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Part 38: Update 34

Update 34

Skit #263: Future of this Kingdom

: Who knows? He probably wanted to rule in place of the King.
: What a fool...
: Well, anyway, now that he's out of the way, I can relax a little. And discrimination against half-elves may soften some, too.
: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Just because the Pope has fallen, does not mean people's minds will change that easily.
: That's why they've got me to help. The great Zelos, friend of half-elves!
: This kingdom still has some rough days ahead of it...

Next stop, the next-to-last ingredient for Colette's cure.

: Yes, the business is. However, the sealed Exsphere mine was raided by someone. We believe it was the work of Vharley, but fortunately it appears that access to the core area was prevented.
: So it would seem. But it is safe to assume that there will be no more trouble of that nature. Vharley is dead.
: Are you certain of this?!
: In other words, Alicia was avenged, through the actions of Regal and Presea.
: I see...This is good news. Are you here just to report this information?
: ...No. I have other business. I want to take a look at the records concerning past mining operations. Please unlock the door to the archives.
: Documents related to past mining operations should be in the left room of the second floor archive.
: I see. Thank you.

: Kuchinawa!

: Why do you still get in our way?!
: ...This is about me, isn't it?
: Of course! Because of you, my parents and countless members of our village died. The Chief has not awoken from his coma for ten years!
: I...I'm...sorry.
: ...You think apologizing will cut it?! I will never forgive you!
: Kuchinawa! If I'm the one you hate--
: Sheena! If you're going to suggest sacrificing yourself again, I'll never forgive you!
: No. If I'm the one you hate, let's have a one-on-one duel, as dictated by village custom.
: ...Do you really think you can defeat me alone?
: Well? Do you accept my challenge?
: ...Very well. Do you want to do it here and now?
: We'll follow the village custom and fight on the Isle of Decision. Is that all right with you, Lloyd?
: ...I guess it wouldn't be much use to try and stop you.
: Thanks.
: ...I'll be waiting for you on the Isle of Decision.
: Wait. Give us back that document.
: This is the proof of your promise to fight.
: Colette may die if we don't have that! If you need proof of the duel, I'll give you this.
: ...And that is?
: Corrine's...memento.
: That's right. Corinne's bell is the only part that didn't fade away when he died.
: ...Very well. If you do not come, I will grind this bell to dust.
: Sheena...I know how important that was to you...I'm sorry.
: It's okay. All I have to do is...defeat him. I'm...not going to run away anymore. The Isle of Decision is reached from Mizuho, so can we stop by there later? Anyway, we have to get the zircon first. Colette's health is more important.
: Yeah, all right. Where's the zircon?
: ...It says the last shipment was sent to the Imperial Research Academy in Sybak.
: Okay...Let's get going.

: What should I do?...

On the way out...

: What is wrong?

: Today is the day we are introducing Altamira's new mascot, but...
: The EC with the costume isn't here yet and it's past its scheduled arrival.
: What kind of costume is it?
: It is called Klonoa and is about the height of a child. It has big, long droopy ears and looks somewhat like a cat and... Yes, much like Presea...
Klonoa is another Namco-Bandai game and supposedly the Wii version is pretty good. I haven't given it a try yet.
: George!
: Oh! Presea, please come here a moment!

: The keyword is, "Wahoo"! It's Klonoa!

: L...let's have a round of applause!

: Wahoo.
: were incredibly cute, Presea!
: Loople-do.
: Presea? Have you forgotten how to talk?
: Wahoo wahoo.
: When wearing the Klonoa costume inside, Altamira, one must not speak anything other than Klonoan.
: Wahoo.
: That's our Presea! She's completely into the character!
This gives you the costume/title "Dream Traveler". Equipping the title makes Presea look like Klonoa, but you don't get increased stat growth that other normal titles provide.

Skit #258: Klonoa

: Wahoo!
: I am grateful that you helped recover my company's mistake.
: Loople-do!
: Heh. It sounds like you had fun, being Klonoa, the idol of Altamira.
: Wahoo!
: Wahoo wahoo!
: Wahoo wahoo wahoo!
: ...Presea. It is all right for you to speak like a human when you are outside of Altamira.
: Wahoo...
: Oh. I see.

On the way to the Imperial Research Academy we drop by Zelos's house in Meltokio.

