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Part 22: Update 20

Update 20

: I...I'm sorry, Presea.
: Wait just a minute, little one. We'll be done in a jiffy. Right Lloyd?
: Yeah...I'm sorry.

I'm guessing these are for the doctoral "ass kicking" courses.

This is Zelos's "personal" EX Skill. You talk to non-plot female NPCs, you get items. How good the item is depends on your luck. I've got two rabbit's feet on him. I'm going to have to investigate these "Hourglass" items, because it seems like they could be awesome.

: Yo! There should be word from Meltokio.

: Upon receiving the report of Colette's symptoms, we found our attention on research data regarding the Chosen's Cruxis Crystal.
: Well now. So my crystal was useful. When Colette returns to normal. I'll need to make sure she thanks me generously. ?

: Both Exspheres and Cruxis Crystals are lifeless beings.
: What did you say?!
: Life...less? What?
: Lifeless beings. How should I put it?... Basically, Exspheres are alive, though not in the same way we are.
: Yes. Both of these crystals are like parasites fusing with other life forms.
: Parasites...hmm...That's not a very pleasant thought.
: When this happens, the mana within the body loses balance and goes out of control without a Key Crest.
: So that's why Exspheres without Key Crests turn people into monsters.
: Exactly. In other words, since Cruxis Crystals possess the same qualities as Exspheres, we surmise that Colette is suffering from a parasitical infection by the Cruxis Crystal.
: I see. In which case, the ritual of releasing the seals may be promoting the fusion with the Cruxis Crystal. Fascinating...
: Professor, don't talk like that after all the bad things that keep happening to Colette...
: Then, if she had a Key Crest, she'd return to normal, right?
: Yes, she should be able to freely control the Cruxis Crystal if she had a Key Crest.
: A Key Crest, huh? I wonder if we can get one somewhere.

: It's marvelous! This is just marvelous! Ohhh, this is ancient magitechnology carbon!
: ...There she goes again.
: Argh, come on, please! Look for something that looks like a Key Crest. There! It's a Key Crest!
: What? You want this piece of junk?
: Yeah! How much?
: Hmm, let's see. 10,000 Gald.
: Taking advantage of people in need...
: This is a business, after all.
: Okay, call the one responsible for this bazaar right now. I'll make sure he can't do business anymore.
: Wh...who are you?
: You've got some guts to be ignorant of the great Zelos, the Chosen.
: Chosen?! Please, take this junk...Uh, I mean, I humbly offer this up to you, so place forgive me!
: Good, good. I like your attitude. I'll remember you.
: Hahaha...ha.

: Thanks, Zelos.
: It was nothing. It was for my cute Colette.
: Okay! I'll borrow a lab at the Academy and fix it.
: Sorry to bother you, but could I borrow a lab?
: He wants to make a Key Crest.
: O...oh, Chosen One! Please, make use of that room you were in earlier.
: I'll repair the Key Crest, so just wait at the entrance.
: Sure, sure.

Despite the amount of plot in this scene, there's no voice acting. I'm giving it a video anyway.
Youtube backup.
: Okay! I think this'll do.

: I've attached a Key Crest to your necklace. It's late, but it's my present for you...
: ...Colette? Can you hear me?

: How is it?
: It doesn't seem to work...
: How about asking Dirk for help?
: But Dirk's in Sylvarant. And the Rheairds are out of fuel...
: Maybe the people here at the Academy might know of a way.
: Hey, hey, hey! Wait just a moment! Aren't you forgetting something? I'm here to keep tabs on you! I can't let you go back to Sylvarant!
: Well then, just come along with us, oh compassionate Chosen One.
: ...What? Are you serious?
: You're kind to girls, right?
: Yeah, it's to save Colette. You'll keep quiet about it for us, right?
: ...Great, how am I supposed to snitch after hearing that?
: Okay, then all we need now is fuel.

: We hereby declare you and your companions to be traitors attempting to destroy Tethe'alla.
: ...Humph. Well that was perfect timing, Mr. Papal Knight.
: By the Pope's orders. We are to watch you for suspicions of plotting against the throne.
: ...Heh. Now that's amusing. I'm the one who's plotting against the throne?
: Restrain them and take a sample. Don't touch the angel. If you approach her carelessly, she'll kill you.

: Criminals undergo biological tests before they are arrested. It's because of the caste system here.
: Now would be a perfect time to fucking fight back.
: Some half-elves don't look any different from humans. It's necessary to detect them.

: Genis! Professor!
: ...So you're half-elves!
: ...Half-elves?...Is that true?
: ...That's right.
: Raine!
: There's no point in trying to hide it now...
: These pathetic half-elves have engaged in shameless caste deception.
: What did you say?! The Professor and Genis are much better people than you! Who cares if they're half-elves?!
: I don't know what it's like in your world, but over here, half-elves are at the bottom of the caste system.
: Half-elves guilty of crimes are all executed without exception.
: Same as it ever was.
: That's insane!
: Take them away.

