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Part 40: Chapter 9 - 03 / Chapter 8 - 05 / Chapter 10 - 00

I wanted the last update to finish off Chapter 9, but there were just slightly too many pictures.

Chapter 9 - 03

The Bard engaged the large group of Vikings in battle.

Silkbeard is an easy boss to defeat. He has no defense, so you can stagger him easily. The only trick is fighting through the group of Vikings.

Eventually, Silkbeard's minions fell, and the Viking leader was left fighting on his own.

Blow by blow, the Viking leader looked more and more tired, and staggered back under the Bard's onslaught.

Finally, Silkbeard was dead. The Bard found a treasure map upon his corpse. The map pointed to an area west of Dounby.

The Bard returned to the village elder.

Finstown is Free - Nice

Finstown is Free - Snarky

Village Elder: I guess even during a flood some people are thankful for the rain. Thank you for doing the right thing and getting us out of this disaster.

The elder proffered his hand, much to the Bard's surprise. The Bard took it.

: If I had a piece of silver every time I was thanked for something I don't remember doing, heh, I'd be a rich man.

The Bard left Finstown, and to his relief, there were no Druids waiting for him.

"Hang on a minute," the Bard said, "there's one thing left to do. Get a drink at the pub."

And Stay Out!

: And bravely did our Bard return to familiar Finstown...
: Hey you! Open the gates!
Village Elder: Haven't you done enough damage already!?
: I saved you from the Vikings, old fool!
Village Elder: Saved us! You loosed the dragon on us!

: For the last time... All right look. Maybe, once, a long time ago I might've broken the seal on this gate and this hellish dragon got loose. But I swear I didn't know there was a dragon inside and even if I did, I never saw him.

Village Elder: Hah! You admit it! It was you!
: Maybe. Now, are you going to let me in or not?
Village Elder: Not.

: And bravely did out Bard retreat from familiar Finstown, never to return. Thankfully.

Chapter 8 - 05

The Bard, with no other prospects, had to pass through Dounby to reach the place the treasure map pointed him to. He stopped in at the Aiken drum, and a face he didn't recognize was there.

The Bard went up to the man.

"Hello," the Bard said. "I am known as the Bard."

"Hello," said the man, "ye can call me Dugan."

Meet Dugan

Dugan: Welcome, friend. I'd head ye'd come to Dounby. Many in the city have, it's been many a winter since a man's come out of the north on his own two feet, and not in a pine box.
: I noticed that I seem to be quite popular with the locals.
Dugan: Aye, the Princess knew ye'd have to pass through here on your way to your next stop, so she had me waiting in this godforsaken city to lend you a helping hand.
: You've been a great help so far, let me tell you. Going out of town an' leaving me to fend for myself.
Dugan: Couldn't be helped. I was busy riskin' my own neck finding the item you'll need.

Dugan: Nobody likes a smartass, son. I couldn't have helped ye get past them patrols. Those Druids have been tearing the city apart looking for you, they'd like nothing better than to stop you from freeing out lady, they'd have done for me easily.
: Of course, of course. Well, then what help can you actually lend me?
Dugan: I can help you out with a bit o' information. There's a man lives west of here, goes by the name of MacRath. He's the caretaker of the Shadow Axe, and you'll need it to get into the next tower.

: Yeah, yeah, as soon as I rescue his cat or steal him a gem or find his long lost betrothed. I get the drill. Everyone wants a piece of the Bard.
Dugan: Ach, it's a cynical man ye are, but maybe that's what's kept you alive this long. MacRath is one of us lad, he'd keeping the axe for you, all you have to do is go get it from him.
: Don't suppose you could have had it waiting here for me?

Dugan: And risk it fallin' into the hands of these Druids? That would truly be daft of us, it's a big enough risk I take meeting you here. Use your head for thinking and not just yapping.
: That actually make sense, but I can do without the lip. Remember, I'm your savior.
Dugan: Get your arse out of here and head to the Greenlands to find MacRath.

Experience: 1100
World Area Unlocked: Greenlands, Southern Plains
Adder Stones: 10

The Bard left the Aiken Drum, but soon saw a Party of Druids on the streets. Quitely, the Bard slipped back into the Drum. Dugan was still there and spotted him.

Dugan's Shortcut

Dugan: Having a problem leaving town my lad?

: There are a lot of Druids out there, and none of them are raising a glass to my health, I can tell you.
Dugan: There might be another way out, there're tunnels under the city that used to lead outside. The entrances to the tunnels are scattered throughout Dounby.
: And the catch is...
Dugan: Well, the tunnels are overrun with monsters.
: And that's supposed to be a better way out?
Dugan: Never said it was better. Just said it was another way to go.

