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Part 62: ENDING: The Bard Chooses Caleigh

This is it, the last ending, the last update!

Choose Caleigh (Evil) Ending

Choose Caleigh

: The heart is just a muscle... Nothing more, nothing less.
Fionnaoch: Perhaps I underestimated you.

: Those who are foolish enough to believe that the heart is in anyway connected with love, whatever the hell that is, are living in a fantasy world, my friend.

Fionnaoch: Then again, I may have been right all along.

: The heart just pumps blood where it needs to go, and that's all that matters to me... if you catch my drift.

Fionnaoch: Perhaps I was right all along.

: And after seeing Caleigh and hearing your story...

Fionnaoch: You mean the truth...

: Well, I must say I am torn. Normally in a situation like this, I'd flip a coin.

Fionnaoch: I have a coin right here.

: But, since she's hot, and you're not... and since she has all the coins I'll ever need... then why waste my time. Sorry my friend, but your story just doesn't wash, she's a thousand years old? Heh, please!

Caleigh: Oh, I knew I could count on you my love.

Fionnaoch: If that heart of yours pumped some blood to your other head, you'd see what a catastrophic choice you've made.

: What, are you blind? Look at her!

Fionnaoch: If you side with Caleigh, this land will be doomed to darkness forever.

: I, uh, do my best work in the dark.

Fionnaoch: You really are an idiot. Your foolishness will stop right here... Prepare to die.

: Very well. Hold on princess, I'll be back in a minute... eh, maybe two.

BOSS: Fionnaoch:

Fionnaoch cast a spell, and the Bard felt his muscles slowing, responding to his commands at a sluggish pace.

Fionnaoch summoned Druids from some distant location to his side in battle.

But the Bard used Caleigh's amulet to render himself and his allies invulnerable to the hapless blows from the druids.

It was Fionnaoch's greatest fear. He had failed completely and utterly, helpless to save the land, helpless to even save himself.

The Bard's Desires Fulfilled

Caleigh: Watching you fight... my blood boils for you. You've done it, you've set me free.

: Enough with the words princess.

Caleigh: Before we embrace, I must take my true form.

: I thought that didn't happen until after ten years of marriage.

Caleigh: Oh, you're going to like this.

Caleigh transformed before the Bard's eyes.

: Oh crap! That dead guy was right! You are the Queen of Darkness!

Caleigh: Well of course, but does it really matter?

The Bard paused to consider.

Caleigh: How does it feel to be at the side of the ruler of the underworld?
The Bard looked into his heart as he pondered his response, and he was half-surprised at what he saw.

: Every woman I was ever involved with ended up being the woman from hell. Heh, now I have the real thing. Could be fun.

: So it was the Bard obtained everything his heart had ever desired...

: .. at the expense of the rest of the world, of course. Thus concludes the Bard's Tale. Finally, the end... I thought I'd never be rid of him... Never ask me to read this half-wit's story again, please!
: I heard that.

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