: What? An emissary from His Majesty, who said he never wants to see my face again? What is it about?
: Let's listen to what he has to say.
: Sir Bud is right.
: ...Listen, my name is not "Bud"!
: I have a message for the Chosen. His Majesty is requesting your immediate assistance. Please come to the castle at once.
: Did something happen?
: I cannot speak of it here.... Princess Hilda's life is on the line. Please aid his majesty.
: The Princess...what do you wanna do, Lloyd?
: Hmm. I am a little curious about it. Let's go to the castle.
: Saving a princess? How quaint.

: Ah, well. As you had expressed a deep desire to avoid gazing upon my visage again, I had thought it would only be a burden for you to see me.
: Chosen! What rudeness!
: Rude? He's the one who was saved by Zelos and didn't even thank him!
: ...I cannot deny that. But Chosen, while I realize the impudence, I have a request for you.
: Princess Hilda has been...kidnapped.
: Princess Hilda? Is this true?
: Oh, Bryant. So you, too, are part of the Chosen's group. ...Yes, daughter, was taken away by the Papal Knights.
: It occurs to me that I've never seen the Queen. I guess he's a single parent.
: Those guys...So they're still up to no good.
: So then, why was I called?
: They want to exchange Princess Hilda for you.
: Wait a minute! Are you saying you want Zelos to take her place?!
: No, we also cannot afford to lose the Chosen. I want you to pretend to go along with the exchange and round them all up for good.
: ...I wonder if it will really go as smoothly as that.
: It's all right with me.
: Zelos?! Are you serious?
: Princess Hilda hasn't done anything, right? And besides, it'll be a chance to settle things with the Pope.
: ...All right. If you say so. I'll help, too.
: Then, Chosen, please come this way. As for Duke Bryant and the attendants, please go to the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge with the soldiers. The Papal Knights will appear there.

: The Chosen and Princess Hilda will walk forward at the same time. When the exchange is over, we'll raise the drawbridge.
: Is Zelos going to be okay?
: He could kill all these Papal Knights by himself. Hell, GENIS probably could. Also, mana seems a bit funny.
: I don't know. Don't let your guard down.

: You're not the Princess!
: ...I'm!...
: You can't fool these eyes! The Princess is more slender.
: I guess all that girl watching comes in handy.
: Kate! Why are you here?
: Ah! It's half-elf mana instead of human mana. That's what I felt was wrong.
: Run! The father... ...intends to kill...both the Chosen...and the Princess.
: Damn them!
There's no battle or even animation of the Papal Knight slaughter. Presumably it was too pathetic to show.
: She's been poisoned.... Hey, are you all right?!
: You've been poisoned, are you all right? DURRRRRRR...
: My Gaoracchia Forest....
: It's all right. There's still some time. Let's treat her in Meltokio.

: Damn the Pope! I can't believe he keeps using his own daughter to do things like this!
: We should hurry. The Pope may try to kill the Princess.
: Gaoracchia Forest, right? Let's go.

: You dislike half-elves.
: ...It's all right. She...and the half-elf who killed my mother long ago... They're both victims of the Pope. I'm going to try to stop hating people just for being half-elves.
: ...I understand.
: I'm starting to like Zelos. I used to be forgiving like that. If I'm going to be going outside, I need to think about how I was before. Think good thoughts.
: ...Chosen...

: Stop right there!

: It was Kate, wasn't it? That traitor!
: Traitor?! How can you say that?! You used her love for you! I'll never forgive you!
: Now, now, let's not get excited. Yo, Pope. You really should give up now.
: Humph! This kingdom was mine to begin with. What's wrong with taking it back?!
: ...Ah-hah. So that rumor was true.
: What rumor?
: That the Pope was a child born from the previous king and a commoner. That was why he was able to leap to the position of Pope.
: Exactly. If the current idiot of a king had died, this country would have been mine. But you interfered!
: I've always disliked monarchy, not out of any belief other systems produce better leadership, but just because I can't stand to see people kill their own family members.
: But why did you kidnap the Princess?!
: I have no use for the Princess. I just used this girl in order to obtain the Chosen's jewel and the throne!
: So that's why you called me out here....
: If I eliminate you here, I'll still have a chance! Soldiers! If you defeat them, I'll double your pay! Get them!
: No you fools, don't fight. Presea will slaughter you.

