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Part 35: Update 31

Update 31

: Don't feel so good. I knew I could still hurt while I was dead, but nausea is just unfair.
Voice Acting!
Youtube backup.

: Please don't tell anyone about this. We don't want to start a panic.
: Indeed. Especially now that the Tower of Salvation is gone, I wouldn't dare tell people the truth.
: Tower of gone?
: After that frightening earthquake, the tower disappeared from the eastern sky...along with that monstrosity.
: How could it disappear?!
: I don't know. The Chosen never completed the ritual of regeneration. The Cruxis core system, which controls the appearance of the tower, may have malfunctioned. It is of little consequence.
: No, it's not. It's a tremendous shock to the people of Sylvarant. After a giant earthquake sunders the land, the symbol of salvation vanishes. The Chosen will be held responsible.
: Why? Lots of other Chosen have failed up till now, too.
: The others have paid for their failure with their lives. But Colette is still alive...
: When people are suffering, they feel the need to place the blame on someone...
: It is not fair to Colette.
: I'm gonna go see what's going on in the village.
: I'll go too.
: Let's all go together, then. It sounds like it's a bit sketchy for you to be walking around by yourself.
: I'll...stay here. Go on.

: The Chosen failed atrociously... It's the end of the world!
: Well, he certainly hasn't changed.
: ...And on top of all that, people we thought were elves are actually half-elves?! I bet you were the ones that led the Desians here to attack this village!
: Wh...what did you say?
: Mayor! He's only a child.
: It doesn't matter if he's a child. He's a half-elf!
: I've heard enough from you! Now listen! It's true that the Professor and Genis are half-elves...but so what?! There are good half-elves just as there are bad humans!
: Humph! What does a kid know? You were raised by a dwarf. It's no wonder you caused the Chosen to fail her journey! And you even brought a bunch of dirty prisoners back here! It's intolerable how much pain you've caused the good humans of this village.
: ...
: Wh...what?
: That's enough! You're just complaining about everything! Does any part of you besides your mouth even work?!
: Chocolat...
: Yeah! You tell him! I've had all I can handle of this chump.
: You criticize and attack people for their birth and upbringing--things they cannot change. It is you who are not human.
: What?! We have an arrangement with the Desians! I have a duty to protect this village. Isn't that right?
: ...
: ...
: ...
: Say something!
: Genis is the smartest person in this village. He even knows factorizations that you don't know.
: The Professor is scary when she's angry, but when I know the answer, she's happy, too.
: Lloyd isn't any good at school, but he's the strongest in the village. He saved me when I was attacked by monsters.
: Colette, she's always falling down and stuff, but she never cries. She doesn't cry even when it hurts. Colette is really grown up.
: Everyone...

: Raine...
: Sh...shut up! You children, go away!
: Those children understand the truth much better than you! Who do you think you are?! And it's not just you! Everyone shoved all the responsibility on the Chosen and Lloyd and the others! What have you done?! You haven't done anything!
: We are powerless...
: ...Yes. But even powerless, we can still aid the Chosen and her companions when they return exhausted to this village.
: Mayor...your words are so shallow that even a child can see through them.
: You say that you are powerless and force everything onto the Chosen, but when push comes to shove, you turn and blame her? That's just too much!
: Forcystus is dead. There are no more restrictions upon this village.
: We will take in the Chosen and her companions and the people from the ranch. And, Mayor, we're not going to let you say a word about it.
: Yeah!
: ...Everyone...are you sure?
: I'm...a half-elf...remember?
: But you were raised in this village. And Lloyd is like a member of this village, too.
: ...Thank you. Everyone.
: ...Fine! Do what you want!
: ...I must apologize, too.
: What?
: You saved me, and yet I...I couldn't bring myself to accept it. I...heard at the ranch about how you were kind to Grandma. ...Thank you.
: Thank you, Chocolat.
: I'll always remember Marble...for the rest of my life.

