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Original Thread: Journey to the Center of the Earth - Let's Play Terraria

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Let me just quote the OP from the games thread...

Terraria is a 2D building-adventure game by Andrew “Redigit” Spinks where you fight monsters, craft armor, tools, weaponry, and other goodies to build yourself a giant, phallic home to call your own. It was released on May 16th, 2011 and is currently on Steam. Go get it, it’s fucking awesome.

2D building-adventure game?

It's a 2D game where the world is comprised of individual tiles. Tiles that you can dig up and relocate, in order to build structures. There are also a lot of monsters to fight, and they have loot that you will probably want to grab and then use to kill more monsters. Imagine if Minecraft and a Castlevania game had a child, and you start to get the idea.

The game came out 6 years ago, and it has received three major updates since then, not to mention the numerous smaller updates. The last massive update was patch 1.3, which came out in June of 2015. The last small update came out on Sept 9th, 2016 - 17 days ago as of the time this OP was written.

Sounds great and all, but what kind of LP is this going to be?

This is going to be a tutorial LP, done in screenshot style. I've started up a new character on a new empty world just for the LP. The goal will be to show off the general progression of the game, and to cover as much content as is humanly possible. This game does have a very definite end point, and we will get there.


Please none, if possible. There's a thread in games if you need to talk about something we haven't seen yet.

I also encourage people who both have and have not played before to create a character and play along with the LP! You do have the game, right?

If not you should click on a link and get it.

Table of Contents

Something I want to point out for future readers is that all of the update titles are song names. You can click on the little asterisk here in the table of contents to listen to the song. You can also click on the title itself in the update to hear it as well.

Normal Mode:

#1 - Small, Small World *
#2 - When the Sun Goes Down *
#3 - Brand New Day *
#4 - My Town *
#5 - Sixteen Tons *
#6 - Even Flow *
#7 - Walk Like an Egyptian *
#8 - On Top of the World *
#9 - Weapon of Choice *
#10 - Eyes on Me *
#11 - Crimson and Clover *
#11.5 - This is Halloween *
#12 - Foolish Pride *
#13 - Heartbreaker *
#14 - Through the Fire and Flames *
#14.5 - The Man Who Sold the World * *
#15 - Snake Eater *
#16 - Welcome to the Jungle *
#17 - Bat out of Hell *
#18 - Cold as Ice *
#19 - Love in an Elevator *
#20 - Earth Temple *
#21 - All Along the Watchtower *
#22 - Honey Bee *
#23 - Tribute *
#24 - Now That's What I Call Polka! *
#25 - Another Brick in the Wall *

Hard Mode:

#26 - Gone Guru *
#27 - Magic Dance *
#28 - Goblins! *
#29 - Werewolves of London *
#30 - Entry of the Gladiators *
#31 - Shiver my Timbers *
#32 - The Trooper *
#33 - Stones *
#34 - Jungle Boogie *
#35 - Tarzan Boy *
#36 - One Night in Bangkok *
#37 - The Big Boom *
#38 - Monster Mash *
#39 - Mars Forever *
#40 - The Night Santa Went Crazy *
#41 - Dangerous Raid *
#42 - I'm Your Moon *
#43 - Cult of Personality *
#44 - It's the End of the World *
#45 - Interstice of the Dimension *
#46 - Hopes and Dreams Save the World *

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