: Professor! Genis!
: Don't just yell, kick their asses.
: Change in plans. Half-elves can use magic, so we must keep them under heavy guard...
: We don't have any spare forces.
: We'll return to the bridge and call for reinforcements. As for the Chosen and the others... Just lock them in the basement or something.

: Don't speak to us, half-elf. Be quiet and continue your work.
: They are criminals. Hold them here until we return for them.
: Criminals...If you're had the good fortune of being born human, don't throw it away like that.
: W...we haven't done anything!
: Well, you did try to go back to Sylvarant.
: Sh...shut up.
: ...Ah...Get away...
: ...Presea? You're Presea! Why are you here?!
: You know Presea?
: Ah...I...she's...
: A half-elf in the Imperial Research Academy is acquainted with a human child? That's strange.
: Why?
: I told you, half-elves are treated like garbage in this world. The half-elves that work at the Imperial Research Academy never leave their labs...ever.
: That's insane...
: Let's put that aside for now. How does a half-elf that can never leave here know Presea?
: ...This child is my team's research sample.
: Research? What kind of research?
: Research to manufacture Cruxis Crystals inside the human body.
: You can make Cruxis Crystals?
: Yes. Theoretically, they are no different than Exspheres. By allowing them to slowly feed on a human body—
: Wh...what?!
: That's the same way the Desians made Exspheres!
: What? What are you talking about?
: I'm saying, how can you treat people that way?!
: ...I could ask you the exact same thing. How can you humans treat half-elves the way you do?
: I treat them the same as everyone else. There's no difference between the lives of humans and half-elves!
: ...He isn't from Tethe'alla. He's a strange one who was raised in Sylvarant with half-elves and a
: Sheena! How did you know me...
: I'll explain later. Genis and Raine are being taken to Meltokio. If we go after them now, we should be able to save them!
: Are you planning on running away?
: Are you going to try to stop us?
: He's going to save his half-elf best friend. What are you going to do, Miss Half-elf?
: I...I won't let you trick me. There's no way a human would save a half-elf.
: ...But Kate. I did hear they arrested two half-elves up above.
: ...
: There's no time. If you're going to get in our way, we'll just have to fight you!
: ...Fine. I'll let you go if you promise that once you've saved your half-elf friends, you will come back here. If what you've said is true...I'll release Presea from her experiment.
: You promise?
: I swear upon the name of the Goddess Martel.
: That's a good use of her.
: ...Okay.
: Then...come over here. There's a hidden passage.

: Thanks.
: Hurry! We need to head for the bridge.
: By whose order was Presea's experiment carried out?
: I...can't say.
: The Pope, then.
: ...
: Zelos! Come on!
: I know, I know! Sheesh...

Skit #198: Curiosity Towards the Unknown

: She really doesn't respond to anything.
: Hey! You aren't doing anything funny to her, are you?
: What?! Of course not!
: Cause it wouldn't surprise me at all if you did something like that.
: What do you mean by that?
: You tried peeking at me in the shower before!
: That was just natural curiosity toward the unknown.
: ...Oh, brother.
: ...This angel transformation definitely doesn't look like something I want to go through.

Skit #016: Hurry Along the Tethe'alla Bridge

: Part of the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge is a drawbridge. If they raise the bridge on us, there will be nothing we can do.
: ...Movement speed reduction resulting from conversation in transit.
: Yeah, Presea's right! We've got to hurry!

Skit #197: Sheena's Spell

: ...
: *Sigh*
: What are you doing?
: N...nothing!
: I was just...wishing for Colette to return to normal....
: I see....
: I hope she gets back to normal soon.
: Yeah. Me, too.

Those fuckers have Raine and Genis. They must pay.
Youtube backup.

: Damn! They're trying to cut us off! Come on, we'll have to jump it!
: What! Wait! Time-out! Are you nuts?! We'll die if we fall from here!
: And if we abandon them, they'll die, too!
: ...Let us continue our pursuit.
: Man...

: Ahhhhh!
: Undine! Help!!

: ...Safe landing due to an unknown force. No damage detected.
: Phew...I thought I was going to die.
: Thanks, Sheena!
: I'm sure glad I was able to summon her...
: Excuse me, but Professor Sage and Genis are...
: That's right, we have to save them!

: Give us back our friends!
: Silence!

War Plan Orange is now in effect. Fuck the pope. JRPGs are really anti-Catholic.

Zelos isn't a bad healer, but we'll let Raine handle most of it.

Ultimately these guys are just trash mobs.

