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Part 7: Chapter 1 - 05

Chapter 1 - 05

Thanks for Shopping in Houton

Seamus: Ah, the claymore. I must say I'm impressed. To be honest I took you for a broadsword man, but it takes a fine warrior to handle such a fine weapon.

The Bard finally set out on Bannafeet's quest, and not a moment too soon, for the sun was already well on it's way down.

As he headed for the jail, nestled deep inside Houton woods, a villager gave him a warning.

The Bard took a breath and said "Yeah... I know..." before walking into Houton woods.

The Bard crept quietly through the forest, on the alert. An entire tribe of Kunal Trow was in these woods. The Bard spotted a lone Trow wandering down a path. The Bard crouched down, and quietly nocked an arrow.

"He's never gonna see me coming," the Bard said quietly to himself.

Our hero pulled the bowstring taut, took careful aim, and let the arrow fly. The shaft flew straight and true... then struck the ground in front of the Trow, well off the mark. Perhaps that second glass of wine wasn't such a good idea after all.

"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" the Trow shouted at the top of his lungs.

So much for the obligatory stealth level.

The Bard's new weapon soon got a workout, for he soon encountered Kunal Trow wandering about, fortunately for him, not in overwhelming numbers.

The Bard's new weapon proved to be the difference in the fight, as it cut through multiple Kunal Trow with a single swipe.

But eventually the Bard got in over his head when the Kunal Trow started sending archers after him.


Well children, the story's over now. I hope you enjoyed it. ... Yes, it was rather short, wasn't it. I told you it wasn't a good book.
What do you mean? ... Yes, well it LOOKS like we've only read a tiny portion of the story so far, but we've read the whole thing. It's over. Sorry. ... The rest of the pages? Uh... they're just... boring things. An appendix, a bibliography, even some blank paper
HEY! Give that back! ... Oh, all right, yes I was lying. *sigh* Worth a try, anyway...

As the fearsome Kunal Trow fired his arrow...

... the Bard closed his eyes and made a desperate attempt to block with his sword.

...and actually managed to deflect it! Now seriously children, isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? Blocking an arrow with a sword? ... What? Yes, yes, I'll continue.

*Ahem* The Bard deflected the arrow so that it flew over his shoulder.

Eventually, there were no more trow to be found.

Dog Training is a 'hidden' talent only available if you're nice to the dog. It gives your dog a spiked collar, and lets it attack enemies. It does very little damage, but is invulnerable (it gets stunned instead of dying), and is very useful to distract enemies. The earliest you can acquire the talent is level 3.

The Bard approached the Houton jail, where the remaining few Kunal Trow were making a stand.

As much as I hate to say it, it was an unsuccessful defence.

It was a low, old structure with crumbling mortar and collapsing watchtowers.

With the area cleared of Trow, the Bard knocked on the door... then promptly realized he had forgotten the password Bannafeet gave him.

Password Protection

Trow Guard: What's the password?
: Finklerult.
Trow Guard: Go away!!!!
Trow Guard: What's the password?
: Houton.
Trow Guard: Nope! Get Lost!
Trow Guard: What's the password?
: Open Sesame?
Trow Guard: That's not it!
Trow Guard: What's the password?
: Hootsnock?

Trow Guard: That's not a word!
: Is too.
Trow Guard: Is not.
: Is too.
Trow Guard: What's it mean?

: It means, open up this door before I break it down and beat you to death!
Trow Guard: Oooh, I'm real scared.
: I swear I'll do it. I will! Look, are you going to let me in or aren't you?
Trow Guard: No.
: Please?
Trow Guard: Clear off you idiot!
Trow Guard: What's the password?
: Finklerult.
Trow Guard: You already tried that one! Now go away!
: Oh for pity's sake. It's 'fiddlesnarf;' you blockhead!
: Thank you.
Trow Guard: What's the password?
: Fiddlesnarf!

Rucky's Jail

The Bard swiftly dispatched the Trow guards, and was faced with a new headache.

Middle Ketill: To hell with them! I'm Ketill.
Left Ketill: What's it matter which one of us is Ketill? Set us all free!
Middle Ketill: We'll never convince you which one of are telling the truth, so just flip those switches in the order I tell you and it will open the doors.

Right Ketill: Yes, the Sheriff has these doors rigged with some bizarre 6 switch combination lock that only he is supposed to know.
Left Ketill: But we've been watching closely and we know the order to flip them.
: Already I've been reduced to flipping switches by order of criminals....great.

In this puzzle, there are three switches. Six switches must be pulled in total. You can ask about each switch before you pull it.

Combination Lock (only watch this if you want to see me solving the puzzle)

The Mediocre Escape

Left Ketill: See how easy that was! Thank you, thank you.

Right Ketill: One good turn deserves another: I'll pay you back when next we meet!
: Yeah, sure next time, yeah.
Middle Ketill: I don't know why you did this, but I'm most thankful.
: It's a long story.... Maybe you'd like to have a seat while I tell you all about it... ... in the middle of a Kunal Trow infested jail. *sigh* Let's get out of here before I regret what I've done... more then I already do.

WHAT IF: Ketill Swart dies? (Part 1)

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Thanks for Shopping in Houton

Password Protection

Rucky's Jail

Combination Lock

The Mediocre Escape

WHAT IF: Ketill Swart dies? (Part 1)