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The Journeyman Project Trilogy

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Part 2: Agent Dossiers

In this episode, Gage finds out who the rogue agent is and who they are working for. Also, more Geno! There is a Biochip called "Files" which I didn't explore at the start of the game, we had to make use of it in this episode and I discovered that it contains more information on the TSA as well as profiles on all of the agents.


Development Of Technology

The Jumpsuit

Founding Of TSA

Divisions Of TSA

Agent Dossiers

Agent 1 - Yakamura, Gail (Security Unit)

Agent 2 - Geddy, Neil (Security Unit)

Agent 3 - Visard, Michelle (Research Unit)

Agent 4 - Carver, Allan (Security Unit)

Agent 5 - Blackwood, Gage (Research Unit)

Agent 6 - O'Rourke, Roger (Research Unit)

Agent 7 - Flores, Silene (Security Unit)

Agent 8 - Warner, Marcus (Security Unit)

Agent 9 - Yasignova, Vladich (Security Unit)

Agent 10 - Walsh, Tamara (Research Unit)

Jumpsuit Overview