: I'm beginning to think you're trying to kill me, Dugan.

Dugan: Me? Why o' course not, I'm yer best friend, probably yer only friend the way you treat folks.
: No, actually, my best friend is my faithful companion here, Bitey.

Bitey barked and wagged his tail.

Dugan: Here's a map to the tunnels. I marked spots where there are secret doors leading out. Good luck.

The Bard slipped into the tunnels, and several dead monsters later, escaped into fresh air outside the city walls.


Fionnaoch's Plan

Brown Druid: My lord, I have news. The Bard has been seen west of Dounby, heading towards the Greenlands.
Fionnaoch: He eluded our traps?
Mackay: He's stronger then anticipated, master.

Fionnaoch: You men go to the tower. Once he's inside, seal the doors, even should he defeat Mannanan, that tower will be his tomb.
Brown Druid: Yes, my lord.
Fionnaoch: Mackay, I have a special task for you, this Bard seems more than a match for the men.

Mackay: He is indeed master, however if we're given another chance I'm sure...

Fionnaoch: We're running out of chances, you must face him. Intercept him before he reaches the tower... take my pet with you to ensure that he does not survive.
Mackay: He doesn't stand a chance.

Chapter 10 - 00

As the Bard entered the rolling plains, he saw a small party of Druids. He continued on, he'd defeated much larger groups in the past.

Meet the Pet

Mackay: You continue on despite our efforts?
: If you can call what you've done up to this point an effort.
Mindle: You are so going to rue this day. We know what you're up to.
Mackay: Mindle...
Mindle: First the Forest Tower. Then through the mountain pass for the Mountain Tower, and now...
Mackay: Mindle...

Mindle: Now you're going to try to get through Stromness to get to the Island Tower, well not on my watch!
Mackay: Mindle you idiot!

: Thanks for the tip Mindle. That should make finding my way to the final towe that much easier.

World Area unlocked: Stromness

Mindle: You knew already. Don't pretend you didn't... I mean... I mean that's not really how... seriously, you knew, right? At least I didn't say anything about-
Mackay: Silence!

Mackay cast a spell and a purple ball slammed into Mindle, killing him instantly.

Mackay: You think you can slay our brothers and not pay a price?
: I think I pulled a groin muscle fighting one of your druids if that makes you feel any better.
Mackay: It's time to cause you a little more pain than that.

: Ha, I don't know about that... have you ever pulled a groin muscle? Haven't you learned by now that you can't hurt me?

Mackay: Ohhh, I think I can hurt you, my friend. Nice dog you have there, allow me to introduce, my pet.

With a blood-curdling roar, a hideous creature rose up from behind a hill and swooped down on the Bard and his companions.

But it wasn't going for the Bard itself, it was going for Bitey, the Bard's faithful dog.

Bitey was broken. He looked up at the Bard and whined pathetically once, then breathed his last breath and expired.

The Bard was shocked and screamed to the heavens, "My god! Now you'll pay!"

Mackay: Today, you'll do the paying.

Mackay then ran off before the battle commenced

BOSS: Fionnaoch's Pet

The Bard fought with a furious anger. He tore into the Druids with savage force.

The vile Pet swooped down and snatched up a Druid in it's claws, and dropped it at the Bard, before coming down to ground level.

The Bard sunk his axe into the creatures hide, causing it to shriek in agony and retreat.

The creature came at the Bard again and again, but the Bard fought like a man possessed, swinging viciously, ignoring his own wounds until the Pet lay dead on the ground.

Goodbye, Faithful Companion

The Bard walked over to his dead dog.

When he spoke, there was no humor in his voice, no more joking. Just cold, hard anger remained.

: I'll miss you little friend. But by god I'll avenge you. I swear it. This isn't over yet.

: Saddened by the loss of his faithful companion, the Bard somehow found a way to carry on. With a tear in his eye-
: It's not a tear!
: Yes it is.
: No it isn't. I-I I got something stuck in my eye

: Oh have it your way. So... with something in his eye, the Bard left behind his stiff as a board pup, and continued his quest for the Shadow Axe.

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Finstown is Free - Nice

Finstown is Free - Snarky

And Stay Out!

Meet Dugan

Dugan's Shortcut

Fionnaoch's Plan

Meet the Pet

BOSS: Fionnaoch's Pet

Goodbye, Faithful Companion