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Part 13: Chapter 1 - 07a

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Chapter 1 - 07a

The Bard was furious at Sheriff Rucky for not giving him a reward for fetching Ketill Swart. He stode through the town grumbling to himself, "I go all the way to Neversdale, fight my way through the Trow, and what do I get?! NOTHING!"

With that, the Bard angrily shoved a cow, causing it to tip over and fall to the ground.

The Bard laughed heavily. "Y'know, that was so much fun I think I'll do it again."

And so the noble hero pranced merrily through Houton, pushing over cows and slaughtering chickens.


The furious livestock charged the Bard.

Cow Boss

Chicken Boss

When the leather and feathers settled, the Bard quietly cleaned his sword and sheathed it. "I think..." he said after a moment of thought, "... I think, that's enough playing with the livestock. ... For now, anyway."

The Bard returned to the Drunken Rat for a drink, but he wasn't there long before a villager approached him. "We've all heard that ye fought yer way through an entire army o' Kunal Trow,' He said.

"Yeah, an' so what? There's no profit to be had in that sorta thing," the Bard said bitterly.

"I think there may be, lad," the villager continued," go see Darraud in the Broch on the south side o' town, west of the path to Houton forest. Someone who can solve Darraud's problem will be richly rewarded."

"Somehow, I strongly doubt that. If it's such a rich reward, why 'aven't any of you lot done it yet?" the Bard said sceptically.

"'Cause there's a wee bit o danger involved. But for a man of yer fightin' skill, it should nae be a problem," said the villager.

The Bard considered for a second, before conceding, "Alright, I'll check it out, but you'd better not be lying about the reward."

The Bard left the bar, glanced south and spotted the former residence of Ogan Caddell, then remembered what Ogan's mother asked him to do. The Bard entered the broch.

Ogan's Mum: You're back! Have you seen my boy! Is he all right?

Ogan's Mum Nice

Ogan's Mum Snarky

The Bard decided to take pity on the odd woman. Not enough pity to return the few meagre coins he collected from the boy's body, of course.

: I've got some bad news. I'm afraid... your boy was slain, murdered by a Trow.
Ogan's Mum: Oh no... tell me it isn't true... killed. I hope you avenged my boy.
: I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you. But I want you to know, the ones that killed him, I cut them down where they stood!

Ogan's Mum: You avenged my Ogan! Thank you, thank you. I knew you were a good man. May your future journeys continue in good health. Here this was a charm Ogan gave me, said it'd bring me luck, why don't you take it?

Experience: 200

If you're snarky to her even once in the conversation, you don't get the rabbit's foot, and you get 300 experience instead. The token is more then worth the lesser experience.

The Bard, pleased with himself despite taking one of the few reminders of the woman's dead son from her, left the Broch in good spirits. "Now, let's see... what did that villager say? Was it the broch on the far west side o' town, or the far south side of town?"

The Bard decided to try the far west side first.

He entered a broch and saw an old man inside. "Excuse me," the Bard started, "are you Darraud?"

Old Man Vitners

Old Man Vitners: No, I be Old Man Vitners. Be careful, young sir! There is a ferocious rrrrraahhhh Bugbear on the loose. Grrrrrrrrr. I'd best leave be if I were you: I mean, you'd best leave if you were you. Oh, you know what I mean: you should leave Houton and ne'er come back.

: Don't worry old man: if I were you, then there'd be two rambling idiots in this broch. Ha. Wait, if I were you there'd only be one rambling idiot in this... no no, wait... If I were, no... Oh never mind! Either way, I'm not planning on moving in here... I'll be gone soon enough.

The Bard left the broch and headed for the one on the south side of town, and approached the old man inside.


Darraud: What d'ye want? If you're a thief, you'll get nothin' from me: for I've only these old bones and a heavy heart.

Vote: Should we be snarky or nice to Darraud?

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Ogan's Mum Nice

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