: ...No, it's nothing., never mind.
: Hmm?
: Perhaps this village has some hope left for it after all.
: I was really looking forward to you chewing out the Mayor.
: I'm not stupid enough to waste my time lecturing pigs.
: Well, well, my apologies...

Skit #307: Small First Step

: But, the Mayor...
: Just leave idiots like him alone.
: There's always stubborn people like that. All we can do is just work to change those around us little by little.
: Then Iselia was our first little step.
: ...For me, it was a great leap forward.
: Huh? Did you say something?
:, it's nothing.

: Yes...I think...I'm sorry for making everyone worry.
: I have accepted a request from Phaidra and Frank to escort the Chosen to your father's house.
: To Dad's house? Why?
: Grandmother said that dwarves know the most about Cruxis Crystals...
: I see...Yeah, they probably do. Then I'll go with you. In should visit Dad every once in a while.
: Yes, you do that. After I deliver the Chosen, I will return to Cruxis.
: But...what about Sheena?
: I requested a message be sent. She should rejoin you soon.
: Gotcha. Then, let's go back to Dad's place.

Skit #375: Dirk's Skills

: How much? All of it, I guess.
: The dwarves who chose not to join Cruxis lost a variety of skills in exchange for their freedom. Your father is almost certainly one of those survivors.
: I see.... So that's why Dad and Altessa don't know the same things.
: The Chosen's illness may be beyond Dirk's ability to cure.
: No!...

Skit #137: The Desian Hero

: He...was a Desian hero that once killed every member of a group of humans that were leading a massacre of half-elves.
: ...A hero...
: It is said that he was full of knightly virtue, kind to his companions and a fierce god of death to his enemies.
: From a human point of view, he's a horrible villain, but to the half-elves, he must have been a true hero.
: Yes. That's why war is so tragic. To win means to make victims of your opponents and give birth to hatred.
: If Forcystus had been born in a world where we accepted each other, we might have been able to get along.
: ...Yes, perhaps so.

Skit #260: Is it my fault?

: Do you mean Colette?
: If I hadn't made that key crest, Colette wouldn't have wound up like this....
: ...And instead, she would still have no heart. No, if you hadn't saved her, Colette would have been killed by Cruxis as a tool for Martel's resurrection.
: Well, that's true, but...
: "I don't want there to be any sacrifices. I don't want anyone to suffer." That way of thinking is not wrong.
: But you must deal with the frustration of the fact that sometimes you are forced to make a choice.
: Lloyd, take responsibility for the choices you have made.
: ...You're too harsh, Professor.
Lloyd exits.
: The reason I say such harsh things is that I believe that you will overcome them. You are strong, Lloyd.

Skit #259: Is it a Punishment?

: Yes. I'm sorry to worry you.
: I see. That's good, then.
: I wonder if...
: Hmm?
: If this is a punishment? Because I quit the world regeneration...
: Nonsense! You suffered through all that all by yourself! How could anyone want to punish that?!
: Thank you, Lloyd.

More voice acting!
Youtube backup.

: Dad! How've you been? Were you affected by the earthquake?
: This area is on top of hard bedrock. Everything is fine.
: Dirk, we are here by the request of Colette's family. They wish for you to help her.

: I still don't know the first thing about them. It'd be a better idea to ask a dwarf over in that Tethe'alla place.
: even you don't know anything about these.
: I'm sorry I couldn't be of help... At least stay here for the night to get some rest.
: ...I must politely decline.
: Ah...all right.

: ...I am an angel of Cruxis.
: Then why didn't you follow Yggdrasill's orders to leave the Great Seed alone?
: I have my reasons...that's all. But as a result, Martel was not lost. That goes along with Yggdrasill's wishes.
: It's true then. You really are our enemy...
: ...Lloyd.
: What?
: If you want to save the Chosen, you should research the records from the Ancient Kharlan War. Remember the words of the unicorn at Lake Umacy.
: Wait! Why are you with Cruxis when you're a human?!
: ...What is he trying to do?...

