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Part 36: Update 32

Update 32

Welcome back, this week we have to somehow gain access to the King's records. Incidentally, the King wants us dead because we're framed for trying to destroy the world (then we nearly destroyed the world).

We have to go in through the sewers (thank god for quick jump).

: Yup. It's all there. Hehehehe...
: How long before the King is dead?
: Probably another month or so with this poison.
: It takes a while.
: I've been told to make it look like he died from an illness. It's slow, but he'll die for sure. Tell His Eminence, the Pope, to wait just a little bit longer.
: I see. I knew there was something wrong when the normally healthy King got sick.
: What're we gonna do, Lloyd?
: Isn't it obvious? If we save the King...
: He'll be in our debt. Let's go.
: Why can't they just say that they'll save him?

: It's the Chosen.
: Damn, it's Zelos!
: What?
: It's you, Vharley!
: !
: Damn. I can't have people knowing about the assassination. Die here!
: ...Be quiet.
: ...I won't forgive you!

Yeah, no boss fight or anything. Vharley takes an axe to the back and drops.
: I'm going to die here?... You' to be...kidding me... I'm like...that damned...Alicia?...
: Good riddance.
: Don't insult Alicia!
: So he was the link between the Pope and Rodyle of the Five Grand Cardinals.
: The Pope is connected to Kuchinawa as well.
: The Exspheres in Tethe'alla passed from Vharley to Rodyle, and the experiments related to the Cruxis Crystals were passed from Rodyle to Vharley and ultimately to the Pope.
: The Pope probably asked them to assassinate the King in exchange for his cooperation.
: Insolence!
: All right. Let's get the Pope!

Skit #041: End of the Revenge

: ...What will you do now?
: For the sake of Lloyd and the others who aided me in my revenge, and for Alicia's sake as well, I shall assist in what meager ways I can to eliminate Cruxis.
: ...Yes. Defeating Vharley does not mean that everything is over.
: In may just be the beginning.
: Beginning?...
: A new beginning...for the sake of turning our eyes from the past, and toward the future.

: What?! What are you people doing here?!
: We have something we want to ask you about.
: You're poisoning His Majesty, aren't you?
: ...I don't know what you're talking about.
: You're certainly a stubborn little liar.
: Is there an antidote?
: ...I don't know anything!

: Then, let's have you drink this poison. It doesn't take effect immediately, anyway...
: ...A...all right! It's in the drawer in the desk!
: Here it is!
: ...I have something I've been wanting to ask you, too. Why did you try to have Kate executed?! She's your daughter!
: ...Sh...shut up! What do you know?!
: Yeah, I don't! I don't know, so that's why I'm asking! Are you stupid or something?!
: You have a half-elven daughter! Why would you take the initiative in creating rules to oppress half-elves?
: When I was young, I also thought the oppression of half-elves was wrong.
: Then, why? The church exists to offer salvation to all, does it not?
: Are you capable of understanding the terror of growing older, while your child, who supposedly shares your blood, does not?
: That's not Kate's fault. That's the kind of species half-elves are.
: Yes! And that is why they are shunned! I understand the feelings of those who persecute them, because my daughter is a half-elf. She terrifies me!

: the Church will be mine in both name and reality.
: How the hell are you letting this guy get away from you? He doesn't even have an exsphere or any decent fighting ability.
: Will the Church of Martel last without the Chosen?
: I never really liked my Church anyway. Let it burn.
: Humph. We have Seles!
: ...So you did intend to drag my sister into this, you pathetic old geezer!
: It's your fault! Why is a worthless and irresponsible man like you the Chosen?! If it weren't for you, no one would have interfered with my half-elf banishment project!
: Why do humans...treat us this way?
: Those who are different must be eliminated.
: Shut up! It doesn't matter if you're a half-elf, a human, or whatever. No matter who or what you are, you're born in this world, you have the right to live!

: Hey! He's gonna get away!
: I will take care of them.
You don't get to fight these guys either. Presea presumably dispatches them during the extremely brief loading, since she's with you when you resume control.

