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Part 48: Hopes and Dreams Save the World

#46 - Hopes and Dreams Save the World

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Rivershire for the final time. For the first time in this LP, we don't have a goal. We've beaten back the apocalypse and killed the harbinger of doom.

So let's do some wrap-up stuff. I mentioned briefly last time that the Moon Lord drops an ore called Luminite.

It's apparently "a pebble of the heavens" whatever that means.

It's only 4 ore per bar, though to get more, we have to kill the Moon Lord again. With our 82 pieces, we can make 20 bars with 2 ore left over.

I think it's something of a waste to make, but you can craft a bunch of Luminite ammo. Bullets deal 22 ranged damage and pierce through several targets, while arrows deal 15 ranged damage, pierce through several enemies, and have a "ghost" effect that fires energy blasts a second or so later.

1 bar makes 333 pieces of either ammo. If you want a full stack, that's 12 pieces of very precious ore. It's not remotely worth the expense, to be honest.

For 10 bars of Luminite and 14 Solar fragments, we can make the single best set of wings in the game. They boast 167 blocks of height, 200% additional horizontal speed, 50% additional ascent speed, and faster acceleration. With these bad boys you can zoom around like nobody's business. For what it's worth, the Stardust wings are just as powerful as these.

Nebula Wings and the Vortex Booster (Jetpack) meanwhile let you hover for an absurdly long time, and move at +300% speed while hovering. Honestly, if I'm hovering in place, I'm gonna be doing it with my UFO, and not a pair of wings.

Solar wings make you look like a boss because they're badass flaming wings.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough Luminite or fragments of anything to make some armor. So we get to kill the Moon Lord again without any increase in player power.

I'm going to offscreen that because Christ.

45 Nebula Fragments + 36 Luminite Bars. That's 144 ore, in case you're curious. To make the magic set, we had to get that much. The full set does have an amazingly high amount of armor for a caster set. The bonus is worth picking up too, as I'll show off in a moment.

We look pretty cool, as a bonus.

This thing that looks like a Nebula fragment is a buff booster. There's three types of them, pink, orange, and purplish blue. The pink one, pictured here, boosts your damage by 5%, stacking three times. The orange one boosts life regen, going at a rate of 5 per second at 3 stacks. The blueish buff boosts mana regen, up to 10 per second at 3 stacks.

If you have a level 3 blue buff, you can use almost any magic weapon indefinitely.

The buff stacks decay at a rate of 1 stack per 8 seconds. The upside is that as long as you're raining any sort of damage on the enemy, more buffs pour out. Even better, in multiplayer, buffs can be picked up by anyone, and if you're near other players when you pick one it, the buff is shared with everyone. Or if you're on a team, it's shared with your nearby teammates.

The point is, that this armor is awesome and is a strong contender for best soloing set in the game.

The Vortex armor set takes 36 Luminite bars and 45 Vortex fragments, and is the best ranged set in the game. 72 armor is also a new high record.

We look awesome and alien.

Stealth is similar to the Shroomite armor stealth, except it is only toggled manually. Moving does not stop this stealth, but getting on a mount does. Also unlike the Shroomite armor, the damage bonus for the Vortex set counts across all the different ranged weapon types.

The stealth damage bonus and crit is not insignificant, either. You can see it boosts us to almost 80% crit with our SDMG. About the only downside to stealth is that you move at the absolute slowest possible speed. Though this can be mitigated with the Vortex Booster's hover mode.

Moving on...

The Solar Flare armor set takes 36 Luminite bars and, say it with me now, 45 Solar fragments.

Wearing the Solar Flare set lets you look like you kick ass. You also get a neat shield with you always. The 89 defense it boasts is also the highest base defense of any set of armor in the game.

The shield also is a handy indicator for how many charges of the dash you have stored up. The armor lets you store up to 3 dashes, and each charge you have adds another spike to the shield. You can dash by double tapping the left or right movement keys. Doing so causes you to barrel through enemies, causing a lot of damage to them as you do so. It's worth pointing out that you only use up a charge if you actually touch an enemy while dashing.

Finally, having any number of charges causes you to take 30% less damage.

Finally, we have the Stardust armor.

Again, 36 Luminite bars, 45 Stardust fragments.

Though, Guardian? What's that?

(The wiki's armor picture)

Just by virtue of wearing the Stardust set, we have a Stand. The armor itself grants +5 minions, up to a maximum of 9 if we have the right accessories, and 11 if we have the right buffs.

We currently have the Pygmy Necklace, a Necromantic Scroll, and a Papyrus Scarab. All three boost our minion capacity to the unbuffed cap of 9. We also have four Stardust Cells and 5 lengths on our Stardust Dragon.

