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Part 46: Chapter 11-02

This is a short update, I know, but I also know that if I tried and squeeze the farm in, I'd go over my image budget.

Chapter 11-02

Crazy Thorvald's War Emporium was located in a cramped former boat shack. Weapons and armor of all sorts were hung on pegs on the walls.

The first thing that caught the Bard's eye was an ancient flute, sitting on a chest amongs a pile of rusty and broken swords. The second thing was the proprietor, Crazy Thorvald himself, a very tall Viking, shirtless, with a look in his eye that left no doubt that he was completely and hopelessly mad. Thorvald launched into a sales pitch right away.

Crazy Thorvald's War Emporium

Crazy Thorvald: Welcome to Thorvald's! If I'm crazy enough to stay in this town, then I'm crazy enough to slash my prices! If we don't have it here, you don't want it. And if you can get it somewhere else, you don't need it. And if you can find it cheaper, I will eat my helmet.

The Bard indicated the ancient flute.

: Let me have a closer look.

Beaming, Thorvald picked up the flute and handed it to the Bard for inspection.

Crazy Thorvald: Today only, it's the Crazy Thorvald's Music sale. Buy this instrument today, and I'll throw in a piece of music that I found on the dead body of some kid who wandered into town not so long ago for free. Mm-hmm, that's right, for one low price you get the horn, and this tune. Hmm da de dum dae de dunn duh - Yes, you couldn't live another day without owning this amazing instrument.

The Bard opened his satchel and poured out a fountain of silver coins.

: I'll take it.

Thorvald reached under the counter and handed the Bard a yellowing sheet of music.

Crazy Thorvald: Enjoy the instrument, and the music, and don't forget to tell all your friends to shop here at Crazy Thorvalds!

Finally, a four-summon instrument. The annoying thing is that if it wasn't for the song, I could have had the second-best four-summon instrument in the game in Chapter 8. But if I had gotten it them, this instrument wouldn't have been for sale, and I would have missed the song, like I did the first time I played.

So immediately, before I even finish escorting Hatcher to the Farm, I'm going to get the new instrument. It's much better

Upgraded Brute:
Mana Cost: 200 -> 300
Health: 120 -> 208
Damage: (15-35) -> (26-50)
Armor: (1-2) -> (3-4)

The Bard was about to stuff the song in his pack, when he noticed some writing on the other side. There was an ancient and faded map written on the aged parchment. It showed a partial map for a complex of some kind. The label at the top read Dun Ailinne. The name rang a bell in the Bard's head, but he couldn't put his finger on where he knew it from.

The layout of the map also seemed familiar to the Bard, except for one room. There were some notations by the room, in cryptic shorthand the Bard was unfamiliar with. He summoned his Explorer to decipher.

: I just purchased this map. It seems familiar to me, but I can't quite place it What do you make of it?
Explorer: Ah... yes, This is the ancient fortress of Dun Ailinne, located northeast of Kirkwall.
: So that's where I know it from. I've already been there what was it... amost a month ago now... I think I grabbed everything of value there was.
Explorer: Are ye sure, lad? This notation here indicates a secret door, and inside is great treasure.
Now, you've got my interest. I think I'll check it out.

Before he set off, though, the Bard looked over Crazy Thorvald's wares, and purchased a new Claymore and Dirk.

The Bard turned to Hatcher.

: Uh, listen... Brother... I'm off to seek great fortune for the family, but I'll be back soon. Do uh... please wait here until I come back.
Hatcher: Oh, do be careful, Garret!
: I will... brother.

With that, the Bard headed out of Stromness.

I'm not fudging the story here. You really can leave Stomness mid-escort quest and come back and pick it up later. Hatcher stays still when you get too far away from him, so as long as he's in a safe zone, he will stay put upon your return.

Since the Bard would have to pass through Dounby anyway, he decided he may as well give his new Claymore a workout.

When he struck the druid, Lighting arced to all he rest, stunning and frying them dead.

: Now I'd call this coin well spent.

Citizen: Don't worry too much about all of the recent troubles, some tall, muscular, courageous hero will save the day. Let me know if you see someone like that around.

A day or so later, the Bard had reached Dun Ailinne.

: Ahh... it's much easier getting through all these traps then it was the last time.
Explorer: Easy for you to say! You're not doing any of the work!

The Bad followed the map on the back of the song, and sure enough...

: This is it? This is the great treasure I came all the way back here for?! Still, I guess this is pretty useful.

This flute has four summon spots like the one we just bought, but it has 700 mana, up from 500.

Talent Contests

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Talent Contest - Elementals

Talent Contest - Warriors

Talent Contest - Extra

The Bard returned to Stromness, and Crazy Thorvald's War Emporium.

When he walked in, Thorvald and Hatcher were playing a game of cards.

Crazy Thorvald: Got any sevens?
Hatcher: Sevens... uh...

The Bard peered at Hatcher's hand. In fact, he was holding all of the sevens.

Hatcher: Damn, no! I could have sworn I had some a minute ago.
Thorvald: Ha ha! Then Go Fish!

Hatcher picked up the last remaining card. Thorvald and Hatcher were struggling to hold onto all of the other 51.

Thorvald: Ha! You lose again! That makes it... 267 for me, and S for you!
: What are you doing?

Hatcher jumped up!

Hatcher: Hilde! Where did you come from? I-It-s not what it looks like. I haven't been gambling!
: Oh, don't start with the Hilde stuff again!
Hacher: I'm sorry my love! Uh-uh let's just go home!
: Yes, good idea, let's just go.

Hatcher's Tour, Part 2

It didn't take long for the undead to spot the Bard.

Hatcher: William, gather all your friends for cake and pie, then we'll open gifts.
: I have a feeling my 'friends' are not interested in cake or pie.

The Crone fell to the Draugr, but the Enchantress cast a slow moving spell that slowly tracked to and revived her.

Hatcher: Old man McMorty lived in this house. Heard his son was a chosen one, just like you.
: Yeah? How'd he fare?
Hatcher: The Draugr split him like a ripe tomato.

As the Bard approached the graveyard, the Draughr increased in numbers.

Hatcher: Poor Bessy Mae! I remember when she died, there wasn't enough wood to build her coffin.

The Bard was too busy with the horde of undead to respond.

Hatcher: This is the spot, Garret. Where I found the body of old Toradil Jones. Gives me a shiver. Never seen a dead body before. Hopefully, you'll never have to.

: That's fascinating, but I'm A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT.

WHAT IF: Hatcher Dies?

The Draugr were relentless in their pursuit.

Hatcher: Oh, Papa, I with you and your mighty bow could defend us right now.
: I second that, brother!

But finally, the Drughr stopped coming, and the Bard and Hatcher made it to the Farm.

Sanctuary at the Farm

:Well, I'm glad that's over with. Things seem much quieter over here.
Hatcher: Yes, they do.

Hatcher's eyes unfocused and refocused in a manner that was becoming familiar to the Bard.

Hatcher: Hilde! When did you get here? Oh, my wife! Give us a kiss.

: You so much as come anywhere near me, I'm gonna knock you out.

Hatcher: It is you! You never change, my love.

: With that, the Bard found himself thinking that-

: Stop telling me what I'm thinking!

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Hatcher's Tour, Part 2

WHAT IF: Hatcher dies?

Safe at the Farm.