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Original Thread: Who You Gonna Call? Let's Play The Blackwell Legacy



Wadjet Eye Games posted:

When Rosa Blackwell’s only relative dies after twenty years in a coma, she thinks the worst is over. This all changes when Joey Mallone, a sardonic ghost from the 1930s, blows into her life and tells her that she is a medium. Whether they like it or not, it is up to them to cure the supernatural ills of New York in this critically-acclaimed series of point-and-click adventure games.

The duo’s first case will involve a series of suicides at a local university. Something unnatural has forced these students to kill themselves, and nobody knows why. Rosangela, who is just coming to terms with her new status as a medium, finds herself cast as the unwilling detective in this gruesome mystery.

The last game in the Blackwell series came out recently, and I thought it would be fun to go through the whole lot again. It occurred to me though that while the series as a whole is excellent, I have trouble recommending it to people because the first game is somewhat mediocre, and I feel like it might put people off. So I thought I'd do this Let's Play of it so that anyone who wants to can just use this to sort of skip the first game and get into the series when it really starts getting good.

I'll be playing the Steam version of the game, which I believe is the only version now available. Most of the game is the same as in the original version, but the actor who originally played the role of Rosangela Blackwell was replaced in the later games in the series so for the re-release they went back and re-recorded Rosa's dialogue with the new actor for the sake of consistency, and also fixed up a few bits that they felt they hadn't got right the first time while leaving most of it the same.

The game also features two commentary tracks, one that came with the original game and a new one created for the re-release, five years after the game first came out. I'll be posting the commentary as videos at the end of each update, although I wouldn't blame anyone for not watching them as there is a lot of commentary to get through. Over 20 minutes just for the first update (though I expect that later ones will have a higher game to commentary ratio).

For the rest I'll be posting a mix of screenshots, transcripts and videos, depending on what I feel works best in each situation. I don't mind spoilers but I know some people do, so even though this is an eight year old game, put them in spoiler tags. So to begin with, here's the opening cinematic of the game.

And for those who are wondering what it was like in the original version, I happen to still have a copy so here's the opening cinematic as it looked in 2006 (I won't be posting any more of this version, but I did want to put up this sample).

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