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by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Your 24th century boy. Let's Play The Journeyman Project Trilogy.



What's this all about?

The Journeyman Project is a series of first-person adventure games set in the 24th century. After several horrific nuclear wars, humanity united to create a peaceful global society. After a long period of peace and utopia, humanity has been invited to join an alien organization known as the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings . Time travel has become a reality and is protected and monitored by an organisation to prevent any alterations in history. We play as Gage Blackwood, a member of the Temporal Security Agency (or TSA for short.) The games revolve around Agent 5's exploits throughout time to save Earth in the present.

LP details

This VLP will consist of all three released games in the series: The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime, The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time & The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time. I'm going to aim for two updates every week, when they happen will depend on my work and life schedule. If you need to talk about spoilers, please use the appropriate tags.

I will record additional videos for anything missed during the main playthrough.

Let's Play: The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

Bonus Material
Death & Ending Sequences
Missed Scenes + Another Death Sequence
Easter Eggs (GOG version only)

Let's Play: The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time

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News Articles: Categorised Post / Imgur Album
Agent Dossiers: Categorised Post
Death & Ending Sequences
Additional Scenes

Let's Play: The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time


Name: Gage Blackwood (Also known as Agent 5.)
Appearances: Pegasus Prime, Buried In Time & Legacy Of Time.
Born: 2293.
Occupation: Temporal Security Agent.

On June 22, 2311, he graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne with a master's degree in world history. On June 25, 2313 he graduated at the top of his class from the Special Forces Training Academy. Five days later he became the director of Tactical Teams for the Crime Intervention Commission. On March 12 of 2315, he transferred to the Temporal Security Annex of the CIC.

Name: Michelle Visard (Also known as Agent 3.)
Appearances: Pegasus Prime, Buried In Time & Legacy Of Time.
Born: 2294.
Occupation: Temporal Security Agent.

She studied at Columbia University with a PhD in pre-unification history and a BA in social psychology. An accomplished gravball champion, having won first place in the 2313 NIT intercollegiate gravball competition. Also, she has a black belt in karate and aikido. In 2315, Michelle was hired by the TSA.

Name: Jack Baldwin (Also known by the rank Colonel.)
Appearances: Pegasus Prime, Buried In Time & Legacy Of Time.
Occupation: TSA Commisioner.

He was a World Senator but in 2315, when Dr Elliot Sinclair created the Pegasus, he left his career to become the leader of TSA. He personally chose, gathered and trained the finest minds from around the world and under his leadership they became the most adaptive, resourceful, and dedicated agents history has ever known. Within that year, the Temporal Security Agency was formed and has guarded the time stream vigilantly since. As Commissioner, Baldwin was in charge of all security and research matters within the TSA, answering only to the direct edicts of the World Senate but his word carries considerable weight even with his superiors.

Name: Dr. Elliot Sinclair.
Appearances: Pegasus Prime & Legacy Of Time.
Occupation: Physicist.

Part-time historian, full-time physicist, Sinclair is popularly known as "the father of time travel". His pioneering work became the basis of, and raison d'etre for, the Temporal Security Annex, which became the Temporal Security Agency. In 2311, after seeing Sinclair's first Time Bending experiment, the government contracted him to build a full-scale operational time machine. The purpose of this device was to explore our past as well as discover the truth behind many disputed historical events. In 2315 the Pegasus underwent its first and last test run for research purposes. Sinclair was forbidden by the World Senate to work on the project because of its dangerous nature of time travel. The government secretly set up the Temporal Security Annex as a means to safeguard history from sabotage.

Sinclair feared that the Cyrollans were planning an invasion so he constructed a new time machine and sent his android servants back in time to change history so as to make Earth a less appealing target. Should they have failed, Sinclair was prepared to assassinate the Cyrollan ambassador as a sign of defiance. Agent 5 located Sinclair's rooftop emplacement and apprehended the crazed scientist, thereby ensuring humanity's acceptance into the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings.

Name: Arthur.
Appearances: Buried In Time & Legacy Of Time.
Born: 2221

Arthur was an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Kenneth Farnstein in his space station Amarax around Saturn. Arthur's "brain" was composed of Neuro-Synaptic Polymer Gel and he was "born" in the Biomass Process room. Arthur occupied the Softweb that operated the station's advanved neurocomputer.

Name: The ferocious wig-creature from the planet Weave.
Appearances: Legacy Of Time.
Died: Circa 1262 BC

Nice, flat puppy!
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