: They shouldn't have done that.

: All right, we'll just take you right on to Meltokio.
:'ve come for me.
: Ah, well, it's...
: Zelos! I knew you would come for me!
: ...Sorry, Lloyd.
: ...Sh...shut up....

: Yep, yep. Take the Pope to Meltokio. Now, Princess. The soldiers will escort you to the castle.
: Zelos, what about you?
: Fear not, I shall visit later.
: I understand. Duke Bryant and your attendants, thank you.
: ...I feel gypped.
: *Sigh* The Princess gets on my nerves.
: Oh, well, don't worry about it. Anyway, let's go report to His Royal Majesty.

: ...I'm telling you, we're not his attendants.
: The Pope has been officially dismissed from his position and will undergo questioning.
: With this, I hope the matter with the Pope has finally been settled.
: Indeed.
: I have...decided to rethink my ways. So that I may not be taken advantage of by people like the Pope, I would like to carry out my rule with the aid of the Chosen and the Church. Chosen, will you cooperate with me?
: ...That would be after my journey with these guys has ended. However...
: However, what?
: Find a way to repeal the half-elf laws enacted by the Pope. That's all.
: Zelos...
: I never thought I'd hear... the Chosen say something like that.
: It will not happen quickly. The roots of discrimination run deep.... But we will have a positive outlook.
: Then, I will have a positive outlook on the future after my journey with Lloyd is over.
: Zelos. To celebrate my safe return and the restoration of the Chosen's name, a party will be held. You will participate, won't you?
: Yes, yes, that's right. Both the Chosen and his attendants have done well. I have ordered the royal designer to make your outfits. When they are finished, I shall have them sent to the Chosen's house.
: We will inform you of the date of the party later. Please join us.
: You have truly done well, everyone. I thank you.
Guess where the Formal costumes for everyone come from.

Anyway, time to get back on track and go to the Imperial Research Academy and pick up that zircon.

NOO not more sidequests! Incidentally this guy's name is Horace but the model name for him is Holess. I guess blame the lalilulelo.
: I have to do my best and hurry up and become a respectable scholar.
: You're!...
: Hmm? What about me? Wait...You're...Presea? No, it can't be. Presea would be much older than you by now.
: ...
: I'm sorry, little lady. When I was a young child living in Ozette, our parents were often busy working. There was an older girl who looked after us in place of our parents. You just looked a lot like her.
: Wait, that means...
: ...Will you tell me your name?
: Me? My name's Horace. I'm an aspiring scholar, and just recently I finally made it into the Academy.
: Horace...Then that girl in Meltokio must be Janet....
Technically this is the second part of the sidequest, but I didn't realize at the time that there was a sidequest there. I might go find it in my footage but nothing much happened, basically we talked with Janet about her music training.
: Hmm? Did you say something?
:'s nothing. I'm sorry to have bothered you.
: Not at all.
: Lloyd...Let's go.
: Ah...okay...

: ...What?
: I heard that a ten foot tall angel had descended from heaven, and devoured those who opposed the Chosen!
: ...Ten feet tall?
: Devoured...hmm...
: Wow, I didn't know there were scary angels like that.
: Th...that girl with the Cruxis Crystal doesn't devour humans whole too, does she?!
: Don't be stupid.
: I...I trust the Chosen, really!
: Good, good. Is there any of that zircon left here that was purchased from the Lezareno Company?
: Zircon? Yes, there is!
: Could you give us some?
: Of course! It's in the next room past this door. There are books scattered all over, but you'll still be able to find it right away. I'll leave it unlocked.

: I'm curious about Origin's magic sword as well. That might be a clue to saving the world.
: It's saved the world before, it'll save the world again assuming it can save it this time. Not that it would do you guys any good.
: will be dangerous.
: you can't catch a tiger without entering the tiger's den, right?
: Huh? What does that mean?
: It means, you can't get important things unless you brave danger.
: Oh. I see.
: ...Honestly, Lloyd. You're making me sad.
: But Zelos is right. Let's go to Cruxis' main base, Derris-Kharlan!
: Yes! Bring me a body. I've got to do this.
: But how are we going to get there?
: According to the scriptures, the entrance is in the Tower of Salvation.
: Then we should go to the Tower of Salvation. There's one on this side, too, right?
: Well, yeah, there is one, but unfortunately, we need my Cruxis Crystal. The Cruxis Crystal acts as the key to the Tower of Salvation.
: You know a lot about it.
: I am the great Chosen One, after all.
: I see....You were born with a Cruxis Crystal, too.
: Yep. Right now, my sister is holding onto it. She's in the abbey southeast of the Toize Valley Mine.
: Okay, let's go there.