: ...You came to rescue us.
: Of course! You're our friends!
: But...we're half-elves.
: So...what's your point?
: Lloyd!
: ...What about the Tethe'alla half of our group? Do you mind if we join up with you?
: I'm from Mizuho...We're not exactly mainstream, either. We're not that different.
: ...To tell you the truth, I can't say I'm really kosher with this. Then again, people have always treated me differently, saying that I'm a descendent of angels. So in a way we're a lot alike.
: I...just want to go home.
: I see...All right, then.
: By the way, why is Sheena here?
: ...I have orders from my chief. I'm supposed to observe your activities.
: That's typical of Mizuho. They're trying to decide if they should side with the King or you guys.
: I would recommend "you guys". Of the two, they're more likely to kick ass. Granted, Cruxis could squish either like a bug.
: So now we have two people keeping tabs on us.
: But I'm not trying to do anything or get in your way or anything!
: We know that already. You're an honest person...perhaps to a fault.
: At this point, I'm okay with anything. Now we just need Sheena to form a pact with Volt and we can get those Rheairds working!
: Volt?!
: ...Sheena?
: ...Ah...nothing.
: Then shouldn't we go get the Rheairds first? Either way, Volt's temple is on the other side of the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge. It'll be faster if we pick up the Rheairds, since the bridge is closed off right now.
: Pick up? How are you planning on moving these things?
: Heheh, just leave that to me! I prepared a secret weapon just in case something like this happened.
: What secret weapon?
: It wouldn't be any fun if I spoiled the surprise! Now let's get going! To the Fooji Mountains!
: I can't believe we're going to have to climb that mountain again...

Skit #017: Half-elves in Tethe'alla

: What, you going to discriminate against them too?
: ...I'm sure it sounds like that, but you've got to understand, I've been educated this way since birth. "Half-elves are stupid, savage, filthy creatures."
: You!...
: Don't get mad, I'm just stating the common view. Well, I haven't been around them very long yet, but I can tell they're good people, not any different from us.
: ...Good.
: Knowing that, but still being unable to shake the feelings, is what discrimination is all about, though....
This skit is actually surprisingly intelligent for a JRPG.

: But the regeneration ritual wasn't complete, so what's going on?
: ...If it's not caused by a decline in mana, then it may be the work of Cruxis.
: To try and hurt Colette?
: Can they do something like that?
: It's just a conjecture. We can't say for certain.

Here's what they mean. Remember back in the first two updates, we fought these guys? They have more HP but still suck.

Oh wait, maybe they mean the FUCKING DEMONS. They're not as impressive as a demon should be though. It should be pointed out that in the Symphonia continuity, demons are much worse than any normal monster.

Hope nobody is tracking those Rheairds...
Youtube backup.
: Hey, Zelos. How are we going to carry these?

: You've walked right into my trap, fools!
: He just called you a fool.
: clumsy.
: Gah...I am so sad now...
: Honestly, in that situation, based on his "secret weapon" and "surprise" comments, I'd be inclined to assume treachery and smack him down.

: Yes, sir!
: This time, you're mine, Lloyd.
: ...Damn!

: Only sluts use that hairstyle. Slut.
: I think I've seen that lady somewhere before...
: I should ask you the same, Pronyma! The role of you Desians is to wreak havoc upon the declining world!
: I have come here on Lord Yggdrasill's order to retrieve Colette. Please turn her over to me.
: Fine. But in exchange for handing over the Chosen, I am taking custody of Lloyd. I trust you have no objections?
: I have received no orders in regards to him, so, please do as you wish, my lord.
: Colette! Don't go!
: Hahaha. A futile effort. Your words cannot reach a Chosen who has lost her soul. What is this? Why is there such a crude Key Crest upon the Cruxis Crystal? ...How pathetic. I shall remove this ugly thing at once.

Two pictures here so you can see the eyes change color.
: Colette...spoke!
: And here I'd stopped believing in miracles.
: Colette! Are you back to normal?!
: What? Why is everyone...inside that thing?
: Impossible! There's no way that pitiful Key Crest could restrain the Cruxis Crystal!
: Wow...not bad, Lloyd.
: How could this happen?... Still, in the end, it is but a worthless bauble. It shan't last long! Now, come with me!

: ...Whoops. Oh...oh, no! I broke it!!
: All right! Good job, my little Colette! I think I'm falling in love! <3
: Hahahahaha! Now that's our Colette!
: Some things never change...
: That brought back some painful memories...
: Colette!
: Lloyd! Lloyd, thank you for the present! I was so happy... I was really happy, but there wasn't anything I could do at the time.
: It's okay, don't worry about it.
: Behind you!
: At last, someone who's smart enough to attack while they're celebrating. Fortunately Raine has a brain too.
: You impudent!... Prepare to die!

After fighting Kratos, this is kind of sad.
Youtube backup.

Pronyma has more HP than Kratos starts with, but isn't as prone to comboing someone for 100% of their life. Indeed, she's more of a caster.

Light weakness means Prism Stars will wreck her.