: Hey, wasn't that Kratos just now?
: ...Sheena! Yeah...he returned to Cruxis.
: I see...So he really is our enemy.
: Yeah...but anyway...welcome back!
: Thanks! Thank goodness we stopped the Giant Tree.
: Yeah.

Let's talk to everyone...
: The problem is what to do now. We need to know how the two worlds were forced apart before we can figure out a way to save them.
: How the worlds were forced apart...I wonder about that, too, but I also want to know why Yggdrasill split the world in two.
: Don't you think it was to protect the Great Seed? To protect Martel?
: But because the worlds were pulled apart, that "phase" thing got shifted, and the Great Seed became unstable, right? That's not really protecting her--that's more like putting her in danger.
: ...Lloyd, you manage to say something intelligent every now and then. You're absolutely right.
: "Every now and then"? Geez, that's harsh.
: ...The who, why, and how... That's what we need to know.
: Right now, all we know is who.

: This area resembles Ozette.
: Yeah, this entire area is surrounded by a forest.
: Lloyd...I...heard about Chocolat.
: And about Marble?
: Yes. And other things as well. Were you Chocolat's hatred towards you?
: Well,'s definitely painful when someone hates you. Even if I deserved it.
: I...see.
: But I'm going to do everything I can to make up for it. Even if I don't ever make up for it completely.
: ...Even if she never forgives you?
: Whether or not you're forgiven isn't important. It's the effort that matters. At least, that's what I think.

: This whole time, Colette hid her suffering deep in her heart and always kept a smile on her face.
: ...Yeah. And once again, I failed to notice.
: She is a courageous girl. It takes tremendous strength to smile no matter how dire the situation.
: ...Colette hides her suffering too much. It's okay for her to let her true feelings show.
: She knows the power that words possess.
: Power of words?
: Your will manifests itself in the words you speak. Whether they be curses, or words of joy, the soul of those words yields power.
: I get it. Okay, then I'm going to say it out loud right now: I will save Colette and both worlds!

: I bet you lived a crappy, hard life so far, huh?...
: Gee, you sure know how to cheer someone up, don't ya?
: Heh heh. Well, don't worry about it too much. So now what? Aren't you at your wit's end right about now?
: Why do you say that?
: The Giant Tree, which we thought was all good, goes nuts, our cute little Colette comes down with some funky cold... It's just human nature to start getting tired of it all.
: I'm...never gonna give up. If I quit, I'll never be able to face all the people who've suffered because of what I've done. So I'm gonna the very end. I can't give up!
: ...Hot-headed and stubborn as well. Well...but I guess that's what I dig about you.

: Lloyd...I feel like I'm starting to hate humans more and more.
: I'm sorry, Genis...
: You don't have to apologize, Lloyd. I like you, as well as the people of Iselia. It's just that when I think about how there are lots of people who think just like the Mayor...
: I remember a lesson where the Professor said that words exist in order for people to understand one another.
: What do you do about people who don't wanna understand?
: Genis...
: I'm sorry. I don't mean to take it out on you. Don't worry about it.

: What are you talking about? You're the one that's suffering. Stop apologizing.
: Okay...I'm sorry. shoulder, right?
: ...Yeah.
: ...I wonder if I'm just going to turn into one big Exsphere.
: You dork. There's no way that'll happen!
: But it keeps spreading! Right now, it's still hidden under my clothes, but eventually...
: Colette...
: If that happens, you're going to hate me... I've caused you so much trouble, and now on top of that, my body's turning into this disgusting thing...
: It's not disgusting. Remember what I said. You're you. Even if you become an Exsphere...No. No, I won't let you become an Exsphere!
: ...Really?
: ...Yeah. Have I ever lied bef--well, okay, I have, but I did keep my promise to give you your birthday present, so I swear that I'll save you no matter what. I promise.
: always save me, and you always keep the promises you've made to me.
: Yeah. So cheer up! When you're down, everyone feels sad...including me.
: I'm...truly thankful to have met you, Lloyd. This time, I don't want to disappear. I really don't. I'm gonna live, right? I'm...going to be able to stay by your side, right?
: Of course! You're right here, in front of me, alive. I swear that you will be absolutely, positively, indubitably all right!

