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Part 60: ENDING: Out of Here

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Out of Here (Neutral) Ending

Out of Here

: Alright... I've made my choice.
Fionnaoch: Well it's about bloody time.

: Don't get too excited, I didn't choose you.

Fionnaoch: You choose Caleigh?

: I didn't say that either.

Caleigh: Tell us my champion, whom do you choose?

: A very logical choice... Me.

Fionnaoch: You choose you?
: Exactly.

Caleigh: What the hell does that mean? What kind of choice is that?

: As far as I'm concerned? An excellent one.

Caleigh: But what about our future?

: Well, let's look into our crystal ball, shall we? If I fight either one of you, I could be dead. If I kill one of you, and it's the wrong one, I either end up in hell on earth, or in a relationship from hell... literally. So fighting is really a no-win situation.

Fionnaoch: Even if that fighting can save life as we know it?

: I'll let you two figure that out. In the mean time, these undead aren't a bad lot really.

Caleigh: This is unacceptable, you miserable little rat. You will free me, and you will free me now!

Caleigh's voice had taken on a distinctly unearthly tone, and as the Bard watched, Caleigh transformed in a pillar of red light. When it dispersed, she looked quite different.

Caleigh: I will rule this land, and you will be at my side!

: There's a twist. I'm intrigued... huh, and oddly aroused... But uh, I'm afraid I still choose to walk away. Good luck, and oh, don't forget to write.

Caleigh: Come back here you disloyal coward and bow before your queen!

Fionnaoch: Come back here you weak-minded fool and kill your queen!

: You two have serious control issues, you realize that, don't you?

: So the Bard decided to take the short and narrow road, otherwise known as the easy way out, to the nearest bar.

: Who says the undead don't know how to party? Huh-ha!

: With the plight of the world obviously far from his mind, which by all accounts only has room for coin and cleavage, the Bard enjoyed his drinks with his newfound friends, that is until... well, that is another story.