: Do you really want to leave it like that? You're not gonna tell Horace the truth?
: It's all right.... It would be meaningless to have Horace acknowledge the current me.
: But...I'm sure he wants to see that girl from Ozette again.
: ...That girl from Ozette no longer exists....
: Presea...

Back to Meltokio to finish this sidequest.

: Soon, I may be able to perform in a recital.
: Good luck.
: Thank you.

: Presea...are you sure you don't want to say anything?
: It's all right.
: Since you're here, please, listen to a song.
: That song, it's!...
...the standard background "sad" music.
: A kind, older girl used to sing this song to me when I was little. I don't remember her face anymore, but... It was because of this song that I came to enjoy music.
: ...
: For some reason, I suddenly felt like singing it.
: ...Thank you.

: It's strange. I'm happy, but my chest hurts.
: Presea...When you realize the truth behind that pain in your chest... you'll be able to meet her as the girl from Ozette that she used to know.
: Yes...
: So he's saying that if Presea can overcome anxiety, she can introduce herself?

Let's get this back on track.
Voice Acting = Video
Youtube Backup

: Why does she need guards?

: I mean...I see that the Chosen is his usual self, wandering around aimlessly.
: Wait, she's... one quarter elf? Maybe fully half? Wow, she's a good match. She's make a much better chosen than mister "I have the wrong chromosomes for the job" over there. What the hell is going on with Tethe'alla's chosens?
: Yo Seles! I need that Cruxis Crystal I left with you. Give it back to me.
: ...As you wish! After all, it rightfully belongs to the Chosen.
: Yep.
: Now, if your business here is done, I humbly request that you leave. Immediately.
: All right, all right...Guess I'm as unpopular as ever. Poor me...
: W...wait...big bro...
: Hmm? What is it, my darling little sister?
: ...Nothing!
: Oh...all right then.
: Please take care...
: ...He couldn't hear that, you know.
: I didn't say anything! So it doesn't matter if my big brother couldn't hear it.
: Aha! You called him big brother!
:, I didn't! There's no way I'd have a brother like that! Now, please leave!

: She's certainly not very friendly.
: Don't be too hard on her. She was sickly ever since she was a kid. But despite that, her mother... Ah...never mind.
: I'd love to hear more about her mother.
: As she left, she said, Please take care.
: ...Oh. Well, anyway. We're ready now, right? On to the Tower of Salvation.
: ...Yeah!

Skit #: Your Sister Hates You?

: Your sister? You sure she isn't really worried about you?
: No way, no way. To her, I'm nothing more than an obstacle.
: Zelos is denser than I thought....
: Guys are dense about feelings and relationships they're in.

The Tower of Salvation again! I'm sure the door to their main base isn't guarded too heavily.

: Soon I'll finally have my chance.

Voice Acting = Video
Youtube Backup

: But this time, we're here to cure your illness.
: I'm curious to see what the design of Tethe'alla's Tower of Salvation is like. Now, Zelos! Open the door! Quickly!
: You know, you can get really scary sometimes.
: Oooh, yeah! Check me out! It's my time to shine! Do I look like a Chosen or what?
: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's get going.
: Hehehehe. Roger!
: That's a very disturbing laugh...
: something wrong?
: What?
: You're even
: Even more obnoxious than usual? Nah, he's always like this. Just ignore him.
: Hehehehehe. ...She's pretty sharp.

Tonight, on Towers of the Rich and Famous. Let's meet our Surprise Guest....
Youtube Backup

: Ugh.

: Such a sad place...
: Wait a this really Tethe'alla?

: My body...I can't stop shaking. This is the same place!
: It can't be!
: Lloyd. Remember this?

:'s you again... Who are you, really? Are you really one of Mithos' companions from 4,000 years ago?
: ...Good. Since you figured that out, it saves me the time to explain. We will take the Chosen as the new body for Martel.
: Thanks, Kratos.
: You're still trying to do that? Are you so intent on resurrecting Martel that you're willing to distort the entire world in the process?!
: I have no need to explain.
: ...So in the end, you really are our enemy! I kept thinking...hoping that you might be good...but you're not!
: I should think that would be obvious at this point.