: Let's go see Altessa for Colette.
: Yes. Regardless of whether or not we trust Kratos' words, we'd better return to Tethe'alla for now.
: Can we trust him though?
: We don't have any other leads. All we can do is keep on going!

Skit #045: Cursed Sword of Nebilim

This means we can now go collecting more Devil's Arms.
: It's really admirable of Abyssion to collect and seal these.
: Hmm? What's wrong, Presea?
: There's a disturbing sound. Can't you hear it?
: ...No. I don't hear anything.
: If Colette can't hear it, it must be your imagination.
: I suppose you're right. It must just be my ears.

Previously, on Tales of Symphonia posted:

: I promise to regenerate the world and bring peace to everyone.
: They're still pretending to be us.
: I s...said, donate to the Chosen's journey!
: Please, everyone, we need your support.
: Shut up! These guys are con-artists who tricked the Palmacosta government and took the Book of Regeneration!
: This doesn't look good. Time to make a break for it!
: B...big brother!
: Grab him.
: You mustn't trick people for money anymore. Please tell the others that, too.
: I...I'm not going to be...arrested?
: Yes.'s okay to go back to your brother. Right, everyone?

: What?
: You failed at the world regeneration. And that's why my dad, who went to Palmacosta to work, died.
: Yes, my husband worked at the Palmacosta harbor. Because of you, he...
: What Chosen?! This world isn't getting regenerated. It's about to come to an end!
: ...I'm sorry.
: Saying sorry isn't going to cut it!

: Stop!
: Shut up! The Tower of Salvation is gone, too! It's all over for us!

: You're...
: Hey, don't you think you're going a bit too far?
: You're...the fake Chosen's group....
: It's true that the world is in shambles, but the Chosen's journey of regeneration isn't absolute. They've failed again and again in the past.
: But these guys acted all full of themselves as--
: We were the ones acting like that, the imposters. These people have take nothing from you, and she never sought to be revered as the Chosen.
: But Dad died!
: My dad and mom were k...killed by Desians, too. These people...defeated the Desians....
: If you don't like what the Chosen is doing, then why don't you do something yourself? It's your world, right? You have to protect it yourself....
: ...What can we possibly do?!
: I don't know. But the world hasn't ended yet. Why don't you go find something that you can do?
: Then, what can you do?
: I'll cheer for those that can save the world in my own way.
: I...was not strong enough.
: You weren't smart enough, more like.
: And because of it, I am going to do my best to save the world this time. Once the world has been saved, I promise I will accept your judgement. So please, give me just a little more time.
: ...Save the world!

: You saved me before....
: Yes. This is our way of thanking you for saving Christopher.
: And we've certainly enjoyed ourselves using your name.
: You're the real Chosen. If you don't save this world, I'll never forgive you.
: ...Yes, I promise!
: We'll be around Hima. If there's anything we can do, come talk to us anytime.
: Ahaha, Jude. That doesn't sound like you at all. Anyway, time to go, guys.
: I...I...
: What is it? Um, what is your name?
: They just said it!
: I'm....Christopher. I played the imposter of that small child.
: was me...That's awful!
This is a reference to one of the skits you get after the imposters show up in Palmacosta.
: I apologize.
: Colette.
: Colette...that's a pretty name.... I'm...cheering for you. Good luck.
: Thank you, Christopher.
: It looks like they've repented. That's great.
: Yeah!
Unfortunately, I think that's it for them this game. They show up in the sequel though, where  they're still criminals .

A quick stop in Altamira, which is surprisingly near the Renegade base we use to switch between worlds, the Tethe'alla side of which is located on a fucking ice cap - how they have a tropical beach next door is beyond me. I guess you can blame Mana, or something we don't know about yet  the Eternal Sword .