: Ah!...Ahhhhh!
: It's an angel! An angel has come down from heaven! It's the second coming of Spiritua!
: Look! Your heretical deeds have brought down an emissary of Cruxis!

: Chosen One! Then this must truly be!...
: Yes. She is the angel of death and destruction. Spiritua has returned!
: Pl...please forgive us, oh great angel!
: should I do?
: Hey, what's going on?
: Don't worry and just follow my lead. Oh, holy angel, how shall we deal with these creatures?
: ...Colette. Say you're going to kill them.
: B...but...
: It's okay. Just say it like you're in command.
: P...please! Forgive us!
: Holy one! Please spare their lives in my name. I will defeat those who oppose you and once again act as the Chosen to spread the teachings of Martel. Please!
: Say you'll forgive them.
: Ah, okay...I shall forgive you.
: Did you hear that?! The angel has recognized the Chosen as the true holy will of the church. Leave at once and capture my enemies, the Pope and his private soldiers, the Papal Knights!
: Y...yes, sir!
: Revoke the wanted status of the Chosen and his companions at once!
: Yes, sir! Everyone, do as the Chosen commands!
: Wow! Everyone did what you said, Zelos!
: We were saved by the Legend of Spiritua.
: Is that related to Spiritua, the Chosen of Sylvarant?
: This is actually a fairly accurate recreation of the original founding of the Church - well, it would be if Colette had killed one of them to make a point.
: Beats me. If you want to know the details, go read the books in the church or something. Anyway, Spiritua is famous for saving a Chosen by killing a King who tried to dispose of the Chosen.
: Hmmm. Kind of like what's going on now.
: Does this mean they won't be chasing us anymore?
: The church should be fine now, anyway. What's left is His Majesty.
: We need to let him know that he's been poisoned.
Colette gains the "Spiritua Reborn" title here. I'll go over titles later, probably near the end of the game.

: Princess. Please let us see His Majesty.
: I don't know anything about the return of Spiritua, but my father is sick. My father only wanted to protect Tethe'alla...
: ...We know. Are you aware that His Majesty has been poisoned by the Pope?
: That can't be...
: It's true. The Pope has run away upon being investigated for it.
: We must hurry and neutralize the poison. Please move.

: Oh...hmm...
: Father!
: ...Ahh? What...
: It looks like he's regained consciousness. Your Majesty, do you recognize me?
: The traitor...Zelos. Have you come to kill me?...
: No! Zelos saved you!
: Traitor...yes, that does suit me. Anyway, we were set up by the Pope. We have no intention of harming Tethe'alla.
: Even if the ruling family were to doubt him, the church, soldiers, and citizens will certainly side with Zelos the Chosen. We have the return of Spiritua with us, after all.
: ...What do you want?
: We want to see documents concerning the hero Mithos and the Kharlan War that are maintained by the royal family.
: They are stored in the archive on the second floor. Do what you will with them... Do not show yourselves in front of me again. I am...tired. I want nothing more to do with the church's power struggles.
: You're just being selfish!
: It's all right, kid. Then, Your Majesty, we shall allow ourselves access.

: ...It's no use!
: I can't believe we've searched through all this and still haven't found it...
: Are there any other books?
: ...I'm not going to give up. There has to be a way.
: ...Lloyd. Thank you.'s okay, you can stop.