OHGODDESS We're fighting Kratos OHGODDESS!
Youtube Backup pt1
Youtube Backup pt2

Kratos is an optional boss again, and as a result he's pretty goddamn tough (at least if you're playing on Mania difficulty).

You can see here, he's charging up an Angel Tech, namely Judgement. If I actually used Colette ever you'd know it's a rain of light beams from above.

You can see here it did 1759 or so damage to Regal. As Raine has more health than that and was killed in one cast, we can imply it's capable of hitting someone more than once. Basically this fight is pretty tough and I got wiped out by it the first time through, since Kratos is still a goddamn combo monster up close. He's also annoyingly hard to stagger even when he isn't overlimiting - I never interrupted his casts with any normal method.

Even though I do have more All-Divides than I should, without using any tricks I could have up to six shots of it right now, which is way more than enough to kill anything that moves. I mean, nerf all difficult bosses in the entire game. Besides, I didn't want to sit through the cutscene that plays out after this fight (with only the tiniest of variations if you win or lose) again.

This is his damage output with the All-Divide. AKA 50% of his actual damage output. One of the worst aspects of the AI in this game is they won't run the fuck away sometimes. So Genis and Raine stood around and got pummeled a LOT. In retrospect I think there's a scatter command that you can use with the D-pad or something, but I can never remember that the D-pad exists.

I know I said earlier I'd stop doing shots of bosses overlimiting but I'd like to point out that overlimit Kratos is goddamn scary because now you can't stop him from comboing the absolute shit out of you.

One drawback to using the All-Divide is it takes forever for you to kill them too, making it drain all your TP.

The "correct" strategy is to use Unison Attacks to interrupt Judgement and beat the shit out of him at other times, but there's the slight problem that his Judgement cooldown is lower than the time it takes to recharge your Unison Attack. Anyway, when struck by a Unison Attack all spellcasting and even spells that are launched on the field stop. Thus you can see its utility against a spell that might annihilate your party.

Normal enemies would get tossed in the air there or at least lose their spell - I'm attacking his goddamn back, with an attack that launches people into the air. Fucking Mania difficulty. Yes, back attacks do have much higher chances of Guard Break than front attacks (can't recall off the top of my head if it's 100%) when they're used on me.

Yeah I can stagger him after he casts it. Note the fact that Genis took almost 1k through 50% damage reduction.

That took literally almost 15 minutes.

You think I did poorly on this fight? Well the game itself says you're wrong. Look at all that GRADE. Also, the time listed there doesn't count time spent in menus.

We won! We finally beat...OHNO
Youtube Backup

: I would advise against resisting, for there will be no mercy this time.
: I never liked that model of Angel. Creepy-looking. Does he make them from children or something? Anyway, no way they could fight all those angels.

Incidentally, if you lose to Kratos, the following are different:
1) you don't get the items/xp/GRADE for beating him (DUH)
2) you get an animation of Lloyd collapsing
3) only 4 angels spawn instead of 6
that's it.

I think this makes 3 or 4 times we've been imprisoned now.
Youtube Backup

: Well, it looks like we'll have our lives at least until they finish preparing Colette's treatment. Apparently, she's useless the way she is now.
: Maybe we were tricked. He had us gather the materials to treat Colette and then had us bring her here...That sure saved them a lot of time and effort.
: Kratos used us? Did he betray us again?
: Lloyd...
: ...I feel guilty for letting this happen to Colette and the others.
: I really want to know why I keep getting captured and getting thrown into jail all the time!
: You sure you haven't even doing anything to deserve it?
: We should just be glad we have our lives.
: ...Well, yeah. Dammit!! This thing's built solid as a rock! And I can't open the lock either.
: Same here. It won't budge at all.

: Nope...
: ...I'm sorry I couldn't be of use.
: So we're completely trapped...
: ...Move.

: Wh...whoa!
: How did you do that?
: I originally specialized in fighting with my hands, not my feet. And since Exspheres amplify their user's abilities far above their maximum limits, this result is to be expected.
: Then why don't you just fight with your hands?
: ...I swore I would never fight with these hands again. This time, I used them in order to save you, Lloyd. You're going to unite the worlds and save Colette, right?
: ...Yeah, that's right. All right. Everybody, grab what you can and let's get out of here!