: dropped something.
: Ah, thanks.
: Of course...oh?
: What is it?
:, it's...I don't mean to be rude, but that ring...where did you...
: Sybak...A student at the Imperial Research Academy was selling it at the bazaar.
: Joshua...
: Do you know that student?
: Ah...I apologize for asking something like this, but could you give this money to the student who sold you that ring?
: Oh come on. "Here, give a large amount of money to this guy I said I don't know.
: What? Why all of a sudden...
: Not even Lloyd believes you.
: ...I did something cruel and unforgivable to him. It is an apology for that.
: ...It's starting to get a little too complicated.
: But she looks so sad. I want to help her.
There's a choice, but sidequests are one of the things I wanted to show off.
: all right.
: Thank you so much! My name is Rosa. After you give the money to Joshua, please come see me again. I'll be at my house in Meltokio.
: Gotcha. When we're done, we'll head for Meltokio. Okay, let's go.
And she gives us 5,000 Gald. For reference, that would be a vastly insignificant sum to Lloyd at this point even if I hadn't carried over my cash. Also for reference, there was a guy selling road passes for 100 million Gald in the declining world a while back (the gold cap is 98.something IIRC).

: I've almost got enough to pay for the tuition. Please...please wait just a little longer.
: You are an excellent student, so I don't want to kick you out, either, but those are the rules of the academy.
: I know.
: I'll see if you can get another scholarship. But try your best.
: I will.

: Let me guess, you heard that conversation?
: I'm sorry....We eavesdropped.
: No, it's all right. It's embarrassing, but I can't pay the tuition at the academy. That's why I'm at the bazaar, but it's not going so well....
: Ah, so that's why that woman said to give you this money.
: What are you talking about?
: Um, in Altamira, we received money for you from a woman.
We give him the money.
: This is a huge sum....Who would possibly?... Wait a minute, did you say Altamira? Is it Rosa?...
I have no idea what connects Altamira to Rosa other than us meeting her there, she doesn't live there, she wasn't born there, and it's a common vacation spot.
: She talked to us after seeing the ring Sheena received from you.
: It is Rosa! I'm sorry, but I can't accept this. Please give it back.
And he gives it back to us!
: What?!
: Sounds like something's up.
: I don't think it would be good to pry.
: But if we don't know what's going on, we'll have to keep going back and forth.
: Rosa was my girlfriend. We were going to get married once I became a full scholar.... But she betrayed me.
: What do you mean?
: ...All of a sudden, she said she was going to marry a noble, so she wanted to end our relationship. She told me she was tired of a life with a poor student.
: ...
: What the?! She's horrible!
: I'd be lying if I said I didn't resent it, but...I can't accept charity.
: Okay, I understand. We'll go give it back!
: Thank you.
: I don't think she's a cruel or callous woman. I mean, I'm probably the world's foremost authority on cruelty and callousness studies.

Meltokio, Noble District

: He said he couldn't take this.
And we give it back for the final time.
: No! Why?...
: Joshua's a man. He can't accept this kind of charity.
: Lloyd, stop!
: But...
: ...I see. You heard what happened from Joshua. I am a....cruel woman. I took his tuition, and then betrayed his love.... This is the money he gave me, money he took out of his school expenses. So returning it to him is the right thing to do.
: Why do you need so much money?
: it's...
: Rosa. Master is calling for you.
: Ah, thank you. I'll be right there. Please excuse me, I must hurry. I'm sorry for making such a request.
: Hey, she's gone. Now then, where do you work?
: Ch...Chosen! Ah, yes, um, I serve Master Cromwell.
: Hmmm. Is Zelos famous?
: But Rosa didn't know him.
: Mistress Rosa is from Flanoir, so...
: Of course I'm famous! But it's not like my face is known to everyone outside of Meltokio. Hmmm...Cromwell...
: Do you know him?
: I don't hear a lot of good things about him. I heard he recently took in a girl as a servant for partial payment of a debt.
: That is Mistress Rosa. She was forced into an engagement with Master Cromwell in order to pay back her parents' debt. Oh, I must get back. Please excuse me.
: I feel sorry for her....
: I was rude to her when I didn't know what was really going on....
: ...Should we tell Joshua?
: ...Rosa probably would not like for him to know. That's why she left without telling him.
: I can't accept this! I think we should tell Joshua!
: What should we do?...

