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by ProfessorProf

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Original Thread: Mid-Afternoon of the Gods: Let's Play The Banner Saga



The Banner Saga is a strategy game that was Kickstarted nearly two years ago, and finally saw its release at the beginning of 2014. Survive through battle, tenacity and difficult decisions in a world inspired by Norse Mythology while being beset by traitors, monsters and starvation. Almost all of the game's art is hand-drawn frame by frame, and the music is by Austin Wintory, the genius behind the soundtrack of the 2012 game Journey.

How this thread will go down:

Table of Contents


Day 0: Nobleman
Day 0: Departing Strand
Day 2: The Dredge

Day 4: Skogr Attacked
Day 4: Evacuation
Day 5: Distraction
Day 5: Hridvaldyr
Day 9: Hogun & Mogun
Day 9: Arrival at Frostvellr
Day 11: Ekkill

Day 13: Departing Vedrfell
Day 13: Bersi & Yrsa
Day 13: War
Day 17: Dredge Army (First Half)
Day 17: Dredge Army (Second Half)
Day 18: Fasolt
Day 19: Denglr
Day 20: Reinforcements
Day 22: Approaching Ridgehorn
Day 23: Arrival at Ridgehorn
Day 23: The Tower
Day 23: To Grofheim

Day 51: Frostvellr
Day 51: Ekkill Revisited
Day 53: Journey to Wyrmtoe
Day 59: Wyrmtoe
Day 59: Marek
Day 67: Collapse
Day 70: Burra Pass
Day 76: Bellower

Day 77: Juno
Day 77: Defense of Einartoft (Day 1)
Day 78: Defense of Einartoft (Day 2)
Day 79: Defense of Einartoft (Day 3)

Day 80: Departure from Einartoft
Day 82: Pursued
Day 84: The High Pass
Day 87: Dundr
Day 93: Ingrid
Day 95: Arrival at Sigrholm
Day 97: The Wait
Day 98: Onef
Day 104: The Road to Boersgard
Day 106: Bjorulf
Day 112: End of the Road

Bonus: The Map

Day 116: The Situation in Boersgard
Day 116: Seige (Day 1)
Day 117: Seige (Day 2)
Day 118: Seige (Day 3)
Day 119: Seige (Day 4)
Day 120: Stravhs
Day 121: The Slain


WARNING: This contains spoilers!

By Akogare Zephyr

By tomanton

By yokaiy
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