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Part 48: Day 116: The Situation in Boersgard

Looking up, you spy a striking varl, his face wreathed with matted black hair. Movement at the gate catches your eye. Dredge are still banging on the gate doors, without luck. "Let us in!" you shout.

Sigbjorn pushes past. "I won't be hearing this end of this for a while," he says, before yelling, "Open up, Bolverk! They dug me out of Reynivik." You hear a laugh echoing on the wind as the doors creak. A dozen armed men led by the massive varl make quick work of the dredge, and usher you into the city.

Sigbjorn shrugs apologetically.

I guess the mender will do. EIther we've got a chance now or we're completely screwed.
I'm Rook. We've come a long ways, some as far as Skogr. Are you in charge here?
In charge of the governor, I suppose. Listen, if you have something to tell him, say it now. Otherwise you're on your own. I don't care where you go, but stirring up trouble is probably the only reason you'll see me again. It won't be to talk. Mender, come along. We're going to see the governor.

Bolverk and Sigbjorn leave with Eyvind, who goes willingly, signalling that he's fine.

Faen. This is just like Frostvellr all over again.
This is nothing like Frostvellr. The one in bearskin is probably leading the Ravens.
Ravens? Is that good or bad?
It depends on who they're working for. Hopefully it really is the governor, and not someone trying to strongarm their way into his seat.
I guess we wait for Eyvind to tell us. If he comes back.
I'm not worried about Eyvind. I'm worried about the army of refugees we brought, who don't belong here.
You're probably right. Nobody ever uttered a nice thing about Boersguard. So what now?
We ought to go to the docks and see what our options are. In case we need to leave quickly. Did you notice the city guards when we came in?
What guards?
I have a feeling the Ravens are all they've got left. Something serious went down. And when Bellower gets here, he's going to walk right through this place without even breaking his stride.
Let's keep that to ourselves for now. So, the docks...

Well, here we are.

Supplies are scarce and at a terrible price. I'll only buy them if it becomes absolutely necessary.

Now, to the docks.

"They're all gone," says Eyvind, approaching alone. "I see you had the same thought as me."

I'm fine. It wasn't a lie, the governor is here. He's in hiding.
Since the dredge started appearing, anyone with a ship and half a wit left long ago. People can't leave by foot. Food is scarce, the markets are bare. Boersgard is a fire keg waiting for someone to tip it over.
So the governor's paying the Ravens to protect him against his own people.
And keep the peace... so to speak. It's more like a massacre any time there's a hint of an uprising.
Where does that leave us?
I... promised him the menders' protection in Arberrang. I don't think he's very popular here. They're going to start tearing this place down to build new ships. We can ride the Ormsa river all the way to the capital.
Leaving another perfectly good city behind... how long will it take to build new ships?
Hold on, what happens to the people living in Boersguard?
It's the best I could do, Alette. He thought it could take as long as a month. You don't usually make ships out of scrap lumber. As soon as people figure out what's going on, there's going to be riots in the streets.
A month? Why bother? Bellower will be here within the week, if not sooner!
I'm open to suggestions.
Gods be damned, is there no end to this?!

Iver roars in frustration, leaving you standing by the docks. Alette gives you a worried look before chasing after him.

Eyvind... What do we do about Bellower?

Eyvind says nothing for a moment.

I don't know.

This just keeps getting better and better.

You find Iver standing on the city walls, overlooking the fields outside. Dredge are keeping their distance but continue to gather.

Iver cuts you off before you can say anything. You know he's been through worse.

Just feels like someone should cut us a break every now and then.

First off, our clansmen need a place to stay. They'll get torn to pieces out in the streets. I'll keep an eye on the dredge up here. If they break through the walls, we're done for, so we'll have to keep them back. Could always use a hand with that. We need to know who's controlling what and make sure we get out cut. Food's going to become scarce. And when they start building those ships, we're going to have to keep people away.
What a damn mess. I'll do what I can.

Voting will last for 24 hours.