You get another choice to not continue the sidequest here, but of course I'm going to.
: Joshua. There's something I want to tell you.
: ?
: Is this true?! In order to pay back the debt, she?... Then that was a lie....
: What happened?
: Rosa's mother was sick and they were in debt in order to treat her. I took money out of my academy school expenses in order to help her.
: So that's why you couldn't pay your expenses.
: The money Rosa tried to give you may be your school expenses that you gave her.
: Rosa...I would have quit the academy for you....
: She didn't want you to quit.
: She probably couldn't stand the thought of you giving up your dreams for her.
: Where is Rosa now?
: She's at the house of a noble named Cromwell, in Meltokio.
: Thank you!
: Is Joshua going to be all right? Maybe we should help him....
: We shouldn't get any more involved. Saving the one he loves is something he needs to do himself.
: Spend a little time saving Colette, aka the one you love, you're taking her for granted or something.

: ...Actually,
: I see...So that's what caused the massive earthquake the other day.
: Was there damage on this side, too?!
: It seems that the other regions were not greatly affected. But...
: ...Hey! Mithos, what happened? You're hurt!
: Ah...this is...It's okay. I'm fine now...
: I see...I'm glad you're safe.
: Yeah. And that's really impressive the way you protected Tabatha like that, Mithos. You saved us before, too. You're a really nice guy, Mithos.
: ...Ah...not really...
: Mithos is a...kind...person.
: Yeah! He helped us find Raine when she disappeared, too. You're awesome, Mithos!
: ...Thank you.
: ...A nice guy?...Hmm...
: Regarding Colette's illness, it's most likely Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium.
: Chr...chronic...angelus?...
: Of course it is.
: Rejection of the crystal is said to occur in one out of every million people. But I've heard that knowledge of the cure was lost long ago. If you could find records from the Ancient War, then perhaps...
: So it all comes back to the Ancient War... But where do we go to find records of it?...
: There's an archive building is Sybak that is dedicated to the history of Mithos.
: Oh, yeah, now that you mention it, I've heard of that...
: Oh...yes. I do know about that.
: An archive building...I wonder if it will be of any use...
: If you like, I can show you around there.
: Yeah! That'd be great.
: You just want to go with Mithos.
: Heheh.
: Well, I guess an archive building will be safe enough. Sure, let's go together.

: Hey, take a look at this.
: What's up?
: One of Mithos' companions was afflicted with a disease that crystallizes the body.
: That sounds the same as Colette.
: Colette is...sick?
: Ah, yeah, a little. ...What happened to that person?
: ...It seemed it was cured.
: Then there is a way to cure it, just as Altessa said.
: ...I hope the technique hasn't been lost.
: So what's the cure?!
: ...It says a unicorn saved the maiden. Is that the Unicorn Horn that we got at Lack Umacy?
: You mean the one that Raine used to learn new healing arts?
: ...If so, then we already know that those healing arts can't help Colette.
: I wonder if the unicorn necessary.
: Now that you mention it, the unicorn did say he lived for healing Martel's sickness...or something like that...
: It's just as Kratos said. "Remember the unicorn's words."
: I wonder who Kratos really is?
: What are you talking about? He's a traitor. What are you gonna do if you trust him and wind up regretting it?
: There is a possibility, but let's test it before we start worrying whether it's true or not.
: ...Yeah! We can only do what we can!
:'re strong.
: You think so?
: How can you be so positive when there may be a trap and only darkness may lie up ahead?
: I think it's because my friends will help me. If I was alone, I think I would have already been crushed by the weight of the burden.
: I, too...wish I'd had friends like that.
: You're our friend now, right?
: Yeah! You're one of Lloyd's friends. Although, you may catch his stupidity.
: Hey! Genis!
: Hahaha! Yeah...I really envy you.
: But... How can we find more information on the Kharlan War?
: I've heard that the royal family has compiled and stored most of the materials concerning Mithos and the Kharlan War.
: During the Kharlan War, Mithos did have various interactions with the rulers.
: So it's Meltokio, then. But the Pope will be breathing down our necks. It's dangerous.
: We don't have the luxury of complaining that now.
: Yeah. We'll head for Meltokio, but you should go back, Mithos. Anyway, we'll take Mithos back and--
: It's fine. I can go back myself.
: But...
: It's fine. Don't you need to hurry? And, you're going to be infiltrating the castle, right? So be careful...
: ...Yeah. Okay then, guys, let's go!
: ...Do they all...really believe him?
We're not infiltrating the castle yet though! SIDE QUEST TIME AGAIN!