As a capstone to this LP, let's take on the Tier 3 tower defense minigame. We're vastly overgeared for this, but I'm not really sure where this fits in gear-wise. It was very nearly too difficult with our pre-Cultist setup, and now it's hilariously easy. So I guess it's meant for that awkward period where you have Pillar weapons but no armor?

I've trashed a bunch of rewards from this, but here's at least one of everything except the weapons. And even then I have a few of those.

Tier 3 Tower Defense

We'll start things off as usual and place a Ballista down on one of the sides. Which doesn't matter in the long run.

Between my summons and this lone sentry, we basically don't need to worry much about the left side.

I'm not sure if the dragon or the cells are the MVP here. Both are wrecking everything in this first wave. It's not even worth showing off what enemies spawn and how much health they have. At this point you're either overgearing it or you have the tools to take care of matters.

Gotta put landmines next to each portal. Give enemies a little surprise when they come through.

So in lieu of a strategy guide, how about some shots of Sam kicking ass?

It's almost fitting in a way, after a full LP of using guns and magic and the occasional yoyo, we're back to stabbing fools with a sword.

Sure, that sword extends halfway across the screen, is glowing with plasma, and causes explosions when it touches anything, but I like the mirror.

The poor sod under all those bubbles and explosions and the dragon is an ogre miniboss. I don't think he's happy.

Finally after about eight minutes, we reach wave 7 with an actual boss in addition to the usual losers.

Betsy has 50,000 health and is more interested in breathing fire on us than attacking the crystal we're supposed to defend.

Unfortunately for Betsy, we're kitted out with all the coolest toys in Terraria. So she doesn't stand a chance.

And just like that, we win.

The weapons don't even matter because they're simply not as good as what we got from the Pillars or the Moon Lord. In case you're curious though...

Aerial Bane - (55 ranged damage. Bow. Shoots 6 projectiles in a fan pattern, and causes even more to spawn if it hits a flying enemy. Flying, for the purposes of this, includes any enemy that's merely in midair for whatever reason.)
Sky Dragon's Fury - (70 melee damage. A staff that you spin. I think. When you right click it, it launches a projectile similar to the electrosphere launcher.)
Betsy's Wrath - (65 magic damage. Shoots 3 fireballs in an arc. Enemies hit by the fireballs suffer a debuff similar to Ichor, but named differently.)
Flying Dragon - (90 melee damage. Shoots a giant semicircle projectile that travels through blocks and pierces enemies. Arguably the most useful due to its cave finding properties. Though I do question why you're looking for caves if you have this weapon.)

Betsy's Wings - (Not as good as other sets, and has the same hover bonuses as the Vortex/Nebula wings)
Betsy Mask - ()
Betsy Trophy - (Complete the whole set!)

Anyway, that's all I've got. All that's left is to take one last look at our treefort, and then bid farewell.

We have a lot of banners in our base. It's nowhere near a complete set, but we do have quite a few.

Next to the banner hall we have our hard mode armor sets and alchemy laboratory.

Our herb farm is looking healthy.

As is the pumpkin patch.

Our normal mode armor sets. Looking back at them brings back some memories, eh? Think about how much stronger we are since we last wore any of them, the Platinum set in the top middle in particular. That's the set we wore when we killed the Eye of Cthulhu.

Our little workshop, with all the useful crafting stations and a few of the specialized furniture ones.

For completion's sake, here's every trophy in the game, including the four you can only get from fisherman quests.

We built it in the third update, and it's still standing at the end of the game.

And, finally, our six sets of endgame armor, and a Lihzahrd Chest with all of our important accessories and weapons in it.

As a final gift, here's Sam's .plr file, and the .wld files for both Rivershire and Brookdale.

Feel free to mess around with them!

Consider Brookdale something of a challenge, because after the multiplayer event, everyone involved helped blow the world up. Can you rebuild after a player-induced apocalypse?

I'd like to give a very special thanks to Yapping Eevee and Zeratanis who both put up with me talking about this more than anyone should have to. Also thank you everyone who showed up for multiplayer night. That was a blast, even if we were doing the worst invasions in the game.

Finally, I want to give a shoutout to the following people who started playing again, or for the first time, because of this LP.

Yapping Eevee
Hunter Noventa
Fuzzy Mammal
Kaboom Dragoon
Kemix (expert mode!)
Jade Rider
The Lone Badger
Fat Samurai
Rather Watch Them
Evil Mastermind
Chic Trombone
No Gravitas (picked up Starbound )
King Doom
FPzero (+5 friends)
David Corbett
Straight White Shark
LEGO Genetics
Dr. Fetus
Leavemywife (played for about 10 minutes)

Counting FPZero's 5 unnamed friends, that's almost 60 people who played Terraria because of this LP. That's awesome and humbling beyond words.

And with that, this LP is over. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you Internet and good night!