: ...This is...angelic language?... No...they're ancient elven letters. ...Wait. This may be it!
: I certainly didn't expect to find the book that way.
: Colette's clumsiness seems to truly be blessed.
: Colette is like the opposite of me. All the luck in the world, no competence.
: Professor. What does it say?
: ...Wait. In order to prevent the erosion of the Cruxis Crystal, a Mana Fragment and zircon are fused using Boltzman's technique, to create a Rune Crest. Fibers from the Mana Leaf Herb, when placed in the crest, protect against the crystallization caused by the illness... ...Ah, the rest of this is just theory.
: So in other words, we need a Mana Fragment, Zircon, and a Unicorn Horn, right?
: And a Mana Leaf Herb. Then, we make something called a Rune Crest, and attaching that to the Key Crest will suppress the crystal's activity.
: Who's going to make that?
: Well, a dwarf, I guess.
: What is happening to Colette's body?
: It says it's called, "Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium." Just like the Altessa's diagnosis. It's an illness that causes the entire body to become a Cruxis Crystal.
: Okay, now we have some hope!
: But there's not much time. It says that epidermal crystallization begins within a few months, and the final stages of the disease cause the body to completely crystallize. The internal organs start to crystallize once the epidermis has crystallized, and then finally...
: ...The subject dies.
: I suppose there's no point in trying to mince words. Yes, exactly.
: Then let's hurry. Cute girls deserve to live long.
: Where are the materials?
: My company once handled zircon. If we go to the main Lezareno building, we should be able to find information on it and where it is stored.
: Mana Leaf probably in Heimdall.
: The elven village?
: Yes...I think I've heard the name of that plant before, when I was a child...
: But the people of Heimdall forbid anyone that is not an elf to enter the village.
: Why?
: It seems there was some trouble between them and humans a long time ago. These days, no one enters without a permit from the King of Tethe'alla.
: Hell, the original trouble happened before I was born.
: I wonder if the King will give us a permit?
: Who knows? He doesn't seem to want to see me. We could try asking Princess Hilda.
: Then, assuming we can get the Mana Leaf Herb, what about the mana Fragment? What is it, anyway?
: ...Beats me.
: ...In the scriptures of the Church of Martel, there is a passage that says, "The colossal mana of the great motherland, Derris-Kharlan, rained down upon the earth in fragments, giving birth to all living things."
: That's actually one of the few totally accurate scriptures.
: ...So it's in Derris-Kharlan?
: There's no proof, but...
: That's the enemy's main base. Let's do that later. First, we'll go to either Heimdall or the Lezareno Company in Altamira.

: My father...says that he does not want to meet with anyone.
: But we have to go to Heimdall. The King is the only one that can issue the pass to Heimdall, right?
: Could you place ask him for us, Princess?
: ...Zelos, if you insist, I will ask my father. Please wait a moment.
: Even if we receive the pass...Heimdall is not a friendly village to anyone except elves. I can't say if they'll give us a Mana Leaf Herb...
: ...We'll get them to give it to us somehow.
: This is a letter from my father to Heimdall. You should be able to enter the village with this.
: Thank you!
: Princess, you have my thanks!
: Where's Heimdall, anyway?
: The Tower of Salvation is located at the center of the world, right? It's south of there. I heard it's surrounded by the Ymir Forest.
: Okay, let's go, guys!

Skit #304: Zelos's Hormones

: Who was that gaudy girl just now?
: Beats me. You know how I give off all those male hormones. So all sorts of girls come drifting over.
: "Hormones" ...right...

On the way there, the party noticed a strange floating island chain (ok actually I searched it out on the map, since now is the first time we can do anything there, but it wasn't too far off the route).

There is a video for this place, it tells you the backstory of our two half-elf party members. It is also largely voice acted.
Youtube backup.

: You know my mother?!
: ...I see. So you are Virginia's...
: If you know my mother, please tell she...she's in this city, isn't she?
: ...You should not meet her. Even if you would do you no good.
: Lloyd...Please, find Virginia.
: R...right. Okay.

: Why?
: There's an elf woman who lives there, and she's a bit of strange one.
: ...It can't be! Mother is in this house?

: Excuse us. I have something I would like to ask you...
: Oh, half-elves. My child is a half-elf, too.
: It's a doll...
: See, she has such an intelligent looking face, doesn't she? Her name is Raine. She's my pride and joy.
: Huh? She has the same name as...It can't be...
: Right now, I have another child on the way. I've already decided on a name. If it's a girl, it's Jean. If it's a boy, it's Genis. What do you think? Aren't they lovely names?
: What?...Then...
: Are you Virginia?
: Yes, that's right, How did you know?
: !!
: ...Stop this!
: Professor Sage...
: Stop this! What were you thinking?! Do you know what happened to the two of us since you abandoned us?!
: Wh...what? Why are you raising your voice like that?...You'll wake Raine.
: I'm Raine! I'm the daughter you shunned and abandoned! Not that doll! Genis is here, too!
: What are you talking about? There must be something wrong with you.
: You're the one that's wrong! How could could you...
: ...Oh, now you've gone and made Raine cry. Please, leave! There,'s okay, Raine... The scary people have gone now. Don't cry...
: ...
: Raine!