Dark Sphere is a dark-elemental copy of Photon.

Agarazium launches you into the air.

Leonezium is basically the same as Lloyd/Presea's Beast, it does a knockback/knockdown. She also has Aqua Laser and Ice Tornado, but those are spells Genis and a bunch of other bosses use so I think you've seen them already. She also has Bloody Lance, which is a dark-elemental version of Holy Lance, but I didn't get a good shot of it since the only time she used it the target was offscreen.

: This is the perfect opportunity! Yuan! I'm going to settle our score right now!

: Or not.
: Kratos!
: ...What are you doing here?
: Leave, Yuan. Lord Yggdrasill has summoned you.
: Grr...Are you taking the Chosen?
: No...we shall leave her for now. It's the toxicosis.
: ...I see. Lloyd, our battle will have to wait.

: He's an angel, too?!
: Dammit, Yuan! Wait!
: ...What are you doing?
: ...What?
: Why have you come all the way here to Tethe'alla?
: I'm here to save Colette...
: What good will saving the Chosen do? The relation of the two worlds vying for each other's mana will not change. Their positions have merely been reversed by the regeneration ritual.
: Has Tethe'alla begun to decline?

: As long as that exists here, it means that this world is still flourishing. Although, in the event that the Chosen becomes Martel's vessel, Tethe'alla will surely bid farewell to its era of prosperity.
: Dammit, isn't there anything that can be done?! Yggdrasill's the one that built this twisted world!
: Lord Yggdrasill does not consider it twisted. If you want to do something about it, use your own head. ...I thought you weren't going to make any more mistakes?
: Yeah, I'll do it! This stupid system of two worlds stealing mana from each other... I swear I'll change it!
: Heh...well, do your best.

: I remember! That Pronyma was the one on the projector at the Asgard ranch!
: That means she's a Desian!
: Now that Kratos came to interfere and all--it looks like the Desians and Cruxis are really the same organization...
: They told you that TWICE.
: It would appear that Yuan is connected to Cruxis as well.
: Gahh, this is all so confusing! In other words, they're all our enemies, right?
: Yes. That means we must be careful of everyone, including the Renegades.
: Colette, is everything else back to normal? Besides your voice, can you feel things and such?
: Yup, I think I'm okay. Thanks, everyone. And I'm sorry I made all of you worry so much. Hey, you know what? I think I'm hungry for the first time in a long while.
: That's great!

: Oh...
: Hmmm. Just like I thought. Colette is definitely cuter when she smiles! <3
: Let's see, you're...Zelos?
: Ohh! You remembered my name! We Chosen have to stick together, you know what I mean?!
: Okay!
: Now what shall we do? Since Colette has regained her soul, there's no need for us to head immediately back to Sylvarant, but...
: We know what we have to do! We're going to search for a way to save both worlds in order to prevent any more Chosen like Colette!
: I agree with Lloyd. I promised Sheena, too.
: Colette...
: What about Presea? It's not fair to keep dragging her around like this!
: ...I...want to go home.
: Oh yeah, that's right, we need to bring Presea to that Kate chick.
: Unfortunately, I doubt we can use the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge anymore.
: Hmm...I have contacts in Meltokio. Let's ask them for help.
: But we're wanted traitors. Can we even get into Meltokio?
: Leave that to me. I know Meltokio like the back of my head.
: All right. We're counting on you, Zelos.
: You got it! You can always count on me! Now, my hunnies, we're off to Meltokio! <3
: Colette...
: What's wrong, Lloyd?
: ...Welcome back.
: ...Hehe. I'm glad to be back.

Skit #201: A Girl Who Lost Her Heart

: ...
: ...I feel like I'm looking at myself from just a short while ago....

Skit #200: We're Alike

: I don't like them, anyway.
: Then why are you coming along on our journey?
: ...Well, in the end, we're of the same lot, really.
: What do you mean?
: No one wanted us to be born.
: ?

: While it pains me terribly to say this, you and your companions are currently wanted.
: What now? You said to leave it to you.
: Now, now, just hang on. I told you, leave it to me. For my cute hunnies, I'll show you a special entrance. Follow me.

: The underground sewer. Waste water from the city flows out from here.
: This is a pretty good way of sneaking in.
: Well, Meltokio's gate closes at night, so I used this a lot to get back home.
: Why don't you go home until night?
: ...Hmm, if you like me to show you, I'll be happy to educate you tonight.

: It was just a joke! Don't' get jealous now, Sheena. ?
: ...You've got to be kidding me!
: Why is Sheena upset?
: You'll understand when you're older.
: Enemy presence detected. There is danger.
: Yeah, let's be careful as we go.

Next time: Obligatory Sewer Dungeon! Annoying puzzles! I make shit up to explain the unexplained! Maybe some plot development and bosses.

Oh yeah, Pronyma's boss stats.