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Part 39: Chapter 9 - 02

Sorry for the delay, I was tired and didn't have enough energy or free time to work on this as fast as I wanted. I'll try and make it up with a double update today.

Chapter 9 - 02

The Bard tried to edge closer to the prison.
Guard: Hey Bard, get away from that prison.
: I think not.

Guard: Over here men, we've got a challenge!

With the help of his bond-servants, the Bard defeated the Vikings. He went back to talk to the village elder.

Free the Villagers (Nice)

: All stand back and hail your new hero!

The village elder didn't speak with a tone of gratitude.

"You should feel fortunate we don't hail you with stones, since it was your actions that put us here," he snapped.

Then the old man's face softened and he sighed.

"Nevertheless, we need your help. Reinforcements are on the way in numbers greater than you can handle alone. However, with your magic and our help, they can be defeated."

: I'll open the gates, but if one stone hits my head, you're going back in.
Village Elder: Maybe there's some good in you after all. Free is and we'll fight at your side. But, uh there's just one small problem.

The Bard groaned, sensing another obstacle in his path.

: And what exactly is the small problem?
Village Elder: Isn't it obvious? We haven't got any weapons. You'll need to fetch us some if we're to do any good.
: I assume you have an idea where I can find some weapons.
Village Elder: That building across the way is the town armory. It's where the Vikings put the weapons they took off us when we surrendered.

The Bard went to the armory. The door was locked, but when he tried the knob, a voice from inside inquired cautiously...

Viking 1: Hello? Karl? Are you guys all right?

Finstown Armory - Nice

Finstown Armory - Snarky

The Bard decided to have a little fun.

I think the Snarky and Nice responses were reversed here.

: Snorri? That you? Hey, open up! I bought some beer!
Viking 1: Beer? Well why didn't you say something sooner!

The Door was unlocked quickly, and the Bard entered.

Viking 1: Where's the beer? Ohhhhh... He killed Snorri and Karl!
Viking 2: Stand back! I'm going to gut him.
Viking 1: Like hell! It was me that tricked him in here!
Viking 2: Tricked him? He tricked you! You just wanted the beer!
Viking 1: Did not!
Viking 2: It's always beer with you.

Viking 1: Is not! I like a nice dessert wine now and again, especially with a fruit dish.

The Bard could have stood around watching the argument all day, but he feared that he would be bored to death.
: You can both be quiet now.

To the Bard's delight, the Vikings were not merely using the armory to store weapons, but a great deal of plunder as well.

Granite Flail
Damage: (11-31) -> (16-40)
Stunning Blow Chance: 25% -> 35%
Stun Duration (seconds): 2 -> 3
Unblockable (100%)

Once he'd finished looting the Armory, the Bard grabbed a handful of bows and quivers - because those looked to be the lightest - and carried them back to the prison, then used his sword to break the lock on the gate.

Talk to the Villagers - Nice

Talk to the Villagers - Snarky

Before rushing off to battle, the Bard talked with some of the captives.

The Bard was loaded down with coin after looting the armory, so he tried to buy a bit of goodwill.

Young Girl: You're him, aren't you! You're the worthless chiseler my mom told me about!

The Bard had a nasty crack on his lips, but he was trying to get on the good graces of the village, in case the Druids were waiting for him outside, so he bit his tongue.

: No one's ever all they're supposed to be. Take my advice, play it smart; get to know a man and then decide for yourself what kind of person he is.
Young Girl: Whatever, chiseler.

Experience: 440

A horn nearby sounded. It was time for battle.

Finally, the Bard and the villagers battled their way to Silkbeard's headquarters.

The Bard made a dramatic pose.

"Your reign of terror is over, Silkbeard!" the Bard shouted, overacting for the benefit of the villagers.

He then plunged inside and found...

It was completely empty.

"Huh," the Bard said, "I guess he ran off. At least he left his plunder behind."

: A dangerous temptress and assassin, the Rogue would draw her enemies in, then be gone in a flash leaving only pain and death in her wake. The Bard, of course, left a trail of pain and death in his wake without even trying.

The Gouger is supposed to be a different take on the Crone, but the problem is that it attacks so rarely, and it takes so long to do the drain + heal that it's pretty much worthless. You're better off sticking with the Crone.

The Rogue, on the other hand, is an excellent summon. She teleports around, so she can survive for quite a long time.

The Bard emerged with pockets bulging to discover a full-scale battle outside.

Level 15
Strength increased to 18
Rhythm increased to 18
New Talent: Arrow Storm

Arrow Storm is an improved Power Shot that fires automatically fires three arrows in the time it would take to manually fire two.

The Bard, hoping his work was done, headed for the gate, but Silkbeard was waiting.

Silkbeard is Angry

Silkbeard: So.... I let you roam my city and you repay me by stealing my loot and killing my men.

: It's my loot, Snotbeard. You and your little girls were just watching it for me.
Silkbeard: This little girl's about to gut you from grin to groin!

Knight: Any man, who doth take advantage of the weak and the innocent deserves a swift death!
Silkbeard: I'll make sure your death is slow, be certain about that!

Knight: Have at the villain!

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Free the Villagers (Nice)

Finstown Armory - Nice

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Talk to the Villagers - Snarky

Silkbeard is Angry