: This Exsphere is...
: ...Sick? The Exsphere?
: ...Abnormality...
: I see. Yeah, they're alive, too, after all.
: ...Poor things? ...It is because of these small stones that everyone is suffering. Countless lives have been lost in order to wake them. Yet you still feel...
: ...Well...
: To the mine?
: It's all right with me. If you have business there, I'll give you permission to enter.
: But what are we going to do about a Rheaird for Tabatha? Unlike Mithos, she's not small enough to ride with someone.
: I'll stay behind.
: Okay. Then, let's go.

: All right. Let's go, Presea.
: ...Yes...

Skit #261: Chosen's Sickness

: Yes. It's only briefly mentioned in Mithos' records.
: I wonder if any of the other Chosen who embarked on the world regeneration encountered the same disease.
: Among the Chosen who died along the way, there may have been some that suffered from it.
: The Chosen is always the one who suffers... We must do something to save that innocent girl.

Past the Indiana Jones Ripoff trap we dealt with last time...

: ...I can't hear anything...

: You're the same as Exspheres?
: ...Lonely...Exspheres are lonely, just like me.
: Yeah. We humans are the ones digging them up and using them for our own purposes.
: We are the ones making use of their traits and making them even more lonely as well.
: ...Yes...I will think about this. About being lonely...and about hate...
: Yeah. Just smashing one hatred up against another doesn't solve anything.
: ...Thank you, Tabatha.
: That's something not even I knew. I'm beginning to respect Tabatha.

: I should have gone along. I was so bored.
: I think...I heard the voice of the Exspheres.
: Yeah.
: I...have learned yet another thing.
: What?
: birth to nothing...
: ...Yeah.
: Yes.

There's another sidequest at Altessa's house too.

: ...Raine!
: Raine!
: Whoa...she's burning up!
: Why all of a sudden?
: There's a vicious virus going around recently. It might be that...
: I'm's nothing serious...
: No, you mustn't ignore it.
: Get her to bed. Then we'll call a doctor...
: The doctor I know is in Flanoir...
: Well, I know one in Meltokio.
: Then let's split up and see both of them.
: Okay, then--
: Presea, Colette and I will go to Meltokio.
: Picking only girls... Let's go, Regal!
: All right.
: ...I got left behind.
: I guess so.
: Well, that's true.
: Genis. Can I talk to you for a minute?
: Hmm? What is it, Mithos?

: Really?!
: Yes. It's probably the Ozette Cold. It's a dangerous disease.
: What do we need to do?
: We need the nectar of the Fandalia flower that blooms at the summit of the Fooji Mountains. If we can get that, it will cure her fever.
: The Fooji Mountains? Okay! I'll go tell Lloyd!
: Wait. Let's go get the flower together, just the two of us.
: You and I?
: Yes. There's not much time. And besides, I want us to save Raine ourselves.
: Okay. Gotcha!
: Oh, brother...
You can choose to help out or not. I chose to help Genis and Mithos because Genis is squishy as yogurt.
: I guess I'd better keep tabs on them.

The Fooji Mountains are where we crashed when we first got to Tethe'alla.
: They're not here yet?