Dungeon Video. You might want to at least scroll through it to see the whacko angels. Polsy isn't updating the description right, so I'll say it here: skip 27:40 to 32:02 unless you want to spend 5 minutes watching me be a dumbass.

: There may be a problem with its destination.
: Man, what do we do now? We can't stay here.
: Lloyd, I'll go fly around and have a look.
: Okay...don't do anything dangerous.
: I know.

: Is she going to be all right?
: Let's let her handle it for now.

: Hmm? This box must be in the way.

: That should do it!
: That was fast.
: It looks like the problem was resolved.
: Yeah.
: Okay, let's go.

: We're gonna get caught if we keep wandering around here.
: You're right. We'll pretend to be Colette's prisoners. She should be fine because she's an angel.
: ...Okay.

Skit #047: Dolls

: Dolls?
: True, you can't tell what they're thinking.
: It's hard to believe that they're actually half-elves, like the Professor and Genis.
: ...Am I...the same?
: What?
: They...remind me...of myself. Am I...really human?
: What are you talking about? Of course you're human.
: Yeah!
: I wonder...

Voice Acting = Video
Youtube Backup

: Fragments of mana are no longer being distributed. Return to your area.
: You won't give us one?
: A human?
: There are the subjects needed for the Cruxis Crystal research.
: Hi-Exsphere research? I see. Now that you mention it, I've heard that research involving humans were being conducted.
: Yes, exactly. And we require a fragment of mana for that purpose.
: Understood. Then please show me your identification.
: Do we need that?
: Of course.
: *hologram activation noise*
: Lord Kratos!
: We need a fragment of mana for the ritual of the Chosen. I've sent a courier over to pick it up.
: Understood.
: Yeah, that. That's us!
: Are you saying you're Lord Kratos' couriers?
: Y...yeah!!
: Silence, human.
: We're with Kratos.
: But just a moment ago, you said you were going to use it for hi-Exsphere research...
: That's right. And it just so happens that it's also needed in the ritual, so we came to retrieve it. Please hurry.
: But without identification... Besides, you seem to be of the Desian Class, and have humans among you...
: While you're complaining about these little nitpicky details, you're keeping Yggdrasill waiting. Do you want to tick him off?
: That's right. Lord Yggdrasill is scary if you cross him.
: All of this starts and stops at Lord Yggdrasill's will.
: A...all right. Make sure you get it to them!

Skit #047: Strange City

: There are many people here, but there is no feeling of actual daily life activity. That's probably why.
: Yeah... They're alive, but it's like they're dead. They aren't thinking anything at all...
: So it would seem...
: What Cruxis is doing is just wrong.

: Why would he store one of those here? I suppose he thought nobody who sought to reassemble them would ever find it here.
: Then, this is...
: Okay, let's try opening it.
Another Devil's Arm is ours.

Skit #265: Angels without Soul

: Living for countless years, unable to even think... They can't feel happiness any more. ...It's too sad.
: After looking at these guys in this city, I'm so glad you didn't become an angel, Colette.

: A giant...transporter, perhaps?
: Maybe we use that to get back to the ground.

: Gah! Identification again!
: You. You're a human!
: He's being transported for an experiment. Excuse us.
: We don't have any identification.
: How are we supposed to get back to the ground?
: That can't possibly be their only method of transportation. If that thing breaks, they're screwed.
: Yes. Let's have a look around.

: Looks like some kind of information terminal.
: It's useless. If won't start up.
: Really?

: Oh...It started up.
: That's our Colette! <3
: I am so sick of that girl's luck. I've got to keep my jealousy in check, though. Happy thoughts, Martel.
: I'm so glad I didn't break it.
: A terminal to the surface is located in the center area. Please use the emergency route located in the rear of the Idea District while it is under maintenance.

: Okay. Let's use that emergency route thing.

: Professor, can you operate it?
: I'll try. ... Got it! Now we can get data from this terminal.

: Derris-Kharlan is protected by the force field emitted from the Eternal Sword. If this force field is removed, Derris-Kharlan will be released from the planet's gravity, and will wander in space again as a comet.

