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Part 1: Entry 3/31/10-01

Entry 3/31/10-01

As everyone knows, all stories have a beginning. Where did ours start? Did it start last January, when a band of children stood against the embodiment of death itself to save our world? Did it start when a certain young man arrived at a new school and fell in with some strange friends? Did it start years before, when the last of the Anti-Shadow weapons sealed death itself within that child? Did it start when a man who sought to master time unleashed forces beyond human control? Maybe it started long before the first human came into this world when the being we know as Nyx came into being...

RECORD 1- "The Last Day"

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This ordeal.

It may be that we brought it upon ourselves.

The fact that a future exists, and being able to access it are very different things.

We did not understand such an obvious and natural principle yet.

Indeed, we understood very little.

We knew nothing about using the key to open the path to the future.

Let's settle on the morning of 3/31 as our starting point for now. The day the Iwatodai dorms were to be shut down.

I guess I should start introducing us. That's Fuuka Yamagishi, who supported us in battle. She's talking to Yukari Takeba on the phone.

Ah, Yukari-chan! It's me...
Um... Are you coming today...?
Oh, uh... didn't you see the message I left on the board? I have cram school today...
I know... But...
I left all the stuff at the dorm, so I don't have to be there in person, right?
I suppose not, but...
Are you okay with that?
Yeah... I'm gonna pass.
Oh, sorry... Break's almost over, I gotta go.
Tell everyone I said hi, okay?

The others in the room with her were Ken Amada, the dog Koromaru, Junpei Iori, and Mitsuru Kirijo.

Sanada-san said he's busy at the gym, so I doubt he'll be here in time either...
Man, what's up with those two?
The dorm's closing down today!
With all our memories of this place, you'd think they'd want to see it off... right?
* whimper *
It can't be helped. They just see things differently.
Everyone's started down their own chosen path... It's a good thing.
...You're right.
I can hardly blame them.
I seem to get busier and busier... If I didn't have to reclaim these, I might not have made it either.
So we finally gotta give up our Evokers...
I hate to let it go, but it's not like I got a use for it anymore.
Lessee... Two, four... Wait, how many are there supposed to be?

This is where I came in.

Huh...? You had one too, Aigis-san?
I'd forgotten... You had his for safekeeping...
H-Hey, c'mon... Don't get all gloomy again.
I don't think that's the way he would've wanted to see this end...
I'm sorry... you're right. We all said our goodbyes to him...
But I still wonder... Why did it happen?
The doctors didn't find anything wrong with him afterward... It just seemed like he fell asleep, didn't it?
He must have used up all his power to protect us... at that last battle.
It's useless to try and guess at the reasons why.
I am certain he didn't blame anybody for what happened.
Yeah... Ai-chan's got that right.

Back then, it was like he was all you could think about.
I'm... somewhat surprised as well.
It's possible that I will not feel the full impact until I am alone tomorrow at the lab.
Huh? The lab...? Are you planning to commute to school from there next semester?
Oh... No, I...
Aigis is returning herself to the lab tomorrow. She... won't be enrolled as a senior.
Seriously!? Why? Can't she stay in school like before?
The decision was mine. I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner...
I enjoyed being with you all, but I need to find my own way of life.
...Oh, but you can come visit me anytime.
Think of it as a new beginning for her.

I've ordered excellent sushi for us all. The same as before, actually.
We may not have been able to get everyone together, but we should all have dinner here tonight.
Th-That would be great!
You got THAT sushi again!? Sweet!
No objections here!
You're gonna join us, right Aigis?
Of course. I couldn't miss spending time with you all.

I'm embarrassed to think back on this time. On how little I understood. Anyway, even though not all of our friends could make it, we were determined to have our last night in the dorms be happy.