: The summit, right? Don't worry, I've been here many times.

: W...we have to defeat it!

: Nice aim you two. Lucky Lloyd was here to pick up your slack.
: What the? What happened just now?
: Your attack must have hit it!
: R...really?
: Yeah! You're amazing, Genis!
: Ah, hahaha...
: Oh, brother... Oh, well. I'd better follow them to make sure they're okay.

: Great! Now we can save Raine.
: Yes. It's because of your hard work, Genis.
: Nah, not really. You were with me, too. And the monsters were weak and easy.
: Genis... Between me and Lloyd, who do you like better?
: ...What the? Why's he asking that all of a sudden?
: What? Why are you asking something like that all of a sudden? I like you both the same.
: If Lloyd and into a fight, which side would you be on?
: What?...Hmmm. Well, it depends on what the fight's about, but... I'm sure you wouldn't start a fight about something stupid like Lloyd would, so I guess I'd side with you.
: ...What's that supposed to mean?
: ...Really? For sure?!
: Yeah. Really.
: Thank goodness. Because you and Lloyd are good friends... I was a little envious...
: You're Lloyd's friend, too, remember?
: Ah...yeah, I am, but... I'm sorry for asking such a weird question. I...You're the first half-elf friend I've had that is near my age, so I'm happy and excited.
: It's okay. I'm the same way.
: I wish we could stay together forever.
: Then why don't we?
: ...Is it all right if I take that seriously?
: Sure. We're friends, right?
: Okay, I'm holding you to that, then! Heehee...Now, let's hurry back and save Raine.
: Yeah...Wait just a little longer, Raine!
This gets Genis the "Friend" title.
: ...Humph. They have no idea how much trouble I'm going through for them... Oh, well. I guess I'd better be getting back, too.

: What do you mean, what am I doing?
: Mithos and I went to the Fooji Mountains. See how mature I am?
: Genis was amazing. I respect him.
: And then here's Lloyd, doing...what again?
: No kidding.
: ...Lloyd, you should be ashamed.
: It's appalling to abandon a sick woman.
: I'm sure Lloyd was doing his best to save the Professor, too. Right, Lloyd?
: Ah, well, y...yeah...
: really? Thank you. But as you can see, I'm fine now.
: The flower nectar that Genis and Mithos brought back brought her fever down.
: I'm so glad Raine is well again. Our group just isn't the same when she's not feeling well.
: Certainly wouldn't want to see what happened if she died.
: But please, be careful. You just got over your fever.
: Thank you, both of you.

: Lloyd...
: Hmm? What?
: The one who helped us at the Fooji Mountains today...that was you, wasn't it?
: ...Wha...Ah, well...
: Thanks.
: ...You're welcome.
: Haha.
: I like those guys. That means they're doomed, of course.

Skit #095: Give the Flute to Mithos

: Say, Lloyd. Would it be okay if I gave Mithos this flute?
: What? Why?
: was out fault that Mithos' momento of his sister, his flute, got broken.
: Yes. Thanks to his flute, we were able to survive Rodyle's ranch.
: I see...We were saved that time because Aska came for us. Okay, yeah, let's give it to Mithos.
: Yeah! I'm sure he'll like it.

This isn't actually a sidequest.
: Welcome back, everyone.
: Mithos, here...
: What's this?...
: A flute made from a Linkite Nut.
: We'd like you to have it.
: But...
: It was our fault that the memento of your sister was broken.
: ...Thank you!
: It may not be the same as your sister's flute...
: No, don't worry about that. Your feelings are enough. I'm so happy. I mean, the Linkite Tree is supposed to be extinct...
: You sure know a lot of stuff, Mithos. You even knew about the Linkite Tree.
: Yeah, really. I wish you could come along with us instead of Lloyd.
: ...Hey. What's that supposed to mean?
: Ahahahaha. If there's anything I can do for you, I will. Come talk to me anytime.
: You got it.
: Thanks, Mithos!