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Part 42: Challenge 2 Results

Contest Results

Well, three brave speedrunners entered, so everyone's a winner, though Killer Emcee gets a "Certificate of Participation" in the form of third place and 1 point.

In second place, getting 2 points (but having made the most entertaining video), is MissEchelon, who expertly captured the mind-crushing horrors of the series. Next time you see two hourglasses hovering in front of your face and wonder why Buckinghamshire is in the Ukraine, think of this video.

Finally, in first place and winning the punctuality award is Instant Grat, who managed to hit escape slightly more efficiently and was better at walking down stairs. 3 points.

(Point totals can be found in the second post of the thread)

Challenge 3: Don't Be SilentW
By this point in the story, we don't know exactly who The Prince is or what he's trying to accomplish, nor do we know why his soul is trapped inside a piece of wood, but we do know that he's a heartless and demonic figure whose soul is trapped inside a piece of wood. We also know that he and John DeFoe apparently felt some sort of connection, despite one being a manifestation of pain and evil and the other being a retarded child who banged against walls sometimes and liked murdering people while keeping their homes organized.

By tomorrow evening (I'm shortening deadlines so I can fit more challenges in), explain the interpersonal bond that caused these different but completely heterosexual personalities to want to platonically move into a nice piece of wood together as friends. Your explanation must be shorter than Trilby's in 7 Days (657 words), should avoid spoilers and have very little to do with the actual explanation, and should not be creepy fanfiction about all the sex their souls had or the way The Prince gazed longingly into John's eyes as they engaged in BDSM play.

Points will be awarded based on how well you can fit the above rules. Please don't make me regret coming up with intentionally weird challenges and instead have to resort to boring ones.