RECORD 2- "3/31"

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Newscaster: However, surveys show that the number of people who report serious stress in everyday life has not decreased.
According to research carried out by the Ministry of Health and Welfare...
Whoa, when'd it get so late?
It's almost midnight...
It's hard to believe we've spent the evening doing nothing.
Sitting here like this reminds me of those days... Perhaps that's why.
I think I can understand.
I have so many memories of this lounge that I find myself spending time here for no reason.
It's the same for me. When I'm here, I think about when we were still fighting...
It's strange... since my memories of that time are more painful than happy.
Well... all that stuff aside, doesn't something feel weird to you guys?
I'll be walkin' around, and people act like as long as they're happy right now, nothing else matters.
Those stupid stories that Strega spread around are still out there, y'know?

Are you saying people don't know how good they have it? You're sounding like an old man...!
Hey! Who asked you!?
That's out of our hands, I'm afraid.
We prevented the Fall, but we can't reform society.
Yeah, I guess. But still...
Newscaster: ...And that's the weather.
At the tone, the time will be midnight.

I'm still not sure how best to describe what happened here. It was like the world lurched.

Woof! Rarf!
Midnight... it can't be-- Is it the Dark Hour again!?
Nah... Everything's fine out there!
Wait... The news...!
Newscaster: Good evening.
It is now March 31st. Here's a recap of the news from the 30th...
The 31st was yesterday, right...?
Did the anchor misread the date?
Sheesh... Is that all?
Even they make mistakes every once in a while. It's nothing.
Weird... My cell says it's the 31st, too...
Well, looks like a false alarm.
So far, I'd agree.
But something felt... off...

What a lame finish to our last day in the dorm... * sigh *
Um... Would it be all right if I returned to my room?
I have to prepare to move tomorrow...
Sure. Good night, Aigis.
I'd best contact Yukari and Akihiko... Just in case...

This is where things started to get strange.

RECORD 3- "Metis"

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When I close my eyes... I remember the last moment I spent with him...
The day he fell asleep... We brought him back to our dorm, fear beginning to well up within us.
And the next morning, our fears became reality, and he was lost to us.
For some time after that, I fell into depression, and began seeing the same dream night after night...
A dream where I run after him, calling his name... but can never catch up.
When he was alive, I promised to protect him, and I made that my reason for living.
That promise is gone... unfulfilled.
Then one day, my sadness suddenly left me, as if a prison door had swung open.
I stopped dreaming... and I no longer required sleep.

It's no use, I can't sleep...
Can I really continue living like this...?

I'd never really seen a butterfly before, much less a glowing blue one. I didn't know why, but it felt important.

A butterfly...?

There was a banging at the door.

Aigis, are you awake!?
Yes, I am. The door is open.
Aigis, we need you!
Has something happened?
It's not... another enemy, is it!?
It's hard to describe... The lobby floor opened up, and-
Anyway, we need to hurry to the lounge!

That must have been when the incident actually began.

Out in the lobby, things were in chaos. A strange... person was there.

Keep your guard up, Aigis! It doesn't seem human...!
A Shadow...? No, this is...
It can't be... The same model as me!?
You're... Aigis...?
Sorry I'm late! Is everyone okay!?
Yes... for now.
I need you to provide backup for Aigis.
All right.
Who are you? Why are you doing this...?

Protect me...?
These people pose a threat to you. That is why... they will be eliminated.
What are you saying!?
I won't let you hurt them!
Then I have no choice...
For your sake... I'll have to force you to back down.

I was the only one able to fight, it was down to me to save everyone.

Boss Battle: Metis
The first battle of The Answer is a showdown with Metis. She's got just two attacks, a Strike Attack with her weapon and Fatal End. And the first time she attacks, we get to see her Persona, Psyche.

When Aigis' health gets low, Metis starts to hesitate. There's no reason to heal or way to lose this battle. It's the only battle in this where we aren't at real risk of getting a game over so savor it.

The battle wasn't over, though...

RECORD 4- "The Wild Card"

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Much stronger than expected. I have no choice.

Is this...?

Is that... Orgia Mode?


No way!



* barking *

My body...

Hindrances will be removed.


I won't let that happen anymore!

What's this?

Don't tell me...

Whoa! What the...



And the world went black...