World Prolongation Project
: The world was split in two in order to keep the mana depletion to a minimum and to sustain the world and the seed of the Giant Tree. Additionally, the usage of the Summon Spirits to guard the Mana Link and restrict the flow, keeps the world from prospering. Great prosperity leads to the possible development of magitechnology, which causes meaningless wars. The World Prolongation Project, proposed and put into effect by the leader Yggdrasill, is an outstanding system to maintain the world.

Eternal Sword
: The magic sword was given to the leader Yggdrasill when he formed the pact with Origin. Its immense power is able to control time and space. It is said to be the source of the leader Yggdrasill's power. The leader Yggdrasill was able to split the world with the power of the Eternal Sword. If this sword were to be lost, the leader Yggdrasill's power would diminish, and Welgaia would surely face its doom as well.

: That's some pretty mind-numbing stuff.
: We've obtained some very valuable information. Lloyd, we shouldn't stay here long. Let's escape through that emergency route that we found earlier.
: Yeah. Let's go.

: Okay, let's go before anyone sees us...
: ...No, it looks like they already found us.

: You're the ones that pretended to be working for Lord Kratos!
: It's the Chosen! The Chosen of Mana has escaped!
: Dammit! Let's just get out of here!
: I'll follow them. You, report to Lord Yggdrasill.
: Understood.

This next area is deserted except for robots. Most of which try to murder us. One of them is actually named "Murder". By the way if you watch the dungeon video, I switch to Sheena as my controlled character for "some reason".

: Whoa, I'm floating!
: ...So this is weightlessness.
: What's that?
: Well, on the ground, the mana from Gnome, the Summon Spirit of Earth, gives rise to the effect known as gravity.
: The reason we fall to the ground from high places is because Gnome's power pulls at us. But this place is so far away from the ground that Gnome's power doesn't reach.
: And so we float like this... He had an annoying attitude, but I guess Gnome's a pretty important Summon Spirit.
: Be careful and move slowly. Once you start moving, you won't stop until you hit something.
: Yahoo! This is fun!

: Augh!

: I...I'll be careful...

These rooms are like the Ice in Celsius's cave: you can only move up, down, left, and right, and you can't stop moving until you hit something. Some of these are a bit annoying.

Skit #271: Looking at the Stars

: We are inside of the Tower of Salvation, after all.
: Are we higher than the clouds?
: We can see the stars around us. We have to be higher than the clouds.
: Oh, yeah.
: It's so strange...normally, looking at the stars makes me feel safe. But now, I feel scared....
: Don't worry. I'll protect you. I'll never let Cruxis have you.
: Yeah. I'm not scared as long as you're with me.
: Let's hurry back to the surface and have your illness cured.
: Yeah.

Skit #269: Empty, Silent World

: My head is aching. And...
: And?
: I don't like it here. This empty, silent world. It feels like a world of death. I want to get back to the surface.
: This is what it's like without mana. There's air inside the tower, but there isn't any mana there. That's what Tethe'alla and Sylvarant will both become if nothing is done.
: Me, too. Let's go back together. To our world.
: Yes...

Skit #268: Weightless

: Once you get used to it, it's pretty fun, Lloyd.
: Just imagine inviting a girl you like up here.
: MMMMmmm Yuan...
: You could have fun in all sorts of ways that you couldn't normally.
: Like what? Playing tag or something?
: Someone needs "the talk".
: *Sigh* You're a really boring guy, Lloyd.

I pulled off a Shadow summon here.

Not bad damage.

Let's blow this popsicle stand!

Skit #270: Almost to the Exit

: Yes. I don't have that bad feeling any more.
: The question now is, will Cruxis let us get away? In fact, it's a little disturbing that they haven't tried to stop us so far.
: It's just a little further. Let's be careful and keep going.

: This is the sword Yggdrasill struck me with...
: ...Could this be the Eternal Sword?
: Haha, no way. Nobody'd leave a sword that important in a place like this.
: How about we take it to Heimdall and show it to the Elder?
: Good idea. That way we'd know for sure.

By the way, a small section for people who have played this game before who wonder what's up with  the way I write Martel. Basically my take is that she knows that what happens later on is possible and intends to stay in the body just long enough to talk down her brother and resolve this peacefully. She doesn't really get exactly how crazy he is at this point.