: She...doesn't even remember us.
: Raine...don't cry...
: ...So you met Virginia.
: ...Why is she here?
: Several years ago, I found a husband and wife collapsed of exhaustion in the Ymir Forest. It was Virginia and her husband, Kloitz.
: ...Father.
: It seems Kloitz was dispatched from Meltokio to investigate the elf village. He fell in love with Virginia and remained in Heimdall, but...
: ...But a half-elf that lived in the village tried to sell out our father to the soldiers. It became a huge incident. Fighting broke out between the elves and half-elves...
: The cause of the incident, Virginia's family was banished from the village. They traveled from land to land, but the world was not kind to half-elves...
: It never was.
: And we were abandoned.
: So it would seem. And Kloitz must have been ill, for he died soon after they arrived in this village. Virginia began to lose her mind from that day.
: She's unbelievably selfish! She tosses us aside on a whim...and then forgets us... And just goes off into her own little world of dreams!
: ...Even so, Virginia was worried about you two. "In the legendary land of Sylvarant, surely half-elves will be free from discrimination..." "I want them to be happy..." That's what she said.
: I've heard enough!
: It's hard to raise a baby when you're a child yourself. I understand your suffering. You've done an excellent job though.
: ...I've been keeping Virginia's diary safe here. You can come get it at any time, if you ever decide you want it.

: Do you want to read the diary?

: ...
: The Otherworldly gate has opened. Raine, Genis, please forgive your powerless mother. Surely even the Imperial Research Academy will not follow you to Sylvarant. This must be a better choice than to spend your life in that damp, filthy dungeon like a slave. Please, make your way to freedom...
: What did she mean?
: Raine. You must have been incredibly talented. It seems the Imperial Research Academy was dying to get its hands on you.
: That's why we couldn't settle down anywhere and had to keep traveling...
: Eventually you were chased all the way to the Otherworldly Gate. It seems she managed to send you through it.
: ...Mother.
: Then...she didn't abandon us because we were in the way or that she hated us or anything!
: Yes...that's right.
: ...Raine, this is great news!
: ...This diary.
: Take it with you. It is your mother's, after all.
: ...Thank you.

: Ah, Virginia? She left suddenly. She was saying someone was chasing after her... She was very frightened. Hmm, you know, you look a bit like her.
: Oh no. I hope she didn't leave off the edge of the platform or something.
: Mother! It really was her. ...Where has she gone?
: Raine...
: Once things calm down, let's go looking for your mother. I'll help.
: He's right, Raine. As long as you're with me, I'm not lonely.
: ... ...Yes, you're right. We'll meet again someday, Mother...
Guess which plot thread never gets touched in the sequel!

Skit #099: Mother

: You mean, about Mother? You didn't do anything wrong.
: But...
: You kept silent about it because you believed that would be the best thing for me, right? I can understand that much.
: Thank you, Genis.

This dungeon video actually went fairly well, despite my hatred of this dungeon and its memorized backtracking. There's also a lot of trash combat you can take a look at (I switched up my formations, no Lloyd for now!).

: ...Up the place where I was born...
: I've got some memories of this place too.
: Okay. Let's go.

Skit #154: Heimdal

: Professor, what's with the scary look?
: Nothing. Let's be going.
: Okay....

Skit #121: Master Chef, Genis

: Temperature. When I'm cooking, I always cast fireball!
: Hehehe, just kidding.
: So that's it! I just didn't have enough heat when I was cooking. Hmm... I'll try summoning Efreet next time....
: I said I was kidding....

