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Part 61: ENDING: The Bard Chooses Fionnaoch

Ending - Choose Fionnaoch (Good) Ending

Choose Fionnaoch

: Yes actually, if I look deep into my heart, I can only come to one logical conclusion.
Caleigh: What is that, my love?

: Never. Trust. A woman.

Caleigh: What?

: Wouldn't you know it? There's always an angle, isn't there? Give me money... plow the fields... let me out of my magical prison to enslave all of humanity! And I fell for it... again!

Fionnaoch: Happens to the best of us.

Caleigh: But you and I, we're meant to be...

: Oh, give it up! You've been pluckin' my strings from the get go.

Fionnaoch: And you've been royally plucked.

: No more. You know, one minute this beautiful woman appears in a puff of smoke and a flash of light, and the next she turns out to be some sort of evil hellspawn! How do I always miss the subtle signs? *sigh* Well, let me tell ya, this whole thing, it's over!

Caleigh: Is there nothing I can say to change your mind?

: There's not even anything you can do to change my mind.

Caleigh: Not even a kiss?
: What?

Caleigh: You know, a kiss. A simple kiss. It is the only way I can show you how I truly feel.
: Oh... well... uhhh...

Fionnaoch: Be careful Bard.

: What the hell... I've come all this way. I mean... a kiss never killed anyone, right?

The Bard walked up to Caleigh and stepped into the magical barrier. The shock stunned and paralyzed him.

Caleigh then started to transform.

Caleigh: Foolish mortal, you had the chance to rule at my side and live forever... but now you shall die like the dog that you are!

Fionnaoch: I tried to warn you.

: Is it me, or is she still hot?

Caleigh: Prepare to experience excruciating pain that will last an eternity.

: I've already told you... The relationship is off.

Caleigh reached out and grabbed the Bard, pulling him completely into the magical prison.

It was much different on the inside then it looked like from the outside.

BOSS: Caleigh

Note that I'm using all-female summons. If I use male summons, Caleigh charms them, and they attack ME instead of her. She does the same to Bitey.

The Bard drew his sparking Claymore, but as he did, Caleigh split into four. The Bard would have to pick his target wisely.

The Bard. In a show if irony, used the amulet given to him by the Mysterious old man, the one which summoned an image of Caleigh to protect himself from the wrath of Caleigh.

The Bard swiped at one of the images, it vanished in pink smoke, so he headed for another.

Ironically, the journeys the Bard had taken to free Caleigh had strengthened him enough to defeat her.

: Quest complete!

Quest Complete

The Bard shivered as he transferred back to Dounby tower, if indeed he had ever left. With Caleigh destroyed, the prison dissipated. The Bard stood up, blinking, and walked out of the empty circle.

Fionnaoch: I must say, that was quite impressive.

: You've gotta show them who's boss or they'll just walk all over you.

Fionnaoch: Now that she's gone, things will return to normal. Crops will grow and the dead will remain in their graves. You came very close to destroying life as we know it, but you've redeemed yourself.

: Just show me the way out of this damn tower.

: The promise of love and riches, lost. The near destruction of the world as we know it. Death, misery and chaos. Under the weight of such trials most men would emerge changed, some for the better, and some for the worse...

: ...but for the Bard, things ended the same way they began.

: Well my friend, we're back in business.

The Rat entered the pub and surely enough, the Bard heard the sound of a woman screaming, the sound of silver in his pockets.

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Choose Fionnaoch

BOSS: Caleigh

Quest Complete