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Part 41: Challenge 1 Results

Alright, here are the winners of the first challenge:

In first place, getting 3 points, is Dr. Demon, with this masterful iambic summary:

Dr. Demon posted:

Off to yon house to steal I know not what!
Why only to one room am I constrained?
I guess I'll go now; shit, the window's shut!
Can't break the glass for reasons unexplained.

This cursed house I wander aimlessly,
With characters of cardboard all composed,
And cretin ghost to kill us gorily.
It's really terrifying, I suppose.

With grappling-hook umbrella, bear of salt
And sheer disdain for logic I will hound
My undead foe; his evil I will halt
By shooting him (it's harder than it sounds).

This horror ne'er again I wish to face.
I know what I'll do: launch it into space!

In second place, getting two points, is MissEchelon, with this delightful piece:

MissEchelon posted:

Yahtzee's new space-themed game's a disgrace,
Many critics decryed its poor pace,
While the rest of us find,
Its worth made by the line,

Finally, in third place and receiving one point, Cyster's inspiring method of teaching the community:

Cyster posted:

While Trilby's deal really did suck
And Malcolm surely ran out of luck
Good new poster, you'll find
I will now blow your mind:
On these forums, you can type out 'fuck.'

Honorable mentions go to Nidoking, MacFisticuffs, and Yahtzee.

The second post in the thread is going to be tracking the results of these challenges, which seems like it will turn out rather well. Because there's actually been a positive response, I figure I can start making things substantially more painful.

Challenge 2: Five Days a Speedrun.
Download 5 Days a Stranger, either the normal version or the Special Edition, and record a video of you speedrunning the first two days. Time begins at the Day 1 title screen and ends at the Day 3 title screen, with ties being broken by who posted their video first (going by seconds; I'm not frame-counting). The fact that 5 Days doesn't lend itself well to speedrunning is the entire point, so route planning (that is, planning the best way to take the one possible route) is vital. You'll have three days to post a link to the video somewhere in this thread, with points being assigned to the fastest three on Thursday evening. Hopefully this will make you appreciate my editing a lot more.

Commentary on the speedrun is encouraged but not required. Good luck not hating either me or yourself upon trying it.