: No!
: Huh? Why?
: ...
: Why won't you let us through?
: ...
: What's going on?
: We can't tell if you don't say anything.
: ...You don't want to make us angry, kid!
: Stop it, everyone. He's scared! What is it? Is something wrong?
: ...
: Do you want to tell us about it?
: Mommy is...
: Hmm?
: Mom is sick. I need a Ymir Fruit from this forest to save her, but there are monsters...
: Okay, gotcha! Then we'll go get that Ymir Fruit for you. Then will you let us through?
: You'll really get it for me?
: Dwarven Vow #11: Lying is the first step down the path of thievery. So I don't lie. 'Cause that's my mortal.
: You mean, "motto," idiot!
: ...Well, anyway, we'll go get it for you, so just wait there.
: O...Okay.
: So where in this forest is it?
: Actually...I don't know much about it. Just--
: What? How are we supposed to search for that!
: ...But Mom said, when you're in trouble, the butterflies of the forest will guide you.
: They say that the butterflies of this forest react to people's hearts. If we're having trouble with something, we should look for the butterflies.
: Okay. Then just wait right there.
Useless trivia, the elf kid here is named "Aaron" according to the model viewer.

: This shouldn't be too hard, just have Colette fly up and get one.

: ARGH what the heck are you doing? There's tons of killer fish in the waters there. Just fly up and grab another.


: Here you go, it's the Ymir Fruit we promised. Take it to your mother.
: Th...thank you. They said humans are inconsiderate, but you guys are different. Thank you very much. Here...take this.

: ...So you've made it here.
: What?! Then you do know how to cure Colette's illness!
: And if I did?
: Why are you helping us?! Why are you giving us clues about how to save her? And how did you know that Colette's Angel Toxicosis was the same illness that one of Mithos the Hero's companions had?!
: And what do you hope to accomplish by asking that?
: Ah...well...
: ...There's no time. Hurry.
: This is the village of the elves. No half-elf may pass.
: What?!
: This is a defensive measure against those who brought catastrophe to our village. If you cannot accept that, then you humans may not enter either.
: Elves hold a grudge longer than almost anybody else - the longer you live, the longer you hold grudges.
: Lloyd. We'll wait here. We'll leave the rest in your hands.
: ...All right.
: Talk celebrating Mithos as a hero is forbidden in this village.
: Why?
: We have no need to explain. Just do as we say.
: Still sore about your precious ornament eh?

Incidentally, Zelos has trouble hitting on Elf women. They still give him stuff, they just react badly to the thought of making a half-elf. Also, this particular woman has a kid and possibly a husband already, so WTF Zelos. Zelos can (try to) flirt with any woman who doesn't have a game-mechanical conversation option, whether they're 8 or 80 and regardless of species. If I was insane enough to try to talk to every woman in the game I could earn the "Gigolo" title for him. Yeah. I might bug exploit to get it just because if I still can, I'll research that.

: Yes. We need it.
: That is an important plant that we elves use in our magic. We can't simply tell anyone where it grows.
: ...Isn't there anything that can be done? Without that plant, a friend of ours will die.
: What do you mean?
: We have a friend who is sick. She has...uh...angel...effect...
: No no, it was chronic angelus...
: Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium.
: Yeah, what she said.
: What?! ...That's Martel' that's why Kratos...
: What? Did you just say Martel?
: And what about Kratos?! What did he come here for?
: Don't worry about Kratos. Mana Leaf Herb grows in a region southeast of here known as the Latheon Gorge. It lies deep within mountains covered in mist. Show this staff to the watchman.
: Elder!
: ...I have no more to say to you, humans.

: Yeah.
: Then let's go.

Skit #363: My Sister

: Yes. We will. Someday.
: It feels kind of strange. I mean, you're my sister,
: but at the same time... you were like a mother to me.
: !
: I'm sorry. Are you angry?
: No, that's not it.
:...Go on to bed. Tomorrow will be another early day.
: Right. Good night, Raine.
: Good night.

Skit #154: A Fine Chosen

: Zelos...Good work.
: Hmm? Ah, yeah, well, that's just my natural charm.
: And your quick thinking.
: Nahh, it was Colette's convincing acting that made the difference.
: I think you make a fine Chosen, Zelos. Your personality is a bit flaky though....
: ...Heh, whatever. ...Although I have to admit, it does feel good to hear that.

Next time, we'll take a look at the other "worst dungeon". Unfortunately I probably won't have an awesome medication-related rush to carry me through it.