enough.
Youtube backup.

: I hate watching him toy with people like this.

: Kratos, I trust you have no objections?
: ...
: He knows, but... DAMN.
: Farewell.

: Damn! The Chosen has already become an angel! We have no choice. We're taking her back with us alive!

: Those poor, brave fools.

: irritating as ever. Still, it is of little consequence. Kratos, let us leave.
: As you wish...

: I wonder if this will work. I don't dare hope, but still...

Oh